New factory flooring in food manufacturing

Fusco Foods is a family business tracing its roots back to 1968. Lasercroft was selected to provide advice and guidance on a resin flooring solution for a new factory in Whitby, North Yorkshire.

Following an initial discussion and several drawings and alterations, Lasercroft worked out how to lay the facility to falls to ensure a free-draining floor. Once building commenced we carried out site surveys of the factory, entrance foyer and staircase, we recommended the high endurance Pumadur HF product for their main production areas to suit their hygiene and durability requirements. To enhance the appearance of the entrance and staircase and to provide a wow factor for visitors, we recommended the Glitterati PAS system.

The implementation process for the main factory included scabbling the new concrete to provide a suitable key. Any cracks were chased out, cleaned, and thoroughly vacuumed, ready for the application of reinforced pro mesh. The mesh was then bedded with a skim of modified epoxy resin to bring a ‘belt and braces’ factor to the new system and reduce the risk of any future problems. A polymer modified screed was laid to our suggested falls to ensure water drained throughout to the new channels.

After the screed cured for approximately 48 hours, we applied a 6mm Pumadur HF Polyurethane Resin to approximately 500m2. Rooms were finished off with 100mm high Pumadur WR coved skirtings to the perimeter walls and expansion joints installed where needed.

The final process included grinding down the existing screed and applying the Resdev Glitterati system in the entrance/reception foyer and staircase area.

‘Lasercroft has recently completed the resin floor of our new factory unit, which features many gradient floors that include several drainage systems. Before work, Lasercroft offered guidance, pre-planning advice and various solutions for the different features within our floor. The project was completed on time and budget to a high standard with a great team. We would highly recommend them.’  Raymond Fusco