Jofa Resins Ltd

Jofa Resins Ltd., Under the SINDEC-CHEMICALS trade name is a manufacture of high
quality, specialist flooring materials based on Epoxy, Polyurethane and Polyaspartic resin
systems for the industrial and commercial floor protection sectors. Our diverse and
versatile products and systems comprise of primers, coatings both solvent free and
waterbased, Hi-build coatings, self-smoothing resins, heavy duty PU screed systems,
repair mortars and screed system. Alongside the decorative and flake systems for the decorative and commercial markets, along with our range of Terrazzo System.

Founded in 2016, with a manufacturing unit in Harlow Essex, we have our own in-house
chemist and technical team with a combined skill range of over 70 years in the industry,
producing the formulations and products which are made to an ISO 9001:2015 system. To
ensure the final product is of the quality you require.

With the highly skilled and experienced technical team we have, we can provide
specifications or advice for many different scenarios and are able to provide sound advice
to our customers with, if required an onsite visit.

KDR Resin Systems Limited

KDR Resin Systems Limited is a leading manufacture and supplier of epoxy, polyurethane, methyl methacrylate and polyaspartic flooring systems.

From our manufacturing facility in the UK, we supply a worldwide client base with a wide range of high quality coatings, flow and trowel applied screeds, jointing compounds and associated ancillary products. Our fit for purpose floor, wall and coving solutions are utilised in a wide range of industrial, commercial and car parking sectors.

Established as a family run business over a decade ago, we have developed a highly skilled team who bring an extensive amount of experience in the manufacture of resin based flooring systems. With complete autonomy over the production process we are able to offer our customers a unique service of unrivalled flexibility and reliability along with technical support to ensure product quality from project concept to completion.

As well as offering in house and on site technical support, our technical team offer a vast amount of experience in research and development allowing KDR to be a highly innovative industry leader in formulating and manufacturing high quality flooring systems.

Excellence in Resin Technology

Fosroc and Respol Tackle Slip Hazards in a Live Food Factory

Discover how Fosroc and Respol partnered to create a safe and durable flooring system in a challenging environment, and learn how the Nitoflor PAFS resin flooring system provided excellent slip resistance and compatibility while minimising odour impact and downtime in a live food factory.

The Details:
Goldhurst Farm
Stoke on Trent

Food Production

May 2022

• Nitoflor PAFS Primer
• Nitoflor PAFS Topcoat

The Project
The client had a CPU MF system that had been laid in all areas of the factory, however it was too slippery in some of the process areas. To ensure there are no slips and trips, anti-slip walkways and pads needed to be installed in various areas. These areas are frequently used with a heavy footfall, so it was important a durable coating was used that would cope with regular and rigorous cleaning using hot pressurised water and cleaning chemicals. The factory is in almost constant operation, so there was a limited downtime available to complete works. Typically, PMMA fast-curing products produce significant amounts of odour during application. This was not suitable for this project as a live food factory with no forced ventilation. The client got in touch with Respol for an initial site visit was carried out, who then contacted Fosroc for a follow up site visit, consultation and specification advice.

The Benefits
Respol successfully installed the product within tight deadlines in a demanding live environment, ensuring the product was properly detailed into the other system for compatibility. In applying Nitoflor PAFS, the existing floor could remain in place – saving the need for removal and re-application of hundreds of kilos of material. After a 6-month period the product is continuing to perform, which has led to further orders for other areas in the factory.

“Respol were approached to assist with an urgent requirement to mitigate a health and safety hazard on site. They took necessary time to completely understand scope of problem faced and once a potential solution was identified, and a trial area in the workplace passed a rigorous test, were extremely flexible in terms of actual implementation. Impact on the operation was kept to a bare minimum and, most importantly, staff feedback in terms of the flooring introduced has been extremely positive. We look forward to Phase 2 of the agreed project being completed in two other workplace areas and would have no hesitation in recommending this process to other third parties.”
Jason White (Tech IOSH, AIMEA), Health & Safety project consultant.


Safety, durability, and minimal downtime were achieved in a live food factory using the Nitoflor PAFS resin flooring system.


JMS are a full-service, turnkey contractor for all industrial, commercial, and marine surface preparation and coating application needs.

JMS’ mission is to deliver a no-nonsense, efficient solution that is right first time. Operating the most advanced equipment available, JMS  have a deep understanding of surface preparation technology covering all preparation processes in-house for all substrates in all environments from standard surfaces to highly regulated and complex.

Car Park Coating Limited

CPC are experts in new build and car park refurbishment projects and are responsible for some of the most prestigious car park projects across the UK. We specialise in the supply and installation of car park deck, wall and ceiling coatings for multi storey or underground car parks and are the UK’s leading experts in repairing and overlaying existing asphalt car park decks. Each project is delivered by our fully trained and experienced workforce, dedicated to giving the highest-quality results. The skills of our teams, combined with their positive attitude, has enabled us to repeatedly complete work ahead of the timeframe set, even in challenging weather conditions.

Tanhurst Estate raises a glass to Watco’s concrete floor solutions

Project details

Tanhurst Estate is located on the western slopes of Leigh Hill in the stunning Surrey Hills. Already a successful holiday cottage business, the owners started an exciting new family venture in 2020 from the estate’s main farm – a vineyard.

1.8 hectares of Pinot Noir were originally planted, followed by a further 11,000 Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir Précoce vines in 2021. It takes at least three years for the vines to mature sufficiently to produce the first harvest, so while the family patiently waited for the vines to grow, they tackled the next important step, building and setting up the winery.

A winery is a complex facility and needs a lot of careful planning to make sure it functions as well as it can. Before building their winery, Colin Grimes, Owner at the Tanhurst Estate winery, researched design requirements and the problems that can arise if the building is not built properly.

It became clear that if the flooring wasn’t right from the onset, it would be very difficult to put it right later on. In addition to being easy to clean and maintain, winery floors must be able to cope with varying temperatures and be durable enough to withstand daily wear and tear as well as heavy loads from the  wine-making equipment.

After the main building work had been completed, Colin noticed that the concrete floor surface had been damaged, particularly in two areas where a digger bucket had scraped the floor, causing deep surface scratches. The floor was also generally very dirty from the building work and dust and mud had worked into the cracks.

“I had been told that I needed a chemical resistant epoxy resin for the floor so I started to look for suppliers. Watco came up immediately. I had no experience of using an epoxy resin and was worried that I would have to do some major repairs to the floor first. I was impressed with the website and the company’s long history of experience, but the major bonuses were that Watco came out to advise me and then supplied me with everything I needed to clean, repair and paint the concrete floor.”

The Watco solution

Before the epoxy resin mortar could be applied, the floor needed to be cleaned, dirt and debris removed from the surface and then any damaged areas repaired. This was easily done by sweeping the concrete surface with a stiff broom and then applying Watco Cleaning Solvent, a biodegradable degreaser that removes dirt and dust prior to painting.

Watco Concrex Fine Filler was then used to repair cracks and other damaged areas. Concrex Fine Filler dries in about 2 hours so the floor was ready in no time to be primed with just a single coat of the easy to apply Epoxicote High Build Primer. Finally, Watco Epoxicote High Build Rapid was applied to provide the exceptional performance and superior protection that was required for the winery’s flooring.

Elsewhere, a combination of Watco Tack CoatConcrex Fine Filler and Concrex Vertical was used to carry out repairs to the winery pillars.

The end result

“The floor looks stunning and the repairs have really worked. The resin is so thick that it covered over minor scratches and gave me a smooth finish. This makes it easier to keep clean and, crucially, lets me add further coats if necessary in the future.”

“I had been really worried about the state of the floor, but Watco sorted it out for me. I hadn’t expected the job to be so easy. All the products came with simple to follow instructions, the repairs were easy to do and the resin went on very quickly with a roller. It went so smoothly that we completed the work in a week. My winery consultant was really impressed when he saw it and said the floor was as good as any winery floor he’d seen,” concluded Colin.

Before and after of the Tanhust Winery Floor
A spectacular result fit for a winery.

Integrated Flooring Technologies (IFT) new Singleton of Glen Ord Distillery

IFT installed the floor levelling and resin flooring package for the new Singleton of Glen Ord distillery which included Vebroscreed Industrial, Vebrores PU SL HD and Vebro Classic Terrazzo. The combination of floor coatings has covered a total area of 700 m2 and delivered a high end, modern finish for the distillery’s visitors’ centre.

Vebroscreed Industrial is deep-fill, rapid-setting and hardening, high strength, single-part, cementitious smoothing underlayment screed that can be applied up to depths of 50.0 mm prior to the installation of thick floor coverings or resin finishes. Vebrores PU SL HD is a heavy duty, solvent-free, flexible, self-smoothing polyurethane flooring system offering outstanding strength and performance, making it ideally suited to areas with heavy footfall and wear from chairs and other similar objects.

Designed for use in commercial areas subject to high levels of pedestrian traffic, the Vebro Classic Terrazzo system incorporates an attractive blend of decorative aggregates and is ground, grouted and sealed to deliver an eye-catching terrazzo surface. Seamless resin terrazzo is ultra-hard wearing with exceptional durability, ideal for high trafficked areas and offering excellent lifecycle cost saving efficiencies as it is easy to clean, sanitise and maintain. Epoxy based terrazzo offers more movement than traditional sand cement terrazzo and is less prone to cracking. What’s more, it offers excellent chemical and stain resistance, ensuring an attractive finish is maintained. Vebro Classic Terrazzo incorporates a low emission epoxy resin binder tested and certified by AgBB.

The new visitors’ centre at the existing Singleton at Glen Ord Distillery in the Scottish Highlands is part of a significant investment into Scottish tourism by the brand’s parent company Diageo.

IFT has extensive experience working in the drinks and hospitality industry, including the award-winning Macallan Distillery in Speyside, Bunnahabhain Distillery in Islay and Brewdog’s eco-brewery in Ellon.

Resapol Ltd

Resapol is the UK’s leading distributor of specialist construction products, specialising in stocking and supplying a huge range of quality construction chemicals. Product ranges stocked are well known, specified products that have a reputable track record.

Resapol started 23 years ago with a small distribution depot based in Leigh, Greater Manchester. Consistent reinvestment back into the company has allowed Resapol to now boast nationwide coverage with strategically placed depots across the UK, including two Super Centres & a dedicated Merchant Support Centre. Resapol’s extensive product range and renowned technical sales support is essential to maintain the reputation as the UK’s leading distributor of construction chemicals. As the company continues to grow year on year, the commitment to sustainability, training, innovative products and same/next day delivery, alongside strong core values sets us apart from typical distributors, providing the foundation of Resapol’s overall success.

Vebro Polymers

Vebro Polymers is a manufacturer of specialist polymer flooring materials, pump-applied cementitious screed underlayments, rapid-drying screed additives and car park deck waterproofing and wearing surfaces run by a team of experts who have well over 250 years’ combined experience in the construction products industry.

Our products and systems have been expertly designed for use in a wide variety of applications including industrial and manufacturing facilities, food and beverage processing plants, multi-storey car parks, commercial venues, retail and shopping centres, institutional buildings, mixed-use developments as well as transport and infrastructure construction.

We can also provide specialist materials for use on fast turnaround new-build or refurbishment projects as well as those requiring smoothing underlayments or rapid set drying screeds to prepare the subfloor prior to the installation of final floor coverings or resin finishes.

Food Processing Preparation Areas

Central Flooring Services have done a fair few projects with J K Builders based in Leicester, including this project for their client, Pukka Pies, the Leicestershire legendary pie maker – especially their signature Steak and Kidney pie, found in pubs, fish and chip shops, and locals.

CFS are one of JK Builders trusted suppliers. For this project they fitted out Pukka’s new food processing preparation rooms with white wall panelling and the CFS team applied the new resin finish.


For this food processing area we installed a Ucrete Solution by Master Builders which was chosen for its quality and performance.


Ucrete UD200 Polyurethane Screed 9mm system, with expansion joints.


Heavy mechanical surface planing.

Project Duration:

This was a two-phase project carried out over two-weeks. Each phase was 55m².

About the project

This was a very challenging project because it was in the original building which was more than 50-years old, so many floor levels had to be made up to get to a point where the floors were levelled to an acceptable standard.

As the food processing area was also in the heart of the factory, logistically the installation was trickier to carry out as it’s in use 24/7. CFS team took extra care with the whole project to be absolutely sure that none of the food products were at risk from contamination.

Benefits of Master Builders Ucrete Solution

For the food and drink industry, Ucrete is the ‘Rolls Royce’ standard. It’s exceptionally hard-wearing and super hygienic, making it the perfect solution for this environment. It has resistance to high temperatures, impact, slips, static, strong acids and alkalis, fats, oils and solvents. Even during application Ucrete is non-tainting and completely safe for food handling areas – in fact, it’s HACCP Certified (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point).

Once installed, this Ucrete flooring solution is in for the long haul.

Brewery Flooring at State of Kind Brewery in Wigan

Monarch recently completed new resin brewery flooring at State of Kind Brewery in Wigan, Greater Manchester.

Continue reading for further details on this project and how you can get in touch with us about your brewery flooring needs.

Brewery Flooring Installation

This project was a new brewery development in Greater Manchester which was around 80sqm in total. The existing surface was old concrete which was prepared and laid with a 9mm thick polyurethane screed.

Monarthane was used on this project as unlike a concrete floor, a polyurethane brewery floor has a high level of resistance to chemicals within the brewing process. These chemicals attack a concrete surface and create an uneven cracked floor leading to potential risk to workers.

Polyurethane also has a greater resistance to organic acids which are common within the cleaning chemicals used on brewery flooring, making them extremely hygienic. As a result, polyurethane can provide a long-lasting, cost-effective flooring solution for breweries, microbreweries and distilleries.

The vibrant blue gives a great aesthetic impact to the floor which will be used as an open brewery and taproom. We also installed resin skirting and expansion joints within the floor surrounding a stainless steel drainage system.

brewery flooring resin blue wigan

About Monarch

This brewery flooring installation took one week to complete and has been well received by the client. If you would like to get in touch with Monarch about your resin flooring needs then head over to our contact page or fill in the form below with your details and we will get back to you within two working days.

Monarch has been installing resin brewery flooring for over thirty years and brings all that experience to every job which is completed. As well as installing polyurethane resin we also install epoxy and fast curing resin to many different sectors. This includes both industrial and commercial installations. We install brewery flooring across the UK including Sheffield, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds and Bradford. If you would like a quote for your brewery installation we can get one back to you within two working days. Just get in touch with us through our contact page.

New factory flooring in food manufacturing

Fusco Foods is a family business tracing its roots back to 1968. Lasercroft was selected to provide advice and guidance on a resin flooring solution for a new factory in Whitby, North Yorkshire.

Following an initial discussion and several drawings and alterations, Lasercroft worked out how to lay the facility to falls to ensure a free-draining floor. Once building commenced we carried out site surveys of the factory, entrance foyer and staircase, we recommended the high endurance Pumadur HF product for their main production areas to suit their hygiene and durability requirements. To enhance the appearance of the entrance and staircase and to provide a wow factor for visitors, we recommended the Glitterati PAS system.

The implementation process for the main factory included scabbling the new concrete to provide a suitable key. Any cracks were chased out, cleaned, and thoroughly vacuumed, ready for the application of reinforced pro mesh. The mesh was then bedded with a skim of modified epoxy resin to bring a ‘belt and braces’ factor to the new system and reduce the risk of any future problems. A polymer modified screed was laid to our suggested falls to ensure water drained throughout to the new channels.

After the screed cured for approximately 48 hours, we applied a 6mm Pumadur HF Polyurethane Resin to approximately 500m2. Rooms were finished off with 100mm high Pumadur WR coved skirtings to the perimeter walls and expansion joints installed where needed.

The final process included grinding down the existing screed and applying the Resdev Glitterati system in the entrance/reception foyer and staircase area.

‘Lasercroft has recently completed the resin floor of our new factory unit, which features many gradient floors that include several drainage systems. Before work, Lasercroft offered guidance, pre-planning advice and various solutions for the different features within our floor. The project was completed on time and budget to a high standard with a great team. We would highly recommend them.’  Raymond Fusco

Robert George Ltd

Robert George is a family run flooring company focusing on fast track installations within the retail, commercial, domestic and industrial sectors. We specialise in Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) and Epoxy Resin installations, and carry out sub-floor reconstruction wherever required.​ We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure minimal disruption to the client’s operations. Our team is approved by many of the major flooring brands so we can guarantee a trained and knowledgeable workforce.​ We strongly believe that consistency and reliability is key, and we pride ourselves on always delivering a high level of service to clients.

Quickset Resin Flooring Ltd

Quickset Resin Flooring are a nationwide supplier and installer of industrial and commercial flooring solutions, tailored and specified to our clients’ individual and bespoke requirements. With over 35 years’ experience in providing the highest quality epoxy, polyurethane, methyl methacrylate (MMA) and polyaspartic flooring installations, our strong relationships with industry leading manufacturers give us a flexible and proactive approach to ensure the correct, long-lasting and cost-effective flooring system is installed first time, on time and within budget. A SMAS and SafeContractor accredited company, we can work in almost any environment across any industry sector. Our knowledgeable and dedicated Sales, Technical, Project and Installation teams are here to support and guide you throughout the entirety of your flooring project, from the point of enquiry and initial site survey through to final installation and beyond. Quickset Resin Flooring; quality at your feet.

Industrial Resin Flooring Ltd

Slip resistant flooring, Self-levelling systems, Flake blend systems, Chemical bund linings, Resin driveways, Floor preparation, Floor paint, Treads and nosings, Joint and floor repairs, Chemical resistant floor coatings, Resin flooring, Anti-bacterial flooring

Lasercroft Ltd

Lasercroft have been in business for 25 years & continue to service their clients in the food, chemical, engineering & pharmaceutical industries. Longstanding relationships with the UK’s resin manufacturers mean we are able to offer an unrivalled range of products to our many repeat customers. Alongside our vast experience this gives us the ability, no matter your industry, to specify a performance floor that will cope with your environment. We also offer repair & maintenance services to our clients. Operating with our own directly employed workforce allows us to provide a responsive service when you need it.

Tremco CPG UK Ltd

Construction Products Group (CPG) UK brings together a portfolio of leading construction product brands, including Tremco, Flowcrete, illBruck, Vandex, Dryvit and Nudura, as well as Nullifire. CPG UK offers a wealth of construction services, support and systems that are rarely found together. These high-performance building materials include fire protection, as well as sealing, bonding, insulation, flooring, waterproofing and roofing solutions – protecting and weatherproofing the entire building envelope and providing a single source for specifiers. With its headquarters in Wigan, and further sites in Cheshire, Coventry, and Leicester, CPG (UK) employs almost 300 people nationwide.

Robex Contracting Ltd

We specialise in a wide range of flooring and wall solutions, including anti-slip. Our products are used for many applications, from hotels and restaurants, car parks, tourist attractions, warehousing, manufacturing and production facilities, to sports and leisure centres. We offer a fully integrated service where we manufacture, supply and apply Robex products.  With our MMA products being quick setting, we are able to cover floors, walls and roofs overnight, which allows normal activities to resume the next working day with no break in continuity. With our one-stop-shop and your own project manager with responsibility for your project, you can rest assured that Robex Contracting will take care of all aspects of the contract from start to finish.

A.C.C. Flooring Ltd

We have over 35 years’ experience installing high quality industrial resin flooring systems into a wide range of work places, both industrial and commercial throughout the UK. ACC Flooring focus on customer service and satisfaction, we offer all our clients a free, no obligation site survey and quotation. Working with the leading resin flooring manufacturers we are able to offer a broad range of resin flooring solutions to include preparation and installation that can be tailored to your business requirements, specifications, budgets and timescales to provide the best options and service whilst minimising disruption and downtime.

PSC Flooring Limited

PSC Flooring Ltd are industrial flooring experts, operating throughout the UK, with over 30 years’ experience in the application of resin floors, polyurethane flooring, and epoxy floor coatings.

We offer the Complete Industrial Flooring Package:

  • Site Surveys & Specification
  • Surface preparation
  • Crack & Joint Repairs
  • Resin Flooring Systems & Coving
  • Demarcation Lines

PSC Flooring Limited have laid thousands of square metres of resin flooring systems throughout the UK including epoxy floor coatings, screeds and anti-slip systems, Heavy-duty polyurethane resin flooring screeds and Heavy-duty cementitous pump screeds. Servicing the Pharmaceutical, Food & Drink, Automotive, Engineering, Warehousing and Electronics Industries ensuring the highest standards in safety, quality and customer care.

Our specialist flooring systems include;

  • Commercial Flooring – Including retail spaces, reception areas, exhibition spaces, staff canteens, breakout spaces, toilet blocks etc.
  • Engineering & Manufacturing Flooring – Including Aeronautical, Aerospace, Automotive, Casting, Chemical, Component, Fabrication, Forming, Joining, Machining, Manufacturing, Mechanical, Mechatronic, Moulding, Pharmaceutical, Print, and Shearing.
  • Food grade/food safe resin flooring– suited to food and drink manufacture including bakeries, sugar confectionery, dairies, breweries including beer and cider production, wines, spirits, and whisky distilling, maltings, butchers, meat, poultry and fish processing, slaughterhouses / abattoirs, fruit and vegetable processing, food warehousing and distribution, restaurants, commercial kitchens and food manufacturers.
  • Vehicle Workshop Flooring – suited to all types of vehicle workshops including Garages, MOT centres, specialist Bodyshop’s, HGV Workshops, Car Dealerships and Car showroom floors.
  • Warehouse Flooring  – suitable for pallet trucks, stillages and fork trucks.
  • Anti-Slip flooring – ideal for high traffic areas such walkways, and wet production areas.
  • Decorative flooring – including resin flake finish and quartz screeds.
  • Anti-static systems
  • Demarcation line marking – Walkways, trucking gangways, loading bay lines, hatched areas, warning lines etc.
  • Self-Levelling Screeds – Cementitious screeds, Pigmented Cementitious screeds and Renovation Screeds.

For resin floor systems delivered on time, on budget and on spec speak to a member of our team call: 01562 702047

Abacus Flooring Solutions Ltd

Working in all Industries, we offer a full range of services associated with the Industrial Resin Flooring Industry, from a Type 1 to a Type 8. From our free, initial site survey to completion of the works, you can be rest assured that our 33 years experience will show. Environmentally Friendly systems are used wherever possible, to include our own unique screed made using 100% recycled materials. We offer an incredibly flexible approach to each enquiry which allows ourselves to offer a full range of solutions.We look forward to being of  assistance to you.

ABC (Floors) Ltd

Industrial resin flooring installation and repairs: install polymer screeds, build up/infill screeds, epoxy, polyurethane and MMA coatings, screeds, self levelling compounds and non-slip and hygienic finishes Civils and Groundworks: Installing internal stainless steel drainage gullies, channels and kerbing and internal underground drainage alterations

Resin Floors Telford Ltd

Operating throughout the UK we are an experienced, highly trained, professional contractor able to provide quality resin systems for industrial, commercial and domestic projects. We are committed to minimizing the processes which have a negative impact on our environment by working with our partners to create sustainable growth. We believe in transparency when dealing with our customers. Our experts will give honest, practical advice on the type of flooring system most suited to your business needs. From heavy-duty industrial coatings and screeds to tough decorative flooring for business properties, we offer a wide variety of flooring options.

IFT install flooring at iconic ice cream factory

IFT was appointed by a building contractor to install the polymer screed and Heavy Duty Polyurethane flooring at the Equi’s Ice Cream’s new premises at Rutherglen Links Business Park.

IFT’s fully integrated flooring service provided the client with continuity of service in being able to install both the SBR screed, which produced the essential strength for the polyurethane resin, as well as the Ucrete UD200 finish at 6mm which incorporated a radius coved skirting. This gave the client the one flooring contractor to deal with and ensured a high quality of service. IFT also installed the appropriate falls to ensure that the finish floor will shed water towards, and into, the drain gullies.

Ucrete UD200 meets customer demands in various industry sectors where robust hygienic floors are required. These floors are tolerant of substrate moisture and rapid curing facilitating the maintenance of tight constructions schedules and reducing down time in refurbishment applications. The combination of temperature, chemical, impact and wear resistance ensures that a correctly specified Ucrete floor will last for many years. Ucrete floors have been widely used throughout the food industry for over 40 years, with many older floors still in service, and are accredited for use in facilities operating HACCP based food safety systems. They are non-solvented and have been awarded the Eurofin’s Gold Seal for indoor air quality, they do not taint food stuffs even during application and do not support biological growth.

Equi’s is a fine example of Scotland’s food and drink sector and we are delighted to have been involved in the production of their new premises.

CJ Surfaces Ltd

All aspects of floor preparation including diamond grinding and floor planning. Installation of industrial sub-floors including polymer modified screeds, flowing liquid screeds and rapid cure Polyurethane screeds. Installation of high performance resin systems such as epoxy and PU floor coatings, self smoothers, decorative screeds, crack and joint repairs and demarcation and lining. We also undertake installation of drainage and civil works.

TCS Screeding Ltd

Established in 2004, TCS Screeding Ltd are a one-stop shop that specialise in traditional pumped screed, flowing screeds, proprietary and specialist screed mixes, under-floor heating, various floor finishes including resins, tiling and carpet that can all be provided in one bespoke package. We are the largest screeding company in the UK, we work on both residential and commercial developments all across the country with a strong focus on the London and M25 area.

Midland Industrial Flooring Ltd

Midland Industrial Flooring Ltd offers a nationwide service, surveying, designing, manufacturing and installing slip prevention products and systems to surface structures. We are able to offer a complete solution for both insitu resin and prefabricated systems incorporating synthetic and cementitious resins with a broad range of aggregates onto steel, aluminium, FRP, timber, engineering plywood and cementitious substrates.

Zircon Flooring travel to St Lucia! 

This unique refurbishment project specified and completed by Zircon Flooring represents a totally new departure for our family-run company. This was a very special commission, entrusted to Zircon Flooring following months of negotiations, site reconnaissance and careful planning, breathing new life and bringing the highest standards of hygiene to a world leading food preparation area serving one of the world’s most iconic lifestyle destinations.

The hotel in question is BodyHoliday, St Lucia set on a secluded cove of white sandy beach at the edge of the Caribbean Sea and surrounded by tropical gardens and rainforest. BodyHoliday, Saint Lucia is the ultimate getaway for the body and mind, recognised as one of the finest destination resorts and a centre of well-being. Work carried out by Zircon Flooring was part of a $20 million renovation, completed just in time for the property’s 30th anniversary.

With six five-star restaurants designed to satisfy every taste with menus that feature locally sourced foods and ingredients fresh from the resort’s own organic garden, the kitchens are one of the focal areas of the hotel. Covering an area in excess of 250m2 and subdivided into sections including an allergy kitchen, bringing these areas up to standard was an integral part of the refurbishment plan, and Zircon Flooring played a pivotal role in helping the hotel to achieve their aesthetic and operational objectives.

The end result is a clean, fresh and practical flooring system, using resin flooring to its best advantages, successfully transforming what was a tired and jaded food preparation area into a bright, airy space reflecting the calibre and high standard of the food served.

F H Harvey UK Ltd

Founded in 1966 as F H Harvey & Sons (Decorators) Ltd, F H Harvey UK Ltd is a family owned industry leading specialist within the UK Construction Sector. We have the capabilities and expertise to deliver industrial resin flooring solutions to a diverse range of construction industry, facilities management and private clients whilst maintaining our traditional values of quality and service.  We have worked on many large resin flooring projects with some of the leading main contractors throughout the UK such as Kier, Skanska, Laing O’Rourke and LendLease. As one of the biggest Achilles accredited painting contractors in the Midlands, we can demonstrate our capability through evidence of large, complex projects.

Northern Star Flooring Ltd

Northern Star Flooring Limited (NSF) is an experienced resin flooring contractor located in the North of England. We are not limited geographically. We can add value and assistance to our customers. We are able to carry out nationwide site surveys, be responsive to time sensitive projects and audits and offer highly competitive pricing. All from our Yorkshire base.


Ucrete CS heavy duty colour stable flooring

Master Builders Solutions announces the launch of the innovative Ucrete CS, heavy-duty colour-stable flooring with enhanced aesthetics

  • ​Enhanced resistance to discoloration from chemical staining and ultra-violet light
  • A long-lasting attractive appearance for heavy-duty environments in the food and beverage industries
  • Extended range of stable colours, including pastel shades
  • ​Ucrete CS builds on 50 years of outstanding performance without comprise


An innovative colour stable Ucrete flooring system from Master Builders Solutions is being launched across Europe from the beginning of 2020. Ucrete CS builds on 50 years of excellence in flooring with an expanded range of colours, including pastel shades, due to its enhanced aesthetics.

The introduction of Ucrete CS represents a leap forward for heavy-duty flooring, thanks to the system’s advances in stain resistance and UV colour stability. Ucrete CS redefines long-term visual expectations in the food and beverage industries.

Ian Smith, Global Business Segment Manager, Performance Flooring at Master Builders Solutions, explained: “Many Ucrete floors are still in service after several decades, lowering the cost of ownership. Our innovative Ucrete CS system represents a real step change for our customers’ aesthetic expectations, reducing chemical staining with no colour change from UV light! There is no compromise on the outstanding performance that Ucrete brings.”

In addition to these new features, all the valuable performance characteristics that have made Ucrete flooring the market leader for aggressive processing areas are retained. Ucrete CS is the clear choice for high-performance, long-lasting, low-maintenance floors.

As with all Ucrete systems, the fast-curing Ucrete CS provides excellent resistance to chemicals including organic and inorganic acids, as well as the discharge of boiling water and cleaning at high temperatures. Ucrete sets the benchmark for industrial flooring for food and beverage – including dairies, breweries and soft drink production – as well as pharmaceuticals and chemicals.


Ucrete – heavy-duty flooring innovations for more than 50 years

From the start, innovation has been the key driver in the development of our Ucrete systems. Significant investment in research and development has allowed us to reach many milestones during the last 50 years, such as:

  • 1982: The first antistatic hygienic terrazzo floor for the pharmaceutical industry;
  • 1993: The first flow-applied heavy-duty screed with thermal shock resistance for ergonomic application;
  • 2003: The first systems with specifiable slip-resistance profiles – the key safety requirement for the food and beverage industry;
  • 2011: The first non-tainting, rapid-curing systems to minimize downtime, even at cold temperatures;
  • ​2018: Monolithic, thermal shock resistant antistatic flooring.

Our new Ucrete CS system represents another important milestone in Ucrete’s history. With colour stability thanks to its UV resistance, and enhanced stain resistance, Ucrete CS is attractive, highly durable, hygienic and safe.

IFT installs flooring at a Distillery and Visitor Centre

IFT was appointed by a flooring contractor  to install flooring as part of the £10.5 million, three-year refurbishment programme at Bunnahabhain, which aims to transform a distillery and visitor centre into a world-class whisky destination.

IFT installed 140m² of Mapei Topcem screed onto an underfloor heating system at a new visitor centre. Following this, Mapei Ultratop Industrial and Mapefloor sealant were added to provide a finished floor.

This job was a huge logistical challenge for the IFT team as there is no suitable sand source on the island. To combat this we used a manufaturer who brought in bulk bags of washed concrete sand from the mainland at our request and the Topcem was taken across by a shipping service. This was all arranged during IFT pre-start visits to the island, working together with local labour working on the site asking them about sand sources.

DC Flooring UK Limited

Coupling a wealth of knowledge with and an unparalleled determination for customer satisfaction is the key to our success. We realise each and every project is unique, working closely with our suppliers and manufacturers to achieve the best possible solutions for our clients is paramount. We work across a broad range of sectors including – Automotive, aviation, aerospace, retail, commercial, domestic, education, food, drink, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and warehousing. With our state of the art machinery and fully trained in-house fitting teams we are setting new standards in industrial finishes. We don’t see problems, we see solutions.

Are permanent non-slip solutions possible for the food industry?

Thought Leadership

February 18, 2019

Are permanent non-slip solutions possible for the food industry?

By Jeremy Waterhouse, Flooring Product Manager, Sherwin-Williams

The flooring in industrial facilities needs to be suitable for the activities being carried out.  In many industries, and in particular in the food and beverage plants, there is a regulatory requirement to provide a non-slip texture to prevent staff working there from slipping.

The non-slip performance of a flooring system can be assessed by the pendulum Coefficient of Friction test (CoF), which was adopted in the UK some years ago by the Health and Safety Executive, as a reliable and robust test for slip assessment. This is also known as the TRRL Pendulum test.  A reading with a value greater than 36, defined as having low-slip potential, is easier to achieve in dry conditions – but what a lot of facilities (such as food processing factories) require, is at least this value also under wet conditions.

What is the coefficient of friction?

Coefficient of friction is a measure of the degree of friction between two surfaces. Friction is the force exerted by a surface when an object moves over it – in this case, the staff walking across the floor.   A low value indicates that the force required for slipping to occur is less than the force required when the coefficient of friction is high. Smooth floors can appear slippery when wet, however in practice, even though a low CoF result is obtained, specially designed resin floors can still provide non-slip resistance through their lifespan as they are subjected to wear because of aggregates within the matrix of a screed.

What properties of a floor coating affect the coefficient of friction?

A rough surface provides more points of contact and increases the coefficient, thus reducing the tendency for slipping.  Roughness can be obtained by using resin flooring systems with a textured finish. This can be achieved in a number of ways, most of which involve incorporating an aggregate in the resin matrix. This could be done by a manual scattering of a various amounts of aggregate into the wet coating applied to the floor – or equally, by incorporating an aggregate into an actual resin formulation, such that it produces the desired texture on the surface when the system is installed.

However, what is often overlooked is how long these flooring systems will provide a texture which gives a reading exceeding 36 in wet conditions, when tested with the TRRL equipment. The hardness of aggregates vary, and the softer the aggregate, the sooner it will wear down with use.  For example, polymer bead-type aggregates are not particularly strong, and when incorporated into a coating could wear down relatively quickly when subjected to heavy traffic. In practical terms – in a busy production unit, for example – this could mean a coating losing its texture and wearing smooth within a year after being laid, and the floor surface having a lower reading with the TRRL test  This could create a medium or even high slip potential, especially when the floor is wet.

 Meeting customer expectations

When these non-slip flooring systems are planned for use in food industry environments, customers have to be made aware of how durable a system is, and for how long it will provide good service.   If a resin-textured coating system is sold and promoted responsibly, it cannot always be claimed as a long-term solution in a heavy-duty environment, when in reality it can only offer a solution for perhaps a year or two.

The longest-term solution from a resin flooring system in a busy heavy-duty food environment can only be provided with a screed-type product, typically with a minimum thickness of between 6mm and 9mm. These screeds are extremely durable and can be installed with a surface texture to provide a non-slip finish with a large sized aggregate incorporated within the formulation. Polyurethane screed systems such as FasTop™ TG69 are a comprehensive solution for food industry environments and other industrial situations, as they can provide durability; chemical and thermal shock resistance; and low non-slip potential even in wet conditions. These systems are initially installed as a single colour finish, and there are eight standard colours to choose from in the Sherwin-Williams range.

It is a function of this product that the texture changes over time as the high spots are worn down with traffic.  The polyurethane resin wears away on these high spots exposing the aggregate which appears as white speckles in the coloured finish of the floor, adding a degree of decoration within the finish. But more importantly for food factories with wet processes in operation, even though the floor becomes smoother, it starts to operate in a different way due to differences in texture, and still provides non-slip performance.

This has been demonstrated in environments such as fish markets and fish processing plants, where wet abrasion had worn down systems like FasTop TG69 to give a smooth finish, in contrast to the textured finish achieved when the system was first installed, while still providing good non-slip performance.

Case study – Hygienic cleanable non-slip finish

A FasTop TG69 floor system was installed 10 years ago at Billingsgate Market in London, and had been constantly subjected to wet abrasion – the most aggressive type of abrasion. This floor was originally finished in standard forest green colour. Images of the floor taken after six years showed it to be more mid-green in colour with a white speckle. The floor was continuing to provide a safe walking surface with a hygienic, cleanable finish.

Another example of this non-slip performance was demonstrated at one of the UK’s biggest meat processing plants in the South of England where FasTop TG69 had been in use for over 10 years in a standard Sherwin-Williams grey colour.  The high spots on this floor had worn down, and the floor had the white speckled finish as expected.  The customer had a new area of floor finished with TG69 in the same colour as the original laid adjacent to the existing area installed over 10 years before. After being in use, the new area became wet and was subjected to spillages of fats and grease, and the factory found this area to be a little slippier than the older area. The solution in this instance was easy – the flooring contractor lightly sanded the FasTop TG69 to enhance the white speckled smoother finish rather than wait for this to occur over time through heavy traffic. This created a better non-slip solution for the factory. The floor cleaning process was also important in maintaining the non-slip property. This project was a good example of how this polyurethane-type screed functions, and why it is a suitable all-round, long-term solution for demanding environments.



Sherwin-Williams develops quick-to-install pouch packaging for industry leading FasTop™ flooring range

Award-winning innovators, Sherwin-Williams has developed a new pouch format for its industry-leading FasTop flooring range.

Available to purchase from November 11th in Europe and the Middle East, the new FasTop four-pack system provides customers with the relevant pouch colour, universal base and hardener with the appropriate aggregate filler, facilitating quicker and easier installation.

With industry-leading technical properties, the FasTop range delivers significant time-saving benefits for customers. For example, the FasTop system can be installed with a single application and takes just a matter of hours to cure.

Jeremy Waterhouse, Flooring Product Manager at Sherwin-Williams, commented: “FasTop systems are HACCP accredited and have a great track record. The innovative new pouch packaging offers major time and cost-saving advantages for projects across a range of industry sectors with quicker installation times and reduced waste.”

In addition to easier application and time-saving advantages, the FasTop four-pack system ensures long-term floor protection and reduced costs through the use of innovative cementitious urethane resin technology. And with improved compact packaging, customers benefit from reduced product, packaging waste, a cleaner job site with much smaller space needed to store the new system.

The quick-curing FasTop range is accredited as food safe by The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point agency (HACCP) and is ideal for use in commercial kitchens, as well as heavy-duty traffic areas and chemical and pharmaceutical processing plants.


To learn more about the FasTop system or other high performance flooring systems visit the Sherwin-Williams website

Leeson Polyurethanes Ltd

Manufacturer of a wide range of formulated polyurethanes for adhesives, decorative coatings, UV and non-UV stable stone carpet systems, playground binders, anti-skid and waterproofing systems, which are supplied in the UK and worldwide

Sherwin-Williams flooring systems gain accreditation from Dubai Central Laboratory

High-performance floor coating systems offered by Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings have been approved by the Dubai Central Laboratory accreditation body (DCL).

Inspectors from the DCL Green Building Standards team examined and rigorously tested the diverse range of flooring technology offered by Sherwin-Williams.

“This is a significant accreditation and gives validation to the quality of our products and the processes we adhere to for our customers in this region,” said Vik Vithlani, Regional Director of Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings.

The DCL regulations support Dubai’s Strategic Plan to create a sustainable urban environment and extend the ability of the UAE’s infrastructure to meet the needs of future development.

They provide product conformity assessment, tests and studies, standards and control measurements using accredited laboratories for consumer protection and customer satisfaction.

It follows the accreditation for the Sherwin-Williams FasTop range of decorative flooring systems available worldwide by The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point International (HACCP) which examines best practice of all suppliers to the food industry.

High performance flooring systems from Sherwin-Williams are used in diverse industries including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, industrial, retail, commercial and aerospace offering benefits of non-taint, hard- wearing, decorative, impact resistance, slip-resistance, abrasion resistant, chemical protection and thermal shock resistance. For more information see the Sherwin-Williams website.

The Dairy Industry from the Floor Up

  • Flooring in dairies needs to provide a number of hygienic and operational properties
  • The Flowfresh range of polyurethane flooring is ideal for a dairy’s demanding milking and processing areas
  • Choose HACCP International certified flooring to ensure that the system is up to the challenge

Modern dairies are not the laid back, slow-moving places that people like to imagine. Instead they are highly productive, fine-tuned facilities that require a considered approach to the design, maintenance and functionality of each and every site involved in the production, processing, storage and transportation of dairy goods.

Being able to manufacture such large quantities of high quality dairy goods relies on a well-oiled infrastructure where performance is taken seriously from the ground up. To create a contemporary, state-of-the-art dairy, it’s particularly important to ensure that the floor underfoot is able to cope with the challenges of this busy, complex sector.

Productivity and cleanability go hand-in-hand, as a site that sacrifices hygiene for higher volumes will risk not only failing to comply with regulations, but it could result in produce becoming contaminated. This is especially true of the floor, as if it is cracked, tarnished or difficult then the site could become compromised.

The Reason for Resin

For this reason, many dairy producers are turning to resin flooring solutions such as Flowcrete’s Flowfresh range thanks to the hygienic properties that these coatings can provide. Seamless and impervious, resin systems are easy to clean and thanks to the resistance this type of flooring has to impacts, chemicals and traffic, it can maintain a fully functional finish for an extended period of time.

Getting the floor right is more than just an operational practicality, as it is also vital to making sure that a dairy complies with the European Union’s food hygiene standards. This is illustrated in EC regulation 853/2004 which stipulates that food business operators must have “hard floors and smooth walls that are easy to clean and disinfect”.

Additionally, EC 854/2004 states that producers “shall put in place, implement and maintain a permanent procedure or procedures based on the HACCP principles”. The floor is central to this, as the regulation goes on to say that “floor surfaces are to be maintained in a sound condition and be easy to clean and, where necessary, to disinfect. This will require the use of impervious, non-absorbent, washable and non-toxic materials”.

The Flowfresh range has been certified by HACCP International thanks to its ability to provide all the properties required for an effective HACCP food safety program within even the largest and most intensive food factories.

Flowcrete has designed its floors to go above and beyond even the strict standards of the European Union, as every Flowfresh system incorporates the antibacterial agent Polygiene®. This additive actively inhibits the growth of bacteria in contact with the floor, a property which has been tested to the ISO 22916 standard.

Making the Floor Do More

It’s not just making sure the floor can stay clean that needs to be considered to make sure that it’s optimised for the task at hand. For example, it’s important to get the size and quantity of aggregate incorporated within the polyurethane mix of a Flowfresh floor correct in order to achieve the right level of slip resistance.

Being able to tailor the floor’s texture is ideal for many dairy spaces, such as the milking parlours, where spilled milk, water from wash downs, mud from boots and effluence from the cattle can all be present. For the safety of the staff and animals moving through the area, they need to be able to grip the potentially wet and slick surface underfoot.

Incorporating stainless steel drainage, run-off channels and coving into the floor coating is also essential here, as it means that once the milking is done the whole area can be easily washed down to remove all contaminants and slippery substances.

However, the frequent and intensive cleaning regimes required within dairy facilities can pose a threat to the floor, as steam cleaning and harsh chemicals will quickly deteriorate an insufficiently robust coating. Flowfresh is able to shrug off thermal shock such as steam cleaning at 120°C and corrosive chemicals, ensuring that the floor won’t corrode or break apart after a deep-cleaning session.

From extremely hot temperatures at one end to freezing conditions at the other, Flowfresh has also been applied in many cold storage rooms and exposed barns thanks to its ability to survive in sub-zero conditions.

In addition to all of these challenges, the sheer physical demands of dairy operations can take a toll on the floor. Point loading from heavy equipment, traffic from staff, cows and forklift trucks, impacts from dropped items and pressure from fully loaded pallets can all chip away at the finish. Flowfresh has been formulated to create a layer with a high cross-linked density, which makes it exceptionally tough. When applied in a thick 6-9mm coating, it can take on all of the above issues every day of the year for an extended period of time.

From the Parlour to the Production Line

Away from the actual milking area are a variety of processing, storage, office, logistics and production spaces, which will likely require all of the above properties to a greater or lesser extent. The versatility of resin floors means that they can be easily tailored to all the different environments and types of facilities found across the dairy industry.

This was recently exemplified at one of the most high-tech dairies in the world, Australia’s Bannister Downs Dairy. When the high-tech facility built a new creamery, 2,350 mof Flowfresh SR was used to ensure that it would have a clean, safe and on-brand floor finish for the long term.

If you would like to find out more about specifying the right floor for each part of a dairy complex, get in touch with Flowcrete UK’s expert team today.

MMA Quartz or PU: What’s the Right Floor for You?

  • F&B plants need to ensure the floor underfoot is right for the site’s operations
  • MMA Quartz and PU are both popular F&B flooring choices, but they have very different chemistries
  • Different flooring systems provide different properties and it’s important to understand these during the specification process

Choosing the right floor for a food and beverage (F&B) facility is a tricky task, as it will have to withstand a long list of challenging onsite conditions while consistently maintaining a clean and hygienic environment. 

There are a number of flooring options that have become popular in the F&B world for being able to provide this combination of properties. To help designers, businesses and facility managers identify which exact floor is the right one for them, this article will explore two of the most common types of floors specified in the F&B industry – methyl methacrylate quartz (MMA) and polyurethane (PU). 

Spot the Difference

While both are resin materials, the specific chemistry of each is very different and will provide different functionalities. Knowing when to apply an MMA quartz or PU requires understanding the floor’s properties as well as what chemicals, impacts, traffic, temperatures and cleaning it will encounter, in order to ascertain if the system in question is up to the task at hand. 

The difference between these two types of materials stems in large part from their molecular structure, which affects how it fuses together during the curing process and how it will react to substances. 

PUs are typically two-component systems (a resin and a hardener) that when brought together undergo a process of stoichiometric curing to form a solid layer. In contrast, MMAs work by using a catalyst to trigger a reaction that creates a single monolithic mass fused to the substrate. Quartz aggregates are often broadcast into an MMA system in order to add strength, texture and decoration.

Hard-wired to be Hard-wearing

One of the biggest differences is that once a PU has cured it will have a very high cross-linked density that makes it exceptionally hard wearing. In fact, PUs are so robust that they are one of the most failure resistant types of floors and are capable of providing a high-performance surface for up to a decade if properly maintained, even despite the abuse that a busy, complex F&B plant will subject it to. 

Alternative materials struggle to provide this life-span when faced with operational challenges such as steam cleaning at up to 120°C, point loading from heavy production equipment, exposure to corrosive industrial chemicals such as sodium hydroxide and nitric acid as well as the intensive cleaning and long hours inherent to the sector. 

An MMA quartz systems derives strength from its monolithic structure. However, with this type of system a thin wearing coat is required to stop the aggregates and finish from getting scratched or abraded. This final layer, which isn’t required for PU floors, will usually need to be recoated every couple of years.

The Cure for Curing

The key advantage of an MMA system is that it is able to fully cure in a matter of hours, regardless of onsite conditions and ambient temperatures. Thanks to the way that it fuses to the substrate it is also very useful for refurbishments, as it can be applied directly on top of the existing coating and therefore avoids the cost and time required to take up the old floor.  

PUs have historically been less versatile when it comes to being applied in extreme temperatures, in wet locations or within tight turnarounds. Recent advances in PU technology though has closed this gap, with systems such as Flowfresh HF LT being much easier to apply than traditional PU products in cold and wet settings.

The main downside to how an MMA cures is that it releases a powerful odour that can taint nearby food produce. This problem can be avoided with proper ventilation, as MMA particles are heavier than air and so can be drawn out of the environment. Dealing with the odour is therefore possible but does incur extra time, expense and effort.    

Don’t Slip Up on Flooring Specification

Both formulations have a textured finish, which enhances traction underfoot and helps to cut down on slips and trips in working environments that are often prone to wet conditions, spillages and frequent washes. It’s important to bear in mind that the more heavily textured a surface is, the more difficult it becomes to clean. The size and type of aggregates incorporated into a PU or MMA floor are often tailored to meet the required cleanability/slip resistance balance. 

This was the case at McVitie’s production facility in Glasgow, which used the solvent-free, heavy duty polyurethane system Flowfresh RT in two different textures. A rougher finish was applied throughout the majority of the building where staff would be walking and a smoother version was installed beneath the production lines in order to make these hard-to-reach spots easier to clean.

This project highlights the versatility of polyurethane in general, as it is very easy to change factors such as the floor’s thickness, texture and colour to suit the business’ needs. It is also easy to incorporate additional flooring elements such as coving and stainless steel drainage and to apply the floor around equipment, pillars or pipes that contact the floor.

From this we can see that the ideal choice of floor, whether it’s PU or MMA quartz, relies on the specific requirements of each F&B plant and can even change quite drastically from one part of a room to another. To understand if a flooring material is the right one, it is important to discuss in detail the demands that it will face as well as the suitability of the system in question with the flooring manufacturer and contractor. 


Anhydritec Limited

Anhydritec is the UK and European Market leader in Anhydrite (calcium sulphate) technology with over 25 years of experience in the formulation of self-levelling screeds. Our research and development centres design innovative products, which benefit a wide range of applications. Whether it’s our Gyvlon screed or Tecdrit raw material brands, the anhydrite properties and performance gives our materials unique advantages compared to cement screeds. We demand strict compliance standards and good practice, and provide technical advice and product recommendations to a national network of partners (concrete plants), applicators and adhesive manufacturers throughout the UK.


CPD Presentations:

  • RIBA CPD – Guide to specifying a Highly Efficient Heated Screed
  • RIBA CPD – Guidance on specifying a Thin Floor Levelling Solution
  • RIBA CPD – Unique Eco Friendly Screed Technology

Flowcrete Supply Cream of the Crop Flooring for Bannister Downs Dairy

For the award-winning Australian creamery, Bannister Downs Dairy chose Flowfresh SR from Flowcrete to provide 2,350 m2 of hygienic and on-brand flooring.  

Founded in 1924 by pioneers Edith and James Daubney, Bannister Downs Dairy Farm, located in Northcliffe, Australia was named as such thanks to Edith’s maiden name Bannister. Passed down through the generations, the farm is now managed by the Daubney’s grandson and his family. 

Following the deregulation of the dairy industry in the millennium year, the Daubney family saw an opportunity to process and bottle milk in its own creamery facility. 

In the pursuit of excellence, every aspect of the facility was carefully planned and considered from the ground up. To ensure that the creamery maintained unrivalled hygiene, the hard-wearing, chemical resistant polyurethane resin system Flowfresh SR was installed.

Thanks to its high level of chemical resistance, Flowfresh SR was ideal for the silo area, kitchen, processing, mixing, ingredients and filling rooms, where there would be a high chance of produce being spilled or dropped. 

In a similar vein, the polyurethane resin system is resistant to temperatures from -15 °C to 90 °C, meaning that there would be no risk of floor failure in the working cool room, freezer, cool storage room and ambi chamber areas of the facility. 

Regular exposure to foodstuffs and varying temperatures can take its toll on lesser floors over time. For example lactose in dairy is a natural sugar, which can be corrosive to a floor’s coating if there is daily exposure. Strong chemical cleaners used to wash away spillages of this nature can have a similarly corrosive effect on the floor if the correct properties are not specified. Therefore, having a high chemical resistance was imperative to Bannister Downs Dairy. 

The durability and abrasion resistance of Flowfresh SR was extremely important in the dry store, carton room and loading dock, where packaged produce would be stored, transported and loaded onto distribution vehicles. Areas of point loading are often at the mercy of heavily laden pallets and forklift trucks carrying weighty items. Moving heavy materials can cause wear on the floor, and abrasions are extremely likely to occur if items are dropped or dragged along the finish over an extended period of time.

For all food and beverage facilities, coving can form an integral part of the flooring system. It creates a sealed finish between the floor and wall joint, leaving no gaps for bacteria to reside, grow and multiply. The coving utilised in The Creamery, combined with the seamless, impervious Flowfresh SR finish, ensures that any spilled produce is quickly and easily cleaned away. 

To enhance the hygiene of this system further, Flowfresh SR contains Polygiene®, an antibacterial additive that can eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria on the floor’s surface when combined with a regular cleaning regime. 

With frequent, in-depth cleaning being necessary in such an environment, the slip resistance of Flowfresh SR helps to maintain a safe environment at all times.

Aside from being functional, Flowcrete was also able to supply custom colours for the facility. Light grey, blue, cream and powder blue were used to provide a clean, fresh aesthetic that mirrored Bannister Downs Dairy’s branding. 

The high performance, aesthetically pleasing nature of the floor is sure to be appreciated when the creamery expands to include a café and a viewing area, where consumers can watch the production process before sampling the produce. 

OGS Floor Screeding Ltd

OGS Floor Screeding Ltd. specialises in traditional, flowing/liquid, granolithic and fast-drying screeds, also floor levelling compounds (SL-Products, Latex) and Epoxy resin, Polyurethane flooring applications, across all sectors.

Furthermore, to ensure highest standard of workmanship, OGS provides full technical-support, total logistics control, supplier quality checks and maintains strong relationships with H&S competent advisers, as well as hold accreditations for Constructionline, SafeContractor, CHAS and ISO9001:2015.

Moreover, based in West London, fully independent contractor – OGS Floor Screeding Ltd. currently operates and has successfully completed variety of significant projects in Greater-London, South-East and depending on project scope, can reach areas up to Midlands.

In addition to plethora of residential works, noteworthy project’s include Birmingham’s retail complex Mailbox, Resorts World, Stansted Airport, Heathrow Terminal-5, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Natural History Museum among other high-profile projects with references available upon request

Flowstone Industrial Flooring Limited

Flowstone Industrial Flooring Limited is an independent specialist resin and waterproofing contractor operating for over 20 years. Flowstone supply and install a range of high performance epoxy resin and polyurethane resin floor, wall and flat roof coatings and car park decking systems.  Flowstone are approved as industrial flooring contractors by the leading resin manufacturers, allowing them to select from a broad range and offer manufacturer-backed system warranties.  Flowstone work hard to ensure their team is suitably qualified and trained for the work undertaken and their continued commitment to Health & Safety is evidenced by their CHAS and Achilles RISQs accreditations.

Watco UK Ltd

Watco are the UK’s leading manufacturer and direct supplier of industrial strength paint, repair and maintenance materials.  A Watco product guarantees long-lasting, high-quality results, every time – just as you would expect for a company with 90 years of industry expertise behind it.

High performance products

Our in-house chemists have developed a full range of tried and tested coatings, floor repair and anti slip products. That’s why we’re the UK’s leading supplier of industrial strength floor coatings.

Expert advice

Our priority is to ensure you get the right product for your project. Our team of Technical Advisors are here to help before, during and after application.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

We believe our products are the best you can buy and our team will recommend the best product for the job. But if something does go wrong, we’ll work with you to help put it right.


Flooring in food and beverage environments must be slip-resistant, easy to clean, durable and hygienic. These factors pose significant challenges to flooring designs; not only do most floors have to be purpose-built, they must be functional, meeting the strict criteria stipulated above. So what kinds of design considerations need to be made to ensure floors meet hygiene standards at the point of specification?

Keeping it clean

Floor finish is a key design consideration which should fulfill a variety of standards in the European Food Safety Directive. In food preparation areas, flooring must be seamless and easy to clean to meet hygiene levels, particularly as the spread of bacteria must be prevented in food environments at all times. Flooring must also be rinsed thoroughly to remove wash-down residues and any viruses, bacteria or pests that might be present. The finish should also be compatible with certain solvents, including cleaning agents, for the quality of the finish to remain uncompromised.

A finish needs to be impermeable and made to a high specification otherwise employee and consumer safety could be put at risk. An excellent finish, often best provided by dense resin-rich systems, will prevent flaking, cracking and discolouration, making sure a floor looks professional and performs to its best.

Drainage must be placed in correct areas and never under processing equipment as it obstructs important cleaning procedures. With the assistance of gravity, gradients ranging between 1:100 and 1:80 can be useful for moving any liquids towards drains. Efficient drainage systems are fundamental design considerations as they guarantee cleanliness is maintained at an optimum standard in food environments.


Floor finishes must also be slip-resistant. Slips and trips are the most common causes of injury at work, accounting for an average 33% of total work injuries. Injuries tend to occur most often in areas where meat, fruit, vegetable, fat and other residues are present. To counteract this, companies can choose flooring that has an optimum combination of grip and wash-ability to keep employees safe and the facility supremely clean.

The most common method of providing grip to new flooring is to apply aggregate onto the top of the wet surface before it hardens. Aggregate varies in size and type and can create numerous profiles. The most common types are silica, quartz, flint, and aluminium oxide.

Durable designs

Flooring in food environments must be able to withstand high-impact shock and abrasions, whether from large mechanical shocks or a drop of a heavy knife. In the food sector, floors will be put under a significant amount of stress given the nature of the environment, therefore cleanliness, durability and safety are complete priorities.

Flooring solutions must also be compatible with cleaning agents to ensure longevity. Floors with low chemical resistance not only wear down faster, they also create traps for bacteria and viruses can hide. Be mindful of the volume of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted by various floor, wall, ceiling, and other finishes. Flooring products with low VOC emission means air is kept clean, resulting in safer food production and a healthier working environment for employees.

Finding the right flooring system which fulfills a variety of challenging design aspects is difficult, especially in relation to the food industry. With countless years of experience, Sikafloor® systems are created and installed to meet all of these challenging requirements thanks to their flexible design possibilities. From floor finish to drainage system, to durability, Sikafloor® has companies covered.


Poultry processors Maelor Foods commissioned Kemtile – the leading suppliers and installers of food grade hygienic flooring and drainage – to supply and fit out its new ultra-modern slaughtering facility in Wrexham.

At an investment of £20million – and creating 150 jobs –  this new facility has permission to process up to 400,000 birds per week. Sourcing its birds from local farms that comply with British Red Tractor guidelines – enabling it to provide premium “A” grade quality chickens – there are plans to boost weekly capacity to one million if this limit is granted by the local council.

It is the second project that Kemtile has undertaken in partnership with Maelor and saw the installation of 4000m2 BASF Ucrete UD200SR heavy duty polyurethane screed over a nine-month period. Offering exceptional resistance to aggressive chemicals, heavy impact and temperatures of up to 150oC it is also ideally suited for rapid refurbishment in the food industry – installed and cured within a 12-hour application window.

Selected for its hygienic and chemical resistant properties – as well as its strength, wear and slip resistance – Kemtile applied Ucrete MasterTop 1317 to the substrate with a trowel to a resistance of R12. Dense and impervious, this lightly textured floor finish provides excellent resistance to temperatures and a wide range of industrial chemicals. It’s fully steam cleanable and serviceable at temperatures up to 120oC, which is essential in a poultry processing environment.

Kemtile laid the majority of flooring to falls – a typical approach in wet process areas to allow water and liquid spillages to flow to drain.

An area of the flooring situated in the chiller rooms above the basement is also coated with BASF’s MasterSeal M869 – a highly elastic, two-component, hand applied polyurethane membrane that provides excellent crack bridging and waterproofing capabilities whilst being thermoset.

Both of the plant’s gas pits were also coated with Ucrete MasterTop 1790, which offers the necessary resistance to chemicals and gases used during this process.

Kemtile Director Jamie Cook said: “We completed phase one of this project with Maelor back in 2016, when we installed 2800m2 of the same Ucrete flooring system at its adjacent cutting plant. This site, which was formerly the Maelor Creamery, was bought back in 2015 and consent has since been granted to turn it into a poultry processing facility. We were delighted to be invited back and to continue our partnership.

“As part of the wider, privately owned Salisbury Poultry group – with similar facilities across three sites in the Midlands – Managing Director Raj Mehta had a very clear idea of flooring requirements he wanted for his newest site. The Kemtile team worked closely with him at every stage of project – from design through to specification and installation – to ensure that we were on brief and that the flooring’s capabilities were maximized. This included some tweaks along the way, but the end result was bang on brief and meet the owner’s exact requirements.”

Raj Mehta, Managing Director of Maelor Foods, said: “As a group we have ambitious growth plans and demand is high for fresh chicken. This puts us in an enviable position. Chicken is the only protein in the UK meat, fish and poultry (MFP) sector to experience growth in retail sales and we have all the facilities to capitalize – now and in the future.

“To ensure that we maximise this opportunity, it’s essential that the basics are in place. This includes plant flooring as mistakes in this area are costly. We’ve worked with Kemtile before so trusted them to provide us with the best flooring solution to meet our needs.  The quality of products they use was also central to our decision to work with them again.”

This project for Maelor Poultry is  the latest meat processing project to strengthen Kemtile’s already impressive industry credentials – joining the likes of Cargill, Moy Park, Faccenda and 2 Sisters Food Group.

For further information visit

Contar Resins

Contar Resins has been developing, supplying and installing a range of exceptional flooring systems since 1982 and are well-established within the specialist manufacturing industry in resin flooring, screeds and fire resistance.

Contar Resins products provide durable, sustainable and efficient solutions to multiple industries and many complex environments. Our specialist systems are designed to withstand continuous usage, extreme temperatures, harsh weather conditions and exposure to potentially corrosive chemicals.

Contar Resins pride themselves on delivering exceptional customer service; offering innovative solutions that enable them to meet the clients needs. Contar Resins provide a completely bespoke service utilising over 40 years of technical experience.

Contar Resins are committed to providing you with the best solutions using the best product for the best value. Contar Resins are so confident in the quality of their products and workmanship that they provide warranties of up to 20 years.

Husqvarna Construction Products

With over 325 years of innovation and passion, Husqvarna Construction is a world leader when it comes to equipment and diamond tools. Husqvarna’s floor grinders and dust collectors boast a unique balance between the machines power and design, and the tools speed and efficiency. Our range of floor grinders are available in a variety of sizes to suit your job, providing users with unsurpassed productivity and control for preparing, grinding, polishing concrete floors, as well as repairing and polishing terrazzo and other natural stone. With Husqvarna surface preparation machines and Superfloor, (Husqvarna’s floor polishing system), you not only get a beautiful surface but also a high quality, hard wearing floor.

Specialist Surface Preparation Ltd

Specialist Surface Preparation (SSP) Ltd is a leader in floor preparation using a comprehensive range of specialist equipment. Its expertise spans three decades with experience in all aspects of surface preparation. SSP constantly upgrade and improve our systems to be in the forefront of this field, building up a large customer base gained through excellent reputation for high quality workmanship and the ability to deliver a first class service. Preparation is the most important aspect of any flooring project and the company provide dust free captive shot blasting, diamond grinding, concrete reduction and planing, and re-texturing.

SASE Bartell Group

SASE is the industry leader in concrete polishing and preparation equipment and diamond tooling. For 30 years, SASE has served the contractor directly, not through middle men. For 30 years, our team at SASE has built our company and our lives around our contractors. It has been a rewarding experience to know you and your companies and your people. Our goal is to never let you down, which is why SASE services what it sells. This is not just a tag line. We have built our reputation upon providing unsurpassed customer service and support. Our technical service staff answers all calls and e-mails in a timely manner. When you call, a live person will answer the phone. We are old fashioned that way. While others will tell you that business is not personal, we believe that it is. By knowing our customers well, we can better service our customers. As you would call a friend when in need of support, we want you to call SASE when you are in need of support. Like a good friend, we are always available.

Screedmasters Ltd

ScreedMasters Ltd are a Specialist floor screeding company. North West based, family owned and run with over 30 years’ experience in the flooring and construction industry, a reputation for quality installs and high-level customer service. Specialising in resin applications, traditional screed, decorative finishes, Micro-cement, floor and slab preparations. Covering numerous major contracts nationwide, everything from heavy-duty slip resistant screeds to bespoke highly decorative finishes. Having the flexibility, experience and knowledge to provide clients with the best solutions and standards possible from consultation through to completion. Screedmasters are able to achieve SR1 standard 0-3 mm under a 2-meter straight-edge.

Resdev Ltd

An established world leader in resin flooring technology, Resdev Ltd has been supplying a fast growing global market with a comprehensive range of high performance polyurethane and epoxy industrial flooring systems for more than a quarter of a century.  Resdev has based its continued success on a research based philosophy behind all commercial activities.  A strong focus on R&D backed up by applications in industries across the globe has established Resdev firmly as the guiding force behind many of the key technological advances in this challenging industry.  Deckmaster is part of the Resdev Group of companies offering a well established Brand with a long track record providing Parking Deck Solutions as well as cold applied roofing solutions. Signatory to the Halving Waste to Landfill Commitment. Highly Commended FeRFA Small Project of the Year 2012/13.  Winner of FeRFA Large Project of the Year 2011/12. Winner of FeRFA Project of the Year 2006/07.

Protective Coating Systems UK Ltd

PCS is a family owned business established in 1980 specialising in all aspects of industrial flooring/walling including epoxy, polymer and polyurethane screeds, high build coatings, epoxy and polyurethane self-smoothers, anti-static flooring systems, concrete repair, stainless steel and Acco drainage and small building works. With a fully skilled workforce of seven men and three office staff it includes operatives who will be among the first of gain an NVQ in resin flooring. All operatives hold CSCS cards. We operate a zero defects policy and all our work is guaranteed. Approved applicators for Sika, Remmers, Resin Surfaces and HCC materials. Clients include Westland Helicopters, Westinghouse, Hygrade Foods, BAE Systems and Cheale Meats. A large proportion of our work is repeat business and although we have grown in size over the years, we pride ourselves in working with clients and getting it right first time, every time.The company employs NVQ level 2 qualified resin flooring installers.

Pikehaven Ltd

Pikehaven Limited are specialist contractors in Resin Flooring, Concrete repairs, Resin Injection and Protective Coatings. Established in 1989 we pride ourselves on our problem solving capabilities and offer our clients a full specification, estimating and contracting service. Our clients include local authorities, main contractors and public and private sectors companies including Rail and Underground, Car Parks, factories, warehouses and MOD Bases. All employees are directly employed and fully safety trained and CSCS certified for the areas in which they work. Please contact Alan White or Paul Mabley with your enquiries or for further information.

Page Industrial Coatings Ltd

Page Industrial Coatings Ltd provide services to the automotive, engineering, electronic, food, pharmaceutical, commercial and retail sectors, the company is proud of its nationwide reputation for quality workmanship, backed by comprehensive pre and after sales support. Contact the company on 01443 475270

Orchid Flooring Ltd

Orchid Flooring is led by an engineer with over 20 years in the flooring industry, its expert team includes experienced flooring operations managers, skilled operatives, health and safety and customer service personnel. The focus is on providing best quality service and operations, driven by its own exacting standards. Orchid’s systems and processes have been developed over time to supply customers with flooring that provides better durability, suitability and style. The wide range of sectors and industries covered include: manufacturing (aviation and car production, pharmaceuticals, food & drink, chemicals and electronics) childcare & education, sports & leisure, hospitality, retail & office space, healthcare & animal welfare.


NCC is a leading materials consultant who specialises in flooring and chemical products for the construction and building industry.
Working in Partnerships with international manufacturers on an exclusive basis, NCC is able to offer solutions to specifiers and contractors, from specification stage through to material supply.

Our exclusive partnerships include:

· CONICA UK – A major Swiss manufacturer and supplier of high-performance resin flooring systems

· Atako Systems – Manufacturer of the highly chemically resistant vinyl ester coatings range ATB 300

· Emseal joint systems – designed to seal all types of construction movement and expansion joints, especially those with difficult wide and/or high movement capability expansion joints.

NCC has been established for over 40 years, and our technical team has extensive experience in the UK’s Specialist Resin Flooring market and will offer comprehensive advice and guidance on the selection and application of resin flooring systems.

Mike Thelwell Flooring Ltd

Mike Thelwell Flooring Ltd delivers high quality flooring solutions tailored to the needs of the client and its business. The company offers a full design and installation service and has a wide range of industry experience in all aspects of a new build construction, refurbishment or facility maintenance. The process is made easy and enjoyable by offering a range of systems to accommodate the budget whilst considering all the technical requirements. Mike Thelwell Flooring covers a very broad range of industrial and commercial flooring services, including – bund linings and coatings, floor preparation, floor painting and line marking, hygienic flooring and walls, specialist screed and floor repairs, as well as car park surfacing and decks. Signatory to the Halving Waste to Landfill commitment. The company employs NVQ level 2 qualified resin flooring installers and NVQ3 Occupational Works Supervisors.

Limegate Ltd

Limegate Specialist Surfacing was created with the express ambition of being the UK’s foremost specialist surfacing contractor. As a team, the company are able to draw on over 80 years’ of experience and this enables them to complete major commercial projects across the entirety of the UK as well as residential projects in Essex, Kent, London, Sussex and Surrey. They are specialists in both traditional and contemporary surfacing solutions. They can provide both asphalt and resin bound surfacing. There has been a major growth in the use of resin technology over the past few years. Both commercial and domestic customers are attracted to resin bound surfacing because of its permeability, its environmental-friendliness by being SuDS (sustainable urban drainage systems) compliant, its hardiness, its ease-of-maintenance and its ability to provide a long-standing solution to surfacing issues in a variety of finishes and decorative styles.

Kelray Ltd

KELRAY LTD offer the full package of industrial flooring, surface preparation & finishing plus all building maintenance services to industrial, commercial and domestic customers. Years of experience from working in factory maintenance together with a comprehensive knowledge of resins and surface preparation allows Kelray to provide a service that delights its customers, with careful planning disruption to the working environment is kept to the minimum and projects are completed within the agreed budget. Kelray strive to offer its customers the best service with approachable staff and an excellent after sales service. All operatives have CSCS cards. The company is CHAS Accredited, Constructionline registered, recognised by Investors in People standard in 2005 and received ConstructionSkills Business Development Award 2008. The team works well together and has intense pride in its work, ensuring that the quality promise made by KELRAY literature is kept, ‘One call solves all for total property care – the only second call would be to ask us to do the next job’.

Industrial Floor Treatments (Stone) Ltd

Industrial Floor Treatments (Stone) Ltd is a privately owned business specialising in all aspects of industrial flooring, with Managing Director Jim White having served almost forty years in the industry. We operate throughout England and install a wide variety of flooring materials, encompassing the full range of flooring products to FeRFA Classification Type 1- 8. Whilst very project is different, constant factors are our professional attitude, partnership based approach, expertise and attention to detail, enabling us to carry out our work to the highest possible standard with a minimal of downtime for our clients.

GMP Industrial Ltd

With a wealth of experience in the flooring industry, whatever your requirements may be, GMP Industrial can ensure they are met and always to the highest standards. Its attention to detail, and a policy of always having one of the company’s three directors overseeing each project, ensure client satisfaction. A portfolio of satisfied customers across the tobacco, food and drink manufacturing, pharmaceutical and other industries are a testament to GMP’s methods and ethics. Get in touch today to discuss your flooring, screeding and floor preparation needs.

Crown Flooring Ltd

Crown Flooring was formed in 1997 as a public sector call off contractor, and is now one of the largest flooring contractors in the UK with an impressive client portfolio, including central and localised Public Sector bodies, Facility Management organisations, Blue Chip companies, Main Contractors and End Users. The company has grown to encompass operational centres in London, Cheshire and Central Scotland. With a unique in-house structure which includes a specialist team of flooring consultants, its goal is to provide ‘Best Value’ flooring solutions regardless of size, scope, geography or timescale.

Zircon Flooring Ltd

With over a quarter of a century experience installing, maintaining and repairing commercial and industrial floors, Zircon are seamless resin flooring experts. We work with clients across a diverse range of businesses and sectors throughout the UK; warehouses, factories, airports, laboratories, TV Studio’s, kitchens and schools to name a few, all draw incredible practical benefits from the durability and easy maintenance provided by resin flooring. For all our clients, we have a professional team of qualified industrial flooring installers that provide high quality resin flooring solutions.

Zenith Contract Services Limited

Zenith Contract Services Limited specialise in providing resin flooring solutions to suit a wide range of applications for industrial and commercial environments. Designed to meet the most demanding requirements, our flooring systems utilise advanced materials and installation methods to provide a solution that has a modern appearance, is easy to maintain and has extreme resistance to abrasion. Accredited to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, Safe Contractor, Chas and Builders Profile., we are an approved installer of many of the UK’s leading resin flooring systems and our team of experienced flooring professionals can design bespoke systems to fulfill the most complex requirements. We have developed a unique method of design and installation that uses a layered composite design structure, working in conjunction with our sister company, ZenRite. This method not only increases strength and durability, but also allows us to optimise the selection of resin-based materials to meet the specific requirements of any floor without gaps or seams. Resin flooring can be applied in a variety of ways to suit particular tastes or a corporate brand image with a large variety of colours or textures. Whether you require a floor that is hygienic, abrasion-resistant, slip-resistant or acid resistant, or simply one that is hard wearing and decorative, we are able to provide professional expertise on the optimum solution for you.

Veitchi Industrial Flooring

Veitchi Industrial Flooring has a long established history in the industrial flooring sector and are uniquely placed to provide the right solution tailored to the customer’s specific needs. We are licensed or approved by the leading international flooring systems and materials manufacturers and have a broad experience working across all market sectors. We can install the complete flooring system from screed through to final floor finish providing one point of contact and warranty. Our experienced technical staff and long serving operatives focus on workmanship to ensure that every contract, from £500 to £1,000,000, is completed to our consistently high standards.

Ultrasyntec Ltd

With over 20 years experience, Ultrasyntec Ltd has established a reputation for excellence in the resin flooring market. The company has experience in a wide range of markets and environments with a portfolio covering applications as diverse as industrial flooring, commercial installations and sports stadia. Working with leading brand materials providing manufacturers’ guarantees of performance, Ultrasyntec specialises in the installation of polyurethane, epoxy screeds and coatings developed to ensure reliability and long term durability. The company operates through its own trained and skilled workforce to maintain optimum control over quality and finish with contracts throughout the UK.Signatory to the Halving Waste to Landfill commitmentHighly Commended FeRFA Small Project of the Year 2012/13 – Winner FeRFA Large Project of the Year 2011/12 – Winner FeRFA Contractor of the Year and Project of the Year 2006/07 / The company employs NVQ level 2 qualified resin flooring installers.

Total Protective Solutions 360 Ltd

TPS360 are one of the UK’s leading surface protection providers, specialising in the supply and installation of:

  • All types of resin flooring systems;
      • Polyurethanes
      • Epoxies
      • Fast cure MMA
      • Self-smoothing
  • Drainage systems,  coving and kerbs;
  • Cold stores;
  • Hygienic wall and floor finishes;
  • Food safe floor finishes;
  • Chemical resistant systems;
  • Antistatic conductive flooring;
  • Comfort floor systems;
  • Polished concrete, pump applied and decorative and overlayment screeds;
  • Surface preparation – we use our HTC diamond grinding equipment to remove surface coatings such as epoxy, paint, carpets, carpet adhesive, self-levelling compound and surface laitance, and smooth rough or uneven floors
  • Industrial painting and specialist coatings – including decorative heavy duty – light duty thin section specialist coatings;
  • SBR Polymer screed and thin section screed;
  • Car park decking/coatings and exposed deck waterproofing;
  • Seamless terrazzo.

Accredited members of:

  • Safe Contractor SSIP (SL5880)
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 9001
  • FeRFA (The Resin Flooring Society)
  • Constructionline GOLD (90636)
  • Builders Profile (37478)
  • Acclaim SSIP

Top Team UK Ltd

We are a specialist flooring contractors with over 30 years’ experience involved in the installation of industrial flooring systems, which range from resin based coatings, self-levelling/smoothing systems and screeds. In 2008/09 Top Team UK Ltd were awarded the prestigious “flooring project of the year award” by FeRFA, the resin flooring association. Our typical client list includes a large number of companies involved in the food production and processing industries, pharmaceutical/chemical facilities, warehousing/ditribution to engineering and assembly plants. We are capable of carrying out a high standard of work from minor to major flooring repairs, through to the installation of new floors.

The Preparation Group

For Surface Removal, Surface Preparation, polishing, cleaning and maintenance, we are the “One Stop Shop”. Whether you want to buy, lease, or hire equipment, require accessories and spares for the equipment you own, want a specialist contractor to project manage and complete work on your behalf, we have the expertise and resources. We also offer technical support and extensive range of Training Courses delivered in our unique Training facility onsite, or at your premises.

For over 30 years The Preparation Group has been supplying and providing innovative solutions and technical guidance to FeRFA “The resin flooring association” and its members, providing cost effective products or services designed to meet particular needs of our specialist industry sector. We are proudly members of “Made in Britain” manufacturing Shotblasters, Grinders, Planers, Mixers and Dust Extractors locally, reducing our carbon footprint and supporting local specialist trades. We have extensive stocks for next day delivery in the UK. The Preparation Group support the aims and objectives of FeRFA and offer technical guidance, project specifications, site surveys, quotations and project management for FeRFA members and prospective clients. We provide honest, accurate solutions to suit your specific project needs.

The Preparation Group are the “One Stop Shop” for Surface Preparation, Polishing, Cleaning, Maintenance, Repairs and Servicing of all brands, Contracting, Lease or Hire of services, Training and Technical Guidance or Advice.

Accredited members of:

  • FeRFA (The Resin Flooring Association)
  • CFA (The Contract Flooring Association)
  • HAE (Hire Association Europe)
  • Safe Hire Certification Scheme
  • ARCA (Asbestos Removal Contractors Association)
  • Build UK
  • ConstructionOnline Gold
  • CHAS
  • Made In Britain

The National Flooring Company Ltd

The National Flooring Company Ltd is a recognised professional in the installation of resin based flooring solutions. Having worked in a vast range of sectors using various flooring products we can provide experienced advice to help solve any flooring problem. From initial consultation through to installation we provide solutions that are designed to meet your exact needs including subfloor removal, reinstatement of subfloors, resin flooring solutions, line marking and drainage. We have extensive experience within a wide range of industries and can provide technical support and advice from small repairs to large development/refurbishment projects.

Surtech Ltd

Surtech Flooring was formed in 1989 by the present Directors, we supply a vast range of resin flooring systems to accommodate all commercial and industrial needs. We offer a complete service from free-of-charge site surveys and quotations to full installation of the systems by our own directly employed, fully qualified staff. We are approved contractors for the UK’s leading resin manufacturers and have been a member of FeRFA since 1995. We have worked successfully with many clients from large blue chip companies and construction firms to smaller companies and private clients. We are CHAS and Constructionline approved contractors.

Surface Systems Ltd

Surface Systems Ltd has been established for over 15 years in the resin flooring business. We have an enviable portfolio of more than 2,000 completed projects with satisfied local, regional, national and international clients. We have a tremendous amount of experience in providing resin floors and their ancillary systems such as drainage, wall coatings and lane markings in a wide range of industries, markets and applications.

Star Uretech

Star Uretech are formulators, manufacturers and suppliers of resin bound and bonded surfacing. Our in-depth knowledge of polyurethane chemistry ensures we are the technical experts when it comes to the use of high performance decorative resin systems. We are also the UK’s largest manufacturer of access flooring adhesives and inventors of the UK’s first single component pedestal adhesive. Our award winning, BBA, HAPAS approved high friction surfacing and permanent pothole repair systems have also secured our position as a market leader in the highways surfacing and repair sectors. We are always happy to help so please contact us.


Redefining Interior Spaces: Bespoke poured resin floor and hand-applied wall finishes, available in any colour with limitless design possibilities.

Sika Ltd

Sika Limited, part of the global Sika Group, specialises in the manufacture and supply of a wide range of state-of-the-art flooring products to the construction industry. Pioneers of a fully integrated service Sika provides clients and specifiers with the highest standards of manufacturing, along with renowned technical advice and guidance on site to meet the British Standard code of practice BS8204-6. Sika manufactures an innovative range of fast curing screeds and floor finishes for both industrial and commercial environments taking into account design life and sustainability, operational requirements, surface preparation and construction joints. Additionally Sika is the world leader of Electro Static Dissipative and Electro Conductive Flooring technology. Sika’s quality products comply with all regulations and standards, e.g. REACH, ISO 9001 and 14001, AgBB, CE_MARKING, M1, CSM, etc.

Signature Resin Floors Ltd

Signature Resin Floors Ltd offer a complete resin flooring installation service from the initial concept through to conclusion of the project. Where required, we can create bespoke flooring solutions and we provide excellent customer service and attention to detail. Working across all industry sectors, we cover a broad range of resin systems with particular expertise in heavy duty trowel applied systems. We liaise closely with all clients to ensure we meet their specifications and their budget and timescales too. Alongside our nationwide service, we also offer all clients a free no obligation quotation and site survey.


Ranked No.1 coatings company in the globe, Sherwin-Williams manufactures and supplies high performance protective coatings to a vast number of industries. It provides resin flooring solutions with its ELLADUR®, FASTOP®, RESUTHANE®, RESUCOAT® and other resin solutions. Its innovative portfolio of asset protection tools includes protective coatings, tank linings, high temperature and under insulation coatings, passive fire and cryogenic spill protection and piepline coatings. For over 150 years, Sherwin-Williams has been committed to developing and delivering innovative solutions, unparalleled service and expert specification support to its customers.

  • Founded 1866
  • More than 60,000 employees in over 120 countries
  • The inventor of the paint roller, aerosol spray and many other innovations

Ryebrook Resins Flooring Ltd

Established 30 years ago, Ryebrook Resins Flooring Ltd installs, not only our own resins, but also those produced by other key resin flooring manufacturers. This enables us to offer clients a range of resin flooring solutions to suit their requirements. Working with specifiers and main contractors, we focus on the seamless resin flooring solutions for the industrial and commercial sectors.

Respol Ltd

RESPOL is a family owned business that has been delivering total commitment to its customers for more than three decades. During that time, RESPOL has developed and maintained a reputation for outstanding service and innovative methods in the field of technically advanced flooring solutions. We are a flexible single source supplier of flooring systems, designed to perform to the highest standards and provide years of cost-effective service in the most demanding environments.

Resin Surface Installations Ltd

Resin Surface Installations Ltd is a resin flooring and polished concrete contractor, based in the northwest but operating nationwide and overseas. The workforce is a highly experienced and conscientious team who always put the customer first. RSIL aims to deliver every project on time, within budget and specification. The company specialises in polished finishes including seamless epoxy terrazzo flooring and precast terrazzo, polished concrete and polished cement toppings. Other services include high build coatings, self-smoothing screeds, medium duty decorative indoor and outdoor finishes and heavy duty polyurethane screeds and profile work.

The Resin Flooring Specialist Ltd

Resin Flooring Specialists are one of the UK’s leading resin flooring installers. Based in Kent, and working througout London and the South of England, we work alongside the UK’s largest construction companies, as well as working direct for clients across a wide range of industry sectors. We pride ourselves on delivering our clients with the right floor for the right environment. Mindful of slip resistance, cleaning, performance and aesthetics, RFS will have a solution to your flooring needs from our wide range of products. The products we install include Epoxy Floor Sealers and Coatings, Polyurethane Screeds, Self Smoothing Resins and Quartz Screeds. We also install a range of Levelling Screeds and Polymer Screeds. And should you require a fast track solution we install fast curing Methyl Methacrylate resin systems.

Resin Coating Specialists (RCS) Ltd

Resin Coating Specialists (RCS) has over 30 years experience in the industrial flooring sector and prides itself on an ability to provide quality products, competitively priced with exceptional service. Flooring solutions are customised to meet the specification, budget and timescales required by clients. RCS provides a project management team to see the job through from start to completion to ensure all the agreed requirements are met. With a directly employed skilled workforce and CHAS registration, RCS is able to meet its committment to the total satisfaction of clients. Highly Commended for Small Industrial Project at the FeRFA Awards 2016.

Reprotec UK Ltd

Reprotec, an award-winning market leader, provides resin flooring and bespoke coatings for the repair and protection of the fabric of buildings and structures, including floors; walls; ceilings; roofs; storage tanks; bunds and other industrial vessels. Reprotec is a licensed waste carrier, committed to waste management and environmental sustainability, including recycling and landfill avoidance. Established in 1988, Reprotec employs a fully trained and skilled workforce operating nationwide within all industrial sectors, providing a ‘one-stop-shop’ for the entire surface protection process.

Remmers (UK) Ltd

Remmers UK are a premier manufacturer of a specialist resin flooring for the industrial and commercial floor protection sectors. Our diverse and versatile products and systems are detailed and designed to meet the exacting standards of our clients and provide the best soltutions for almost any substrate in the most demanding environments. Manufactured in Germany, Remmers flooring is renowned as being of the highest quality and we have built a reputation for excellent technical expertise to satisfy an ever increasing list of end clients. Winners of FeRFA Small Commercial Project of the Year 2017/Large Industrial Project of the Year 2016/Small Project of the Year 2015/Large Project of the Year 2012/2013 and Project of the Year 2008/2009.

Quest Industrial Flooring Ltd

Quest Industrial Flooring Ltd are based in Cheshire and have over 30 years experience in the flooring industry. With our extensive knowledge and highly trained workforce, we are able to provide suitable flooring solutions for all projects.

Quattro Contracting (Penrith) Ltd

Quattro has been specifying and installing quality resin flooring systems since 1986, bringing professional, reliable and expert flooring solutions to industry across the UK. Since its inception the company has focussed on providing a quality service with the accent on achieving excellence in all areas. Installation work is carried out by established, skilled teams, employed by Quattro and fully trained in the methods and materials they use. Investment in specialist installation and finishing equipment enable the company to maintain total quality control over all installation processes. Customer care is a priority at all stages of the project. Quattro offers a free, no obligation site survey followed by preparation and specification detail packages. All projects are managed and completed by Quattro personnel, with individual follow up to ensure stringent levels of quality and performance have been achieved.Signatory to the Halving Waste to Landfill commitmentThe company employs NVQ level 2 qualified resin flooring installers.

Q Flooring Systems Ltd

Q Flooring Systems Ltd supply and install all forms of resin flooring throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. Operational for over 20 years our own in house installation teams have a wealth of experience from epoxy coatings to heavy duty resin flooring. We also have dedicated teams that specialise in 2 hour fast curing MMA resins and have developed lasting relationships with major retailers in this sector. Q Flooring Systems is totally independent and therefore able to offer clients the advantage of unbiased advice and product selection. Q Flooring Systems is committed to safe working practices and are Safecontractor and Constructionline accredited.

Monarch Flooring Services Limited

Monarch Flooring Services Limited was established in 1995 and has grown to be one of the UK’s leading applicators of seamless resin flooring. With an extensive record of successful applications and an impressive portfolio of clients, the company offers a nationwide, competitive and complete flooring installation service to suit all requirements. We install floors ranging from heavy-duty industrial systems to decorative finishes in a commercial setting.

Our specialist flooring systems include;

Our resin flooring systems are suited to Automotive & Transport, Aviation & Aerospace, Car Park Decking, Commercial, Education, Food & Drink, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical, Leisure & Retail and Manufacturing & Warehousing sectors.

We also have our own range of specially designed resin products;

Epoxy Resin

  • Monarcoat 720 – high quality, durable and dust-free coating (suited to manufacturing, food and drink, pharmaceutical sectors etc.)
  • Monarcoat 700 – line marking resin
  • Monarflake – decorative resin system
  • Monarquartz – decorative resin system
  • Monargrip – our anti-slip flooring system (2mm and 4mm variations)
  • Monarflow – self-levelling / self-smoothing coating
  • Monarseal 322 – high performance, water dispersible epoxy coating
  • Monardeck – car park resin system
  • Monarch Cemflow –  industrial floor topping designed to upgrade existing internal floor

Polyurethane Resin Systems

  • Monarthane – heavy duty polyurethane floor screed, resistant to chemical attack and withstands forklift truck movement
  • Monarcoat 500 – flexible high build polyurethane floor coating, medium duty
  • Monarflow PU – water-based polyurethane self-smoothing/self-levelling resin floor screed
  • Monarflow PU AS – anti-static resin system
  • Monarcoat Rapid/Rapid Ultra – fast-curing resin systems (perfect for busy environments or busy areas such as stairways)
  • Monarcove – heavy duty polyurethane resin wall render and skirting for durable wall/floor junction, or all vertical applications

You can find out more about each individual product through our website

We produce high-quality resin flooring systems UK wide and offer FREE TECHNICAL ADVICE and SITE SURVEYS to help you to decide which resin coating is suited to your needs.

Get in touch on 01246 412 222 to speak to a member of our technical team, arrange a site visit or find out more.

Milestone Industrial Flooring Ltd

Milestone Industrial Flooring are a nationwide resin flooring contractor based in Pontefract, West Yorkshire with over 30 years’ experience installing a wide range of resin flooring systems including Epoxy Resin systems, Polyurethane systems, Methyl Methacrylate ‘MMA’ as well as Polished Concrete finishes, Bespoke stainless-steel drainage and concrete screeds to falls. We are a certified licenced installer of Flowcrete Ltd products and work closely with Flowcrete in testing of new products. Milestone specialise in refurbishment projects providing fast turnaround resin systems minimising the clients downtime allowing them to be back up and running with the minimum disruption to their business.

McLoughlin Industrial Flooring Limited

McLoughlin Industrial Flooring Limited is one of Ireland’s leading industrial flooring and corrosion protection contractors specializing in the installation of resin flooring, CRC linings and high performance wall systems. All of our employees are members of a trade union and the CIF pension scheme. All employees have received FÁS Safepass/CSCS training and instruction in Confined Space, Manual Handling techniques and Abrasive Wheel use. Continuous product development is facilitated through on-going interaction on site with Technical Service representatives from our strategic partners. McLoughlin Industrial Flooring Limited is fuly CAS compliant. As a company, we focus on large industrial, commercial and mainteance contracts throughout Ireland, the UK and mainland Europe. All of our operatives are directly employed, we do not sub-contract any element of our works and have a skilled workforce proficient in the installation of the various resin flooring systems avaliable on the market. We also have a large selection of specialist plant and equipment requiredfor such applications and this enables us to project manage and schedule all aspects of the installation, including surface preparation. Our range of specialist services include, Resin Flooring, Car Park Renovations, CRC Linings, Surface Preparation, Rapid Setting Polyurea Installations, High Performance Wall Systems. With an experienced management team, we are ideally placed to offer guidance and advice to help you get the best product to meet performance, appearance and budget requirements for your company. At McLoughlin Industrial Flooring Limited we provide: -Independent expert advice based on years of practical hands-on experience, using only tried and tested products from leading international manufacturers. -Full project management from our first meeting to completion of the installation, thereby minimising downtime and disruption to our business. -In-house, directly employed, skilled workforce ensuring quality control, health and safety compliance and immediate customer service. -Availability to work throughout Europe ensuring we respond to your requirements wherever they might be. -Turnkey solutions including general contractor management services and responsibilites. -Experience of successful completion of large, high performance flooring projects in Ireland, Europe and the UK.

McDaid Screeding Services Ltd

We are a professional screeding and resin solutions business established in 2001, operating as a family business located in Slip End, Luton, Bedfordshire. Our extensive years of research, development and practical experience has resulted in us being able to meet todays demanding deadlines. From specialist screeds such as Isocrete K Screed, Granolithic and SBR to the traditional, sand and cement screed. We have the skills and knowledge to provide you with the service you require.

Mapei UK Ltd

Founded in 1937 in Milan, Mapei today is the worlds largest producer of chemicals for the building industry. The Mapei Group cemented its commitments to the UK market over 28 years ago, making the UK HQ the 17th manufacturing plant worldwide. Manufacturing facilities at Halesowen are capable of producting 103,000 tons of product annually. Over 50 products SKI’s are manufactured in the UK at the 24 hour operational site, employing over 245 members of staff to provid support and assistance to an ever increasing customer base of more than 700.

Kemtile Ltd

When it comes to specialist hygienic flooring and drainage for the food and beverage industries, there are few companies that match Kemtile’s expertise. Trusted by manufacturers large and small since 1979, Kemtile has earned an enviable reputation for its workmanship, customer service and on-time, every time project delivery. By selecting the most suitable materials – and controlling installation with its own highly trained teams – the company ensures a flooring and drainage solution to withstand all the food safety and hygiene demands. The result? Complete satisfaction and maximum possible design life with minimal disruption for the customer.

KDH Projects Ltd

KDH are a family-owned company with values of quality and added value for our clients. As an ethically responsible employer, we invest in our people and with direct labour exclusive KDH flooring professionals. A multi-discipline company who work exclusively to service the construction needs of the food industry. With offices throughout England and Scotland KDH are able to provide full nationwide coverage. Flooring and drainage projects are completed with full design to meet client specific specifications. KDH exclusive use of Foodcrete, Foodcrete rapid and Foodcrete Ion defender (Ciocote) for hygienic, high performance anti slip flooring as well as decorative finishes provide a full spectrum of potential flooring finishes.

John Lord & Son (Rizistal) Ltd

John L Lord & Son (Rizistal) Ltd is widely renowned as the UK’s only manufacturer and installer of resin flooring systems. Established in 1901, our family owned business has oer 110 years’ experience within the Resin Flooring, Industrial Flooring and Commercial Flooring sectors, and over this period has grown to become one of the largest flooring contractors in Europe. Working across many industries, a floor project doesnt end with supplying the right product. Responsibility for the complete flooring projects starts and finishes with John Lord, from substrate preparation, to installing the finished floor through to after care service; John Lord Total Responsibility means you have a total piece of mind.

IRL Group Limited

IRL offer a comprehensive range of services, every project is different but what is the same every time is IRL’s expertise and attention to detail, enabling us to carry out our work to the highest possible standard with a minimal of upheaval for our clients. Our workforce is the key to our success, our management team are always quick to respond, extremely technically aware, proactive, professional and flexible. We are fortunate to work with all the leading materials manufacturers which means we have the freedom to search across the board to ensure our clients always have the best specification tailored to their individual requirements. Signatory to the Zero Waste to Landfill commitment. The company employs NVQ2 qualified resin flooring installers. Winner FeRFA Member of the Year & Large Industrial Project 2015/16, Small Project 2011/12, FeRFA Contractor of the Year 2010/11.

Integrated Flooring Technologies

IFT provides a comprehensive range of flooring systems and installation services for industrial and commercial clients across Scotland and the North of England. With offices in East Kilbride and Bishop Auckland, we have extensive experience working with main contractors, project managers and architects, as well as small to medium sized companies and end-user clients and provide the following services: Floor Screeds and Levelling, Resin Flooring, Industrial Flooring, Food Safe Flooring, Car Park Decking Systems, Raised Access Flooring, Underfloor Heating, Hygienic Wall Cladding

GSB Surface Preparation Ltd

We specialise in surface preparation works prior to commercial floor covering, highway resurfacing, runway and taxiway resurfacing and bridge deck rehabilitation and using our road planers we also specialise in road surfacing removal, ceramic tile removal, foot path and driveway preparation, Anti-skid, road marking removal and slot cutting nationwide. We work throughout the year inside and outside in a variety of situations such as factory flooring, supermarkets, shops and warehouses. We pride ourselves on working closely with all or customers including architects, local authorities and contractors to minimise disruption to both business and the public.