Since 2005 we have been looking at what we do, how we do it and if we can change and improve any element. 

In July 2020, we started the research into using alternative materials for the use in Resin Flooring. We researched many materials to ensure once the material was sourced, we could maintain a supply. 

Not only did we find a material, but it also ticked so many boxes, being plastic was a major plus. The plastic we use is white which ensures it does not change the colour of the base resin option. 

Our plastics are made up from various plastic components such as light switches, conduit, and toilet seats to name a few. The plastics we processed to use the materials in processes, however, we use the finer grades otherwise destined for landfill. 

We use the Abaplas recycled white plastic filler for various applications, from a scratch coat to a filler for a resin screed when repairing a floor. We have also used it as a 1mm-2mm self-smoother when applying a resin coating as the final coat. We were the first company in the World to use an alternative material in resin flooring. We welcome enquires through our Abaplas Recycling Limited. 

We will continue to research and develop the use of alternative materials within many applications such as tile adhesive, flooring screeds, cement-based levelling screeds to name a few. 

Proudly winning 2 awards at the FeRFA Awards does prove to us that we are making a difference. We proudly won a Gold Award at the Environmental Awards at the Houses of Parliament. 

If you want to look into an alternative to aggregates, please contact us on 01530 432790 or you can email: nick@abacusflooringsolutions.co.uk or admin@abacusflooringsolutions.co.uk 

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