Keeping it clean

Go back to basics for best resin flooring performance

By Jeremy Waterhouse, Flooring Product Manager, Sherwin-Williams

Developments in flooring are progressing at a rapid pace, now delivering anti-microbial benefits which dramatically reduce the risk of bacterial surface growth. However, in the food and beverage industry this should be taken as an additional benefit and not as a substitute for good practices, including a regular cleaning regime. This article provides a thorough assessment of what these good practices should be.

Installing the correct surface is key

A key part of the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) principles that food businesses must adhere to is cleanability – meaning installing industrial flooring which is balanced between being non-slip and easy to clean.

When planning the cleaning regime and techniques for a manufacturing plant or warehouse, there are key points to consider: from the specification of flooring types at installation stage through to the chemicals and equipment used in the cleaning process.

Resin floors are formed from a range of base polymers, including epoxy and polyurethane, and are supplied in a wide range of finishes which can be tailored to the needs of the end user. One frequent issue with a resin floor is the balance between slip resistance and cleanability. Some flooring solutions with built-in aggregate, which reduce the potential for slipping, can also require more intensive and abrasive cleaning techniques. Similarly, a matt finish will require more thorough cleaning than a gloss finish due to the former’s micro texture.

The appropriate cleaning regime is determined by several factors, and the best practice is to discuss these needs with an applicator and resin manufacturer as part of the specification process, as well as carry out localised cleaning trials in non-visible areas before treating the entire surface.

Soft or medium bristles recommended

Similarly, consideration must be given to the cleaning equipment and products that will work best to ensure resin surfaces can remain hygienic. The original scrubbing brush technique or mops and buckets have been left behind by mechanically driven machines with pads or brushes. Think about the choice of bristle rigidity paramount to balancing thorough cleaning with protecting the integrity of the flooring.

At Sherwin-Williams, our experts generally recommend soft to medium bristle brushes, as these work well on most surfaces. However, best practice is to only use brushes which follow the profile of a resin floor. In very coarse systems, the use of a pressure washer and potentially steam cleaning can be an effective preferable method of removing the soiling. This option should only be used on resin flooring systems which have been suitably specified and installed to withstand such processes.

Sherwin-Williams has formulated a range of resin flooring and maintenance cleaning products using natural and ecologically sound materials, which contain no caustic alkalis, harmful solvents or aggressive biocides. They are safe in use and have a superior environmental profile. Selecting the correct cleaning materials for your flooring can substantially help to break down the soiling and lift it from the floor surface, provided it is applied correctly and allowed to work on the surface for a defined period before being washed away.

Resistant to attack from sugars and acids

Great care must also be taken to ensure the correct flooring system is chosen with regards to the cleaning chemicals and residual sugars, particularly in the food and beverage industry. Sugars and acids can act very corrosively with epoxy flooring. Similarly, factories which undertake a Clean-In-Place regime which involves cleaning interior equipment and fittings with corrosive acids and sodas and then washing them away with hot water can find it has a potentially fatal effect on epoxy flooring systems.

In these scenarios, the FasTop™ flooring range by Sherwin-Williams, including FasTop RS69 and FasTop TG69, provides the best performance in terms of chemical resistance, hygiene, cleanability and slip resistance.

FasTop product range offers multiple hygiene benefits

FasTop, the HACCP-certified, food-safe resin flooring polyurethane screed range from Sherwin-Williams, offers considerable (and in some cases unique) benefits to food and drink manufacturers. The backbone of its polymer chemistry includes natural resins extracted from plant sources as well as synthetic resins with a Campden BRI certification for non-taint properties and HACCP’s food safety validation. Recently, the FasTop range became available in a new innovative packaging concept where the resin components are supplied to site in pouches instead of buckets, contributing to a much cleaner job site and reducing the amount of waste generated in the installation phase. The pouches use less than one-fifth of the weight of plastic used for plastic buckets with this product. As a result, twice as much product can now be delivered on each pallet, with empty pouches taking up 40 times less space compared to used buckets. This means reduced waste from packaging, which makes waste disposal more economical.

Such sustainability and safety enablers add to a combination of other features that positively impact both installation and service phases of its life cycle. The industry-leading range has been formulated to allow installation in a single application which cures in a matter of hours using the above-mentioned innovative and sustainable cementitious urethane resin technology. The long-term protection it provides is anchored in its self-sealing, self-levelling and slip-resistant properties with tolerance to steam cleaning, boiling water and process liquids up to 120°C and down to -40°C for freezer temperatures.

Provided with a range of optional primers and topcoats that further enhance the ability to adapt the systems to different technical and aesthetical demands, FasTop solutions are ideal for use in a wide range of industries, from food and beverage preparation, processing and handling premises to pharmaceutical and chemical plant processing and heavy-duty plant and traffic areas.

For expert advice on optimal flooring solutions for your food and beverage facility, or cleaning your resin flooring, contact the Sherwin-Williams team today.

The Preparation Group – Launch of the Worst SubFloor Awards

As surface preparation contractors, The Preparation Group thinks it has seen it all, but is inviting Flooring Contractors, Installers and Material Manufacturers to submit the worst subfloors they come across and how they turned them around. Says Lesley Collins, BDM; ‘We have launched the UK’s first Worst Subfloor Awards to showcase the best examples of what can be achieved, when all looks initially dire!  You know the projects. The ones where you hang your head and think, what on earth do I do now? We are after a picture of the offending subfloor before it has been tackled via mechanical or chemical preparation, maybe even both, and a picture of the wonderful transformation at the end. We are posting updates across our social media platforms. Entry forms are available by emailing – you’ve got to be in it, to win it!’

The top prize is a full day course in The Preparation Group’s Training School on ‘An Introduction to Mechanical Surface Preparation’ tailored around the winner’s needs, for up to five staff. Entries must be submitted by 31st October 2020, ready for judging in November. The company will be looking at the severity of the subfloor’s condition and the quality of the finished floor.

01522 561460

The Resin Mill makes top 100 list for the fastest growing companies in the UK

FeRFA member and specialist resin bound supplier, The Resin Mill, has been ranked 56th in The Sunday Times Virgin Atlantic Fast Track 100, a league table that ranks Britain’s 100 private companies with the fastest-growing sales over their last three years.

FeRFA member and specialist resin bound supplier, The Resin Mill, has been ranked 56th in The Sunday Times Virgin Atlantic Fast Track 100, a league table that ranks Britain’s 100 private companies with the fastest-growing sales over their last three years. The league table is compiled by Fast Track and published in The Sunday Times each December, with an awards ceremony at the Branson family home in May next year.

Scott Haley, Operations Director states: ‘It came as a complete surprise that we would be included in this years fast track 100 but we are delighted that we made the list. All the hard work of our staff over the last few years had helped push the company to where it is today and I couldn’t be prouder of our achievements. Our future couldn’t look brighter and as we look forward into expanding the company and taking on more employees it should help our thriving local economy. This is an exciting time for us all.’

The Resin Mill was founded by Jason Wainwright and Scott Haley in 2015 and specialises in supplying quality resin bound materials to contractors, councils and multi-national companies all over the UK. Their School of Resin training academy leads the way in educating newcomers to the industry.


A high-profile project, for which Sika supplied the quality flooring solution, has collected a prized industry accolade.

Sika, in collaboration with Zircon Flooring, achieved a ‘Highly Commended’ status in the Large Commercial Project of the Year category at this year’s FeRFA resin flooring association awards. The triumph commemorated the companies’ joint delivery of a super-flat, seamless floor refurbishment at ITV’s Leeds-based studio where the popular soap Emmerdale is filmed.

Pete Hollingworth at Sika said: “What fantastic news. The ITV project was a model collaborative effort between Sika and Zircon Flooring. To have our efforts recognised at the FeRFA awards, which celebrate the very finest in resin flooring, is a tribute to the expertise and diligence of all those involved. We were up against strong competition from entrants across the UK in the large commercial category, which makes our Highly Commended award particularly noteworthy.”

The FeRFA awards celebrate the workmanship, diversity, innovation and commitment to quality and training shown by its 130-plus members. This year’s winners were announced at a ceremony in Nottingham, which also commemorated FeRFA’s 50th year as the ‘voice of the resin industry’.

For the ITV studio floor refurbishment, Zircon installed Sikafloor® MultiDur ES-24 ECF across a 788m2 surface area. A proven system for TV studio/media projects on account of its protective, electrostatic conductive self-smoothing properties, Sikafloor® MultiDur ES-24 ECF ensured the new surface achieved the required floor tolerance of +/- 1mm over a 3-metre straight edge, which is a requirement for HD and the new 4K filming.

Pete at Sika added: “Sika’s culture of innovation also deserves credit for this latest FeRFA award. It means we have a product-based solution to suit a range of complex flooring requirements.”

Individuals  on the picture from left to right:
Mark Spowage (CEO FeRFA),
Harald Maul from Dorfner (Sponsor)
Jami from Innoveo (Sponsor).
Murray MacQueen (Sika)
Tony Ledger (Zircon Flooring)
Keelan Draper  (Zircon Flooring)
Stewart Draper (Zircon Flooring)
Bill Woodham (Sika Ltd)
Reverend Richard Coles (Event Host)

John Holmes wins FeRFA Award

John Holmes, MD of Reprotec Group, has won the prestigious award for ‘Outstanding Contribution’ to FeRFA (Federation of Resin Flooring Association), the national body representing the Resin Flooring sector.

John was presented with his award at a glittering ceremony held in Nottingham on Friday 29 November and it was made extra special in that FeRFA was also celebrating its 50 Anniversary!

Reprotec was established in 1988 and John’s involvement with FeRFA spans more than 20 years.  John working alongside a select band of Industry experts, John was instrumental in bringing together manufacturers and contractors to introduce technical quality standards and to design the training, validation and implementation of the very first NVQ Level 2 Resin Flooring Apprenticeship qualifications. 

He has been a driving force for technological advancement and expansion of the range of qualifications in the resin flooring industry via FeRFA and by leading the way in best practice.

John said: “I am proud of the fact that back in 2007 five of our employees gained the very first NVQ Level-2 qualification and were part of the first cohort of 19 to do so nationally, and that those same employees continue to work at Reprotec today and have progressed in their careers.  More recently, one of the original cohort achieved NVQ Level 6 through the FeRFA Contracts Management Pilot-Scheme.  He is now ‘Head of Operations’ and an excellent role-model for advancement within the Industry.” It is no surprise that Reprotec has held ‘Investor in People’ award since 2006.

John’s philosophy is not to ‘sell’ services and products, but to ‘educate’ customers about resin applications and as part of this, his other passion of environmental sustainability was acknowledged by the award.  This includes working with reputable suppliers to promote environmentally sustainable products in line with all standards and integrating his ‘Green Theme’ throughout his company. His environmentally sustainable conscience and continual improvements are at the forefront of his passion for Resin Flooring, opening up opportunities within new market sectors.

John said: “It’s been a great year.  We started the year by winning NEPIC ‘SME of the Year 2019’ and ended the year with the FeRFA ‘Outstanding Contribution’ Award. It is a privilege to gain awards however to be recognised by ones’ peers within your own profession makes it extra special. I am delighted to accept the award but behind every achievement there is a team effort, and I would like to thank Team Reprotec for their hard work and support.”


Sika Schönox HS 50, Sika’s innovative hybrid levelling screed, has been shortlisted for a coveted industry award.

The low-stress compound, which is ready for vinyl application in just 48-hours, is among finalists in this year’s Tomorrow’s Contract Floors Awards.  The contest celebrates the most innovative products and services in the flooring industry. Sika Schönox HS 50 has been shortlisted, with the winner being decided by an online vote which opens in January.

 Pete Hollingworth, Business Unit Manager at Sika Flooring, said: “This is extremely exciting news about a very exciting product. Schönox HS 50 represents genuine innovation. It speeds-up the flooring process without compromising quality. We believe our product is ‘next level’ as far as floor technology is concerned; the judges of this revered industry award would appear to agree. We are very proud to hear of its nomination.”

Containing Patented Active Dry Technology, Schönox HS 50 combines the flow-ability and surface finish of a calcium sulphate screed whilst possessing the rapid-curing properties of cement-based systems. Largely unaffected by humidity and temperature, Sika Schönox HS-50 allows for applications in the summer and winter months without curing issues.

In terms of industry accreditation, Schönox HS 50 is marked as EC 1PLUS R and fulfils the Blue Angel criteria for its environmentally-friendly credentials. It is also classified to EN 13813 as CA-C35-F10.


Kemtile – the flooring and drainage specialist to the food and drink manufacturing sector – is celebrating its 40th anniversary this month.

Formed in autumn 1979, the size and success of the Cheshire-based company has consistently grown over four decades in terms of size, capabilities and customer base.

Starting as a three-person team, Kemtile was acquired by US-based RPM Performance Coatings Group a year ago. It is now a division of its industrial brand, Stonhard, which provides a range of products and services to various markets in more than 65 countries across the globe.

Kemtile clients include Princes, Kellogg’s, Unilever, Heinz, 2 Sisters Food Group, Cargill and Moy Park.

The company recently relocated its head office team into a larger, fully renovated and newly refurbished premises on the same business park that it has always occupied.

This increased its workspace by a third, which is now filled, in part, by the Stonhard UK team after moving its national headquarters from Hampshire to Warrington during the summer – bringing the company’s full staff headcount to 60.

Jamie Cook, Operations Director of Kemtile, said: “We are, of course, delighted to celebrate such a milestone and I’m very proud of our growth and successes during the last four decades.

“From rather humble beginnings, our experience, expertise and attention to detail has earned us an enviable reputation amongst food and drink manufacturing companies and pharmaceutical processors.

“I took over the company with my co-director, Stephen Westley, back in 1998. Since then, we’ve worked with lots of leading brands – as well as many smaller players – and have become a hygienic flooring supplier of choice.

“Our acquisition reaffirms our success and will help us to realise our strategic growth plans for the future. It’s certainly an exciting time for Kemtile – and the wider Stonhard and the RPM Performance Coatings Group – and we’re very much looking forward to what’s still to come.”

For further information visit

CONICA announces new UK dedicated website

After many months in development, CONICA is excited to announce that the brand new UK website is now live.

CONICA develops, manufactures and supplies an extensive range of surfacing solutions for the playground, sports, landscaping and resin flooring markets.

Established in 1977, Conica’s experience and expertise is extensive, it offers outstanding technical expertise, exceptional product quality and comprehensive customer service.

With manufacturing facilities in the UK and Switzerland, CONICA can deliver tailored solutions to meet a wide range of customer requirements.

From individual product components, such as PU and epoxy resins, EPDM and recycled tyre granules that are fully compatible with one another, to complete surfacing solutions, clients can choose from an outstanding range.

The new website has been designed to be bright, easy to use and full of relevant and useful information.  It provides a dedicated platform for delivery of information that relates specifically to the UK, where some key elements of the product range are unique.

Visit the new website now at

For more information or to get in touch email or call 01636 642 460

CONICA – surfacing solutions for an active world.


Murray MacQueen has joined Target Market Flooring’s specialist team as Area Technical Manager for North-East England and Scotland.

This new challenge will see Murray working with contractors, architects and engineers on specification projects that include Sika screed and Sika resin coating solutions for industrial and commercial projects including car parks and deck finishes.

Prior to his appointment, Murray worked in the Sika Specialist Distribution team, managing key accounts that support the supply of products for key projects via the distribution supply chain. In total he has been with Sika for more than 10 years, having previously worked at Sika Everbuild. It has enabled him to gain vast specialist sales experience within the construction sector.

Murray, who began his Sika Flooring role in September, said:  “The move to Sika Flooring represents a huge opportunity for me. The sector has always interested me. Whether it be the health sector, the food and drink industry or manufacturing, Sika has a flooring solution for a wide range of applications. I’m looking to demonstrate how Sika systems are the number one choice for new-build and refurbishment projects.”

Bill Woodham, Sikafloor’s Target Market National Area Manager, said: “We’re delighted to have Murray on board. He has worked extensively in the construction industry and brings with him a wealth of opportunities and contacts. Murray will be joining an evolving team that continuously strives to meet and exceed customer expectations and deliver a best-in-class customer experience. We look forward to Murray building on the success he has already achieved at Sika.”


Edgar Janoher has left his Spanish homeland to join Sika UK as an Area Technical Manager

Responsible for special project sales of concrete repair and carbon fibre strengthening solutions, Edgar held the same role at Sika Spain before deciding to relocate with his wife and young daughter.

His Area Technical Manager duties will involve promoting Sika’s refurbishment product range in in the Greater London area focusing on helping engineers and specifiers find the best concrete repair and structural strengthening systems for key projects.

In making the transition, Edgar has swapped the hustle and bustle of Barcelona for the more sedate streets of south London, which he now calls home.

He said: “Coming to England presents a huge opportunity for me and my family. It’s a huge challenge, but everything has gone well so far. We’re not missing the weather or the food just yet.”

Prior to joining Sika in 2015, Edgar worked as a quantity surveyor in his native country. He said his long-term plan is to remain in the UK.

“I want to demonstrate that I can make the move from Spain a success,” he said. “It’s also important for me to repay the faith Sika has shown in me. I can’t wait to get started and hopefully hit the ground running.”  

Sherwin-Williams wins HACCP vote of confidence for specialist flooring systems

Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings has been awarded an internationally-recognised food and beverage industry standard accreditation for a specialist range of flooring systems designed for manufacturing and processing plants across EMEA.

The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) body has certified the company’s FasTop range of decorative flooring systems which can be adapted for diverse industrial and commercial uses.

HACCP operates a rigorous product certification scheme for equipment, materials and services used by food industry operators to ensure food is protected against any risk of contamination.

“When choosing these flooring systems from Sherwin-Williams, our customers in the food and beverage industry can be reassured they meet the globally-recognised requirements of HACCP covering the quality of our processes and products,“ said Jeremy Waterhouse, Flooring Product Manager, Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings.

The HACCP certification mark recognises that any food industry operator can buy equipment, materials and services confident that any potential food safety risk has been identified and appropriately reduced by the supplier. Applications for FasTop systems includes meat plants, breweries, dairies, commercial kitchens, pharmaceutical and chemical plant processing and heavy-duty plant and traffic areas. High-performance flooring systems from Sherwin-Williams are used in diverse industries including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, industrial, retail, commercial and aerospace offering non-taint, hard-wearing and decorative benefits; impact, slip, abrasion and thermal shock resistance; and chemical protection. For more information see the Sherwin-Williams website.

Machine operation made easy

The Preparation Group has introduced easy to read ‘How to Use’ cards onto its range of Shotblasters, Grinders, Planers, Scrapers, Dust Extractors and tools. The cards have clear, step by step pictorial instructions and include QR codes that when scanned with a mobile phone or tablet camera, take people directly to a video that shows switching the machine on, changing components and fitting accessories.

The company has spent the last few months producing a series of videos for its youtube channel that aim to simplify using its machines and highlight important Health and Safety features.

Says Tracey Glew, Group Managing Director, ‘Our Marketing and Technical personnel have been committed to leading the way in innovation and Health & Safety. The launch of our ‘How to’ initiative for The Preparation Group’s 110v equipment in the hire market has been a huge success and we have now rolled it out to all of our equipment including videos for our 3 phase machines. Our range is also SafeHire certified and we will continue to address key issues to ensure user confidence in a clean, safe operation and the health and safety of others where operations are being conducted.’

The full range of videos can be found on The Preparation Group’s youtube channel.

The Preparation Group is SafeHire certified.

Kate Walshaw, The Preparation Group’s Group Hire Manager has been re-elected as an HAE (Hire Association Europe) Supply Chain board member, demonstrating that she has clearly made a positive impact. In the same month, the company renewed its Hire Industry Trusted Supplier (HITS) status and for the third year running, proved its commitment to providing quality surface and floor preparation products and services as a HAE member by attaining its SafeHire Certification.

SafeHire is a continual Business Improvement program that sets and helps to maintain high standards of operation within the Hire industry. The SafeHire certificate lasts for three years but is reviewed annually, raising awareness with government and trading standards. It has mutual recognition from PQQ organisations as a pre-requisite to their accreditations and Build UK members.

Kate heads the Hire division and has been dedicated to continual improvement in quality and delivery of customer satisfaction, providing competitively priced surface preparation, removal and finishing equipment, accessories and solutions –  as is at the core of this certification. Kate and her team provide a wealth of knowledge to benefit Hire customers and is passionate about giving the best possible service and advice.

Tracey Glew Managing Director says; ‘Kate has worked hard over the last few years championing the benefits of HAE membership and the associated standards, with her customers being her number one priority and we are extremely proud of Kate’s continued commitment. ‘

For advice or equipment demonstrations call the hire team on 01522 561 460 / email

Instarmac are named as a ‘Great Place to Work®’ 2019 UK Best Workplaces™ for Women

Tamworth based Instarmac Group plc are delighted to have been officially named as a ‘Great Place to Work®’ 2019 UK Best Workplaces™ for Women (medium sized organisation category).

In order to qualify for this prestigious award, Instarmac Group plc had to meet a number of strict criteria, including having already been ranked as a Great Place to Work®, employing a minimum of 25% women in their work force, having a minimum of 25% of women employed in higher positions e.g. Manager, Senior manager etc., and to have demonstrated a confidence level of 80% from data gathered by direct feedback from the company’s female workforce.

Organisations selected for the Best Workplaces™ for Women go above and beyond for women in their workforce, making sure they are treated fairly when it comes to pay, recognition, training and promotion opportunities, and that work-life balance is promoted and supported. Some of the specifics Instarmac Group plc were commended for included paying employees equally regardless of their sex, childcare vouchers, flexible and part-time working hours, as well as offering a ‘bonus’ to those who return to work following their maternity leave.

Zoe Rees, Head of Sales at Instarmac Group plc, commented: “In any business, a workplace culture built on trust and inclusion that supports and empowers women throughout the various stages of their career is key to sustained company development, collaboration and innovation. At Instarmac we value diversity and feel it creates more, valued, engaged employees and therefore happier customers. Being named in the Best Workplaces™ for Women list is a fantastic achievement and clearly indicates the way in which our company values, empowers, and promotes the contribution of women across all aspects of our business.”

This is the third in a hat trick of impressive workplace awards that Instarmac have received to date this year.  Earlier in the year, the growing West Midland Company received a Great Place to Work® award for the third year running and was also presented with the Great Place to Work® Excellence in Wellbeing Award – an award only given to companies who are committed to creating a happier and healthier work environment.

Commenting on the latest award, Karen Williams, Head of Human Resources at Instarmac Group plc said “We are very proud to have received this recognition from Great Place to Work®’ 2019 Best Workplaces for Women. We work hard here to ensure our recruitment and hiring is inclusive, as well as ensuring fairness around pay, recognition, training and development opportunities and work/life balance. This award helps us to strive to do better, as well as recognising the ways we have contributed to provide a supportive environment for women to progress within their careers and balance their work and family commitments”

John Holcroft, Managing Director of Instarmac Group plc said; “At Instarmac we have always been forward thinking and inclusive in our recruitment and employment approach. Historically, construction has been a predominantly male dominated industry, however, over the past 28 years our workforce has included many female employees, at all career levels, both office based and out in the field. There is more to be done within the industry to increase the recruitment and retention of a female workforce, but here at Instarmac we make every effort to continue to be a great place to work for all and are very honoured to have been officially recognized as such.”

About Instarmac Group Plc

Established over 40 years ago, Instarmac is a multi-award-winning market-leading West Midlands based company that specialises in the manufacture and distribution of cement and bitumen based construction products to the world markets. It aims to apply the foundations of a great workplace – fairness, respect, feeling valued and trusted – to everyone, regardless of who they are.

For more information please visit

About Great Place to Work®’ 2019 Best Workplaces for Women

The organisations on the UK Best Workplaces ™ for women list have introduced policies and programmes that foster development and empower women to grow their careers. The latest research by Great Place to Work® UK shows that although 2019 has seen the highest recorded level of female employment at 71.8%, women are still experiencing unfair practices at work, including unconscious bias, unequal pay and under-representation in senior management positions. The Best Workplaces™ for Women understand the importance of prioritising gender neutrality to help build a trusted culture of collaboration and innovation where people feel valued and committed to achieving organisational goals. Their leaders are dedicated to creating a great experience for all employees and for their customers.

For more information please visit


It really is a family affair at Kemtile, as the leading hygienic flooring company strengthens its team with the appointment of not one but two Sleights.

Dave was the first of the Sleight family to be recruited as Contracts Manager earlier this year. And now son Mike has joined Kemtile as estimator surveyor.

Dave brings with him 33 years’ experience to the company, gained with some of the biggest brands from the UK’s food and drink, construction, pharmaceutical, commercial, retail and aerospace sectors.

And now Mike, a Keele University graduate with four years industrial and commercial flooring industry experience under his belt, is supporting and advising Kemtile customers throughout the quotation process for their flooring projects.

Dave says of the family additions to the team: “For over three decades, I have managed the end-to-end installation of a wide range of epoxy, polyurethane, MMA and tiled flooring systems across many different industries. It goes without saying that I’m now delighted to have now brought my knowledge and experience to Kemtile. I’m guessing some of this must have rubbed off on Mike over the years as he entered into the same sector when he left university.

“With a real focus on project planning and cost-management, I feel that I can add real value to Kemtile’s customers old and new – delivering top quality industrial flooring and drainage solutions to meet the most exact requirement and highest expectations for long term results.

“I’m very much looking forward to furthering my career here at Kemtile, whist playing a key role in the continued success and growth of the business.”

Kemtile Director Stephen Westley said of the double appointment: “We were delighted to have attracted someone of David’s calibre to the company and straight away our customers were reaping the benefits of his vast experience and expertise. When we found out that his son Mike had embarked upon a similar career path and had so many valuable skills to offer the company too, we were keen to recruit him.

“We’re celebrating our 40-year anniversary this year and it’s an exciting time in terms of our own growth and development so it’s great to have this father and son team on board. Welcome to the company, David and Mike.”


Sika ComfortFloor® has been judged one of the best surface solutions in the country.

The resin-based system was one of 50 shortlisted finalists in this year’s Tomorrow’s Contract Floor (TCF) Awards, which honour the best products and services in the construction industry. The winner was decided by an online poll, with Sika ComfortFloor® gaining an extremely creditable third place.

Pete Hollingworth Business Unit Manager for Sika Flooring in the UK said: “This result is a superb endorsement of ComfortFloor®’s proven properties as a safe, durable flooring solution for a range of hygiene-critical applications including schools, hospitals and kitchens through to education facilities or office and retail spaces looking for something which can be tailored to bespoke design schemes.”

Shortlisted products in the TCF Awards, now in their eighth year, were selected for their innovation, ease of installation, safety, style, and sustainable qualities.

Pete added: “Sika ComfortFloor® is a triumph of technical innovation. It’s proof of the company’s drive to develop flooring systems which simplify the installation process without compromising quality. Congratulations to all those involved in the creation and promotion of this exemplary system.”


Altro is celebrating 100 years in business. Founded in 1919 by a small group of individuals with a big idea, the company now has more than 900 employees globally, with a heritage of innovation including inventing safety flooring, developing a hygienic walls system and creating the world’s first adhesive-free safety floor.

Richard Kahn is Altro’s CEO, and the third generation to lead this Hertfordshire-based family company that has offices across Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific. “One successful innovation could be luck; repeated success needs a little help,” he explains. “We’ve always known that speaking with, listening to and partnering with customers, end users, contractors, engineers and designers is the key to getting what we do right. It’s allowed us to be bold and to explore design and functional possibilities, without losing sight of who we’re doing it for.”

Altro’s first safety floor was installed in 1950 in a church hall in Nottingham. Remarkably, that same flooring is still in place and when last tested still rates PTV≥40, meaning it has kept users safe for nearly 70 years. Altro has continued to turn creative thinking into practical real-world solutions that can transform everyday spaces into environments that improve the wellbeing of everyone that uses them. Innovations include developing sparkle-free safety flooring which has transformed design for dementia, and Altro XpressLay: the world’s first adhesive-free and fully recyclable safety flooring.

Altro shares its centenary with the Bauhaus design school, which was also founded in 1919 and is based in Dessau just a few hundred metres from Altro’s German site. In developing the new Altro Ensemble modular flooring collection, the design team took inspiration from the Bauhaus philosophy of bridging the gap between form and function to engineer products that meet the customers’ biggest challenges, such as the need for cleanability, sustainability and flexibility.

“While the world in 1919 couldn’t seem more different from today’s, our excitement at embracing and developing new technologies and ways of working is exactly the same as back then,” says Richard Kahn. “Add to this that we remain a family business, with family values and I think you have the reason why we’re here today, celebrating our centenary.”

To learn more about Altro’s milestones over the last 100 years please follow this link to view a short video.


Sika ComfortFloor® has been shortlisted for a prized industry award.

The resin-based solution is a finalist in this year’s Tomorrow’s Contract Floor (TCF) Awards.

Now in their eighth year, the TCF Awards honour construction-based products and services that help guarantee a perfect floor finish on every installation. Shortlisted products and services are selected for their innovation, ease of installation, safety, style, and sustainable qualities.

Sarah James Marketing Manager from Sika said: “Sika ComfortFloor’s selection as a finalist for this year’s Tomorrow’s Contract Floor Awards is recognition of the range’s superb contribution to the commercial flooring industry. It’s received many fine testimonials from contractors and clients alike, so to have this additional acclaim is particularly pleasing.”

BBA Approval for Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates DALTEX Resin Bound Surfacing System

The DALTEX UVR Resin Bound System has been awarded certification by the BBA (the British Board of Agrément) – the highest industry standard available for the resin bound industry.

BBA certification is widely recognised throughout the construction industry as a symbol of quality and reassurance. It’s a mark of quality, safety and reliability and indicates the product’s fitness-for-purpose, providing peace of mind to building control, government departments, local authorities, architects, specifiers, industry insurers and resin bound contractors and landscapers.

The DALTEX UVR System is a resin bound surfacing system with enhanced UVR resistance for use in domestic driveways, patios, paths, pedestrian areas and lightly trafficked car parks.  The BBA accreditation confirms that the DALTEX UVR System is manufactured and supplied to meet the exacting standards required for strength and stability, durability, permeability and skid resistance.

Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates is the manufacturer of DALTEX dried aggregates and is very proud to have achieved the BBA accreditation for the DALTEX UVR System which adopts the industry minimum standard depth of 18mm.

Sam Buckley, Managing Director at Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates said: ‘The BBA accreditation for DALTEX dried aggregates and DALTEX UVR resin eptiomises our commitment to promoting the very highest standards of resin bound installation. We have over 30 years experience and as the manufacturer of DALTEX dried aggregates – the no 1 brand in resin bound –  we feel it is our responsibility to help our customers in every way possible.  We are delighted that our BBA accreditation can give them the peace of mind that they are using the highest quality materials available. Of course, this is also something that they can pass onto their customers too.

Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates offer over 30 DALTEX single dried aggregate colours and have also recently launched DALTEX Bespoke – a range of 40 resin bound blends which can be used for driveways, patios and paths in both commercial and residential projects.

For more information please visit



BBA Approval for The Resin Mills Resin Bound Surfacing

The Resin Mill have been awarded The British Board of Agreement, (BBA), technical approval certificate for their resin bound products.

The BBA is the UK’s leading certification body for the construction industry and achieving the certificate epitomises product excellence. The BBA is the ultimate mark of quality and assurance with systems having to pass a series of comprehensive and rigorous tests which are in line with building specification guidelines.

For resin bound systems, it confirms the strength, stability, durability, skid resistance and permeability of the systems, confirming they have been assessed to the highest standards. This means that architects, specifiers and local authorities looking for impartial product approval can be assured of the reliability of resin bound systems from The Resin Mill. Their certification is one of the most comprehensive in the resin bound industry, covering their full range of resin bound colours, on both types of polyurethane resin, UV and Non-UV. It also certifies resin bound surfacing that has been installed with or without sand.

It is a huge achievement for The Resin Mill to receive BBA approval. Jason Wainwright, Managing Director at The Resin Mill said about The BBA: ‘It all fits in with our company ethos of quality and peace of mind. It’s about improving and growing the market in a professional manner. Being a supplier of BBA approved products will give our clients the upper hand in a competitive market place.’

The Resin Mill produce and supply quality polyurethane resin for resin driveways, paths and patios. Their resin bound materials have been supplied to some of the most prestigious resin bound installs across the UK. For more information please visit

All you need to do is Renovate IT!

UltraFloor, part of the award-winning Instarmac Group plc, are delighted to announce the launch of Level IT Renovate – a flexible and versatile smoothing underlayment ideal for refurbishment projects.

Developed for the renovation of existing floors, UltraFloor’s latest smoothing underlayment is fibre reinforced for added strength and to minimise the risk of hairline cracks – reducing a common cause of costly failures.

Suitable for deep applications from 3-40mm, Level IT Renovate is multi-purpose for extensive use and boasts excellent flow properties, making this flexible and versatile floor leveller ideal for a wide range of flooring substrates.

Level IT Renovate is a single part smoothing underlayment, offering a unique alternative within the UltraFloor range, and is suitable for use over most strong and stable subfloors, which makes this semi-rapid fibre reinforced floor leveller perfect for both commercial and domestic applications.

In addition, Level IT Renovate is protein free, reducing the risk and spread of bacteria, and is low odour providing a pleasant environment for contractors, homeowners and any staff working within the project area.

What’s more, Level IT Renovate has a working time of 20-30 minutes, can be walked on in as little as 2 – 2.5 hours and can receive floor coverings in just 4 hours, allowing contractors to move on to another project quickly.

Sold in contractor friendly 20kg bags, Level IT Renovate is compatible with underfloor heating systems and is delivered on UltraFloor’s privately owned, FORS Silver accredited fleet, 48 bags to a pallet.

For further product information, pricing enquiries, or to place an order, please contact the UltraFloor team by emailing or calling 01827 254402.

Two New Appointments at Reprotec

North East based Reprotec UK, specialists in resin flooring systems and bespoke surface protection technology, has announced two appointments.

Mr Elliott Lindsay, who joined the company at the age of 16 years, has been appointed to the senior position of Head of Operations.  In the time Elliott has been with Reprotec he has progressed from NVQ Level 2 in Specialist Floor Laying to NVQ Level 6 Leadership and Management.

Also joining Reprotec is Trevor English in the role of Business Development Manager. Trevor has 17 years’ experience in sales and marketing.

Managing Director, John Holmes, said: “We are delighted by both appointments.  We welcome Trevor to Reprotec and congratulate Elliott on his promotion; I look forward to working more closely with both.”

Reconomy Success at London Construction Awards

Reconomy were honoured at the 2018 London Construction Awards.

Having been shortlisted for the category of Supplier of the Year, Reconomy were selected ahead of 15 other shortlisted companies to claim the award.

Having supported numerous high-profile London projects in recent years, including the Thames Tideway Tunnel and the redevelopment of the 2012 Olympic Stadium, Reconomy were praised by the judges for pioneering new technologies that maximise data capture and process-automation, bringing an innovative approve to the waste industry, which has a long-established reputation for being traditionalist.


County Durham-based Reprotec Group, an award-winning surface repair and protection specialist is celebrating 30 years in business.


Founded in 1988 by managing director John Holmes, Reprotec was originally set up as a sales agent selling high-tech surface engineering, covering Scotland and Ireland. Based in an office at Gateshead Business Centre, this work led the firm to introduce resins for engineering and maintenance repair compounds and Reprotec as it’s known today was born.

Reprotec Group consists of Reprotec UK that specialises in providing innovative, environmentally-friendly repair and protection solutions, using resin-based products to protect the fabric of buildings, and Repair and Maintenance Suppliers, an online division that sells repair and maintenance products to both the public and trade.

The firm works nationwide across all industry sectors including automotive, food production, chemical, engineering, pharmaceutical, education and aerospace; offering a one-stop-shop for all types of surface repair and protection solutions.

Reprotec’s reputation for quality systems stems from all operatives being fully qualified from NVQ Level 2 in specialist Floor Laying and beyond, and this is the basis for further training and progression within the company. Reprotec is proud of the fact that five of their employees, who were among the first ever national cohort of 19 apprentices studying NVQ Level 2 in specialist Floor Laying in 2005, are still with the company today.

Reprotec also has a firm commitment to the environment and sustainability, this has seen the company introduce a ‘Changing SPACES Green-Theme’ approach to their contracting services; and as a fully-licenced waste carrier, it operates a policy of no dust, no fumes, 100% recycling and 100% landfill avoidance.

John Holmes, managing director of Reprotec Group, said: “I’m delighted to be celebrating our 30th year in business, it has been an unforgettable journey filled with triumphs, challenges, and growth.

“I would like to think that our continued success can be attributed to our core values which have never changed in 30 years: quality, honesty, integrity, respect, care and hard work – which are echoed in our service commitment to our customers and our commitment to our employees.

“We started off back in 1988 and it is a testament to all of our staff, past and present, and their hard work that we have grown to become a leading surface repair and protection specialist. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

Congratulations to North East based Reprotec – 30 Years in Business!

Congratulations to North East based company, Reprotec, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary.

John Holmes, MD of Reprotec, said: “We at Reprotec are delighted to be celebrating our 30th birthday. We are an SME working across all industry sectors, and the success of our company is a testament to all our staff both past and present, who share our values and commitment.”

To find out more, we asked John Holmes to answer 10 questions about the success of the business.   

1. What does Reprotec do and when was Reprotec started?

Reprotec Group consists of our Reprotec UK specialist contracting services, an award-winning market leader in surface protection technology, specialising in resin flooring systems including visual floor management signage and H&S demarcations.  Reprotec UK provides bespoke surface solutions for the repair and protection of the fabric of buildings and structures, both concrete and steel, and this includes floors; walls; roofs; tanks; bunds and other industrial vessels.  Reprotec Group also includes our other company, Repair and Maintenance Suppliers, whereby we sell our products to trade and public backed by 30 years of technical support.

The business started in October 1988, and back then we were based at the Gateshead Business Centre TVTE.

 2. Why did you start the company?

I always had aspirations to be my own boss and working for myself rather than being told what to do.

 3. Where did the company name come from?

Reprotec is a combination of Rep/air and Pro/tection Tec/hnologies which seemed to sum up what we are all about.  We repair and protect the fabric of buildings and structures using resin technologies.

 4. Who was your very first customer?

Originally, Reprotec was set up as a sales agent selling high-tech surface engineering in conjunction with my former employer, Multi Arc UK Ltd, covering both Scotland and Ireland, so our first customers were not like our present customers.  However, it was this work that led us to introduce resins for engineering and maintenance repair compounds, as we saw a need in the market.

We operate nationwide across all sectors, providing a ‘one-stop-shop’ for floor and surface protection solutions.

5. How has the company developed over the years?

Reprotec has always been at the forefront of development, having introduced specialist apprenticeships and other NVQ training up to NVQ Level 6 and degree level management; we have long held accreditations such as CHAS, Constructionline and Investors in People.  The industry was very much in its infancy 30 years ago, and since then it has evolved into a profession, with its own trade association, Resin Flooring Association (FeRFA), of which Reprotec is a long-standing member.

 6. How has the company grown?

I’m delighted to say that Reprotec has expanded into becoming Reprotec Group that includes our Reprotec contracting services and our material sales company, Repair and Maintenance Suppliers Ltd that sells our products to trade and public.

 7. What are your company values?

Reprotec’s values have never changed in 30 years and are very much based upon my personal values of quality, honesty, integrity, respect, care, hard work and giving people an opportunity to develop personally and in their career within the industry; all our staff are fully employed and trained to a high standard.

Reprotec is committed to its environmental and sustainability ethos, having introduced our ‘Green-Theme’ approach to our contracting services; and as a fully-licenced waste carrier, Reprotec operates a policy of no dust, no fumes, 100% recycling and 100% landfill avoidance.

8. What’s your proudest achievement?

Seeing Reprotec Team develop personally and professionally.  This is highlighted by five of our operatives completing the first ever of our industrial sector NVQ level 2 in specialist Floor Laying back in 2005.  They were part of an initial cohort of nineteen, and those guys are still employed by Reprotec today; and this was their basis for progressing further within the business.

9. What does the future hold?

The foundation and ethos of Reprotec Group is very strong and the opportunities for growth are exceptional.  The challenge to our Reprotec Team is getting there.

 10. What advice would you give to new start-up companies?

Be strong with your beliefs and values, and your systems of work.  Look after your people; aim to give them the tools to achieve their very best.



VI Industrial Supplies Add Trimaco Dust Containment Products To Their Range

Want to create a simple, effective dust barrier system? Protect surfaces? Enclose work areas?

Trimaco E-Z up dust containment poles and Peel + Stick Zippers used to protect surfaces and enclose work areas when used in conjunction with our temporary protective sheeting whether it be medium duty clear polythene sheeting or heavy duty visqueen sheeting enabling quick, easy and convenient dust control.

Creating a dust barrier couldn’t be simpler with the heavy duty aluminium dust containment poles, available from VI Distribution in 2 heights, 12ft and 20ft. These E-Z up poles are simple and easy to use, clip onto your chosen protective sheeting and adjust the pole to the ceiling height and the unique foot pedal will ensure a snug fit.

Once your temporary barrier is created, use the re-sealable Trimaco Peel & Stick Zipper to create an instant door through the protective sheeting, the zipper is double sided for ease of operation from both sides, alternatively use two zippers to create an instant roll up door, peel off the backing paper and attach zipper to the desired area on your sheeting and cut through with a utility knife.

Using the two products together gives you a quick, easy and convenient dust barrier and creates temporary floor and surface protection, ideal for construction & building sites, laying resin floors, painting and decorating and many more areas.

Place your order for Trimaco products and protective sheeting online today  or call the office on 01270 750520 to find out more information.

Resin Bound Training Direct From Geveko Markings

At Geveko Markings we know resin and we are devoted to creating the most efficient solutions that are right for our customers. As a UK manufacturer of resin bound and bonded paving systems there are few suppliers that can offer their customers the same level of support and expertise as us. Using our extensive knowledge and experience, in resin paving systems, Geveko Markings, have developed a training course to give contractors the confidence to produce beautiful installations, opening the door to new business opportunities in the resin paving market. Whether you’re new to resin paving or an experienced contractor our training course gives you in-depth knowledge of resin paving systems as well as hands on experience applying both the bound and bonded systems.

Our one day training course consists of a presentation that gives you a clear understanding of resin binders and their use within bound and bonded paving systems. We will discuss the importance of the sub-base and how best to prepare the area prior to installation, so that you can achieve a strong and durable resin surface, and we can make you aware of some of the issues that you may face when approaching an installation and how best to deal with them. Resin paving is a very versatile material and we give you some creative inspiration on how both systems can be used to create shapes, patterns and even text, so that you have something different to offer your customers. After lunch everyone will have the opportunity to have practical training with both our systems, get a feel for our material and see how easy it is to apply. At every stage our knowledgeable staff will be on-hand to answer your questions and give you guidance.

We strongly believe in giving our contractor customers all the information and support that they need to start or progress in their resin paving business. We are always available to answer your questions and we are happy to attend and support you at your first application. Geveko Markings is a member of the FeRFA Resin Bound Technical Committee which is developing a UK Training Standard for Resin Bound systems.

If you are interested to learn more about resin bound and bonded systems and how they can work for you, please contact us on 01963 364640.

Dural To Host Open Day

Dural are holding an open day on Thursday 15th November at their UK Headquarters. The event will take place between 10.30am and 2.30pm and everyone in the trade is welcome. There will be:

  • Several demonstrations on industry related products
  • Warehouse tour
  • Technical expertise on hand all day
  • Food and drink provided
  • Meet the Dural team

The event is free to enter but Dural are advising that you register your interest by emailing or calling 01924 360110

Denholm Industrial Services Ltd Awarded RoSPA Gold Medal for 8th Consecutive Year

Denholm Industrial Services are pleased to announce that they have been successful in achieving the 2018 RoSPA Gold Medal award for the 8th consecutive year, for health and safety performance during the period of January 01, 2017 to December 31, 2017.

This award pays testament to the hard work that Denholm have undertaken throughout last year on achieving a positive safety performance and will hopefully act as a further catalyst for them to drive towards achieving the same accolade in the years ahead.

As Denholm Industrial Services Ltd strives to become the leader in the field of surface preparation the RoSPA awards are seen as key to demonstrating the professionalism of the company and how seriously they take their health and safety responsibilities. Denholm commit to these high standards every working day and this Gold Medal Award for the eighth year running sits proudly alongside their ISO accreditations 9001, 14001 and 18001.

The management would like to thank all staff both office based and site operatives for the continued support in adopting and following Denholm’s health and safety policies and procedures as they continue with their exemplary record. The company wishes to extend gratitude to all  respective teams and clients for assisting them in achieving the Gold Medal Status once again.

With over 30 years experience in the construction industry specialising in floor surface preparation, here at Denholm we are the foremost experts in surface preparation with their clients making the best use of their consultative approach to floor surface preparation.

Danny wins CITB ‘Apprentice of the Year’ Award

Danny Malone is employed by Coatech as a Resin Flooring Installer and has recently completed a Resin Flooring apprenticeship with FeRFA, The Resin Flooring Association. We are delighted to announce that he has been awarded the “Apprentice of the Year” accolade from the CITB’s regional Training Group at their recent annual awards.

Danny achieved his NVQ Level 2 in Insitu Resin Flooring in October 2017. The two-year NVQL2 qualification is offered as a Specialist Apprenticeship Programme through a partnership between FeRFA (The Resin Flooring Association) and the CITB.

Danny enjoyed both the theoretical and practical aspects of the course and is pictured above receiving his NVQL2 certificate at a prestigious Apprentice graduation ceremony held at the Belfry Golf resort.

In addition to achieving his NVQL2, his success was recognised by the CITB’s North East Wales Construction Training Group winning their ’Apprentice of the Year’ Award. The award presented at their AGM and annual awards evening recognises an apprentice who has made significant progress in their trade on a pathway to a successful career in construction.
FeRFA CEO, Helen McGachie explains how vital a route to qualification is to specialist sectors such as resin flooring “We are delighted with Danny’s achievement and success which recognises the importance of achieving a skill and qualification. The Specialist Apprenticeship Programme (SAP) has been developed to meet employer needs for a qualified workforce and is actively encouraging newcomers into the industry.”

Contracts Director, Mathew Shufflebotham, said: “It was clear to see from the offset that Danny was keen to learn all he could about the trade, hence we enrolled him onto the NVQL2 apprenticeship to structure his training and to help his professional development. It is great to see that his efforts have been rewarded with the achievement of his NVQL2 and this award. It is testament to the passion he has for his job and the effort he has put into his learning and development. He should be very proud of his achievements.”

Danny has also written a ‘Day in the Life’ case study for the CITB’s ‘Go Construct’ website to help inspire others to consider a career in Resin Flooring, a link to which can be found at:

Resin Bound Surfacing Product Awareness Training, delivered by the experts

The Ronacrete Product Awareness Training Course is designed to make you aware of the essential elements which make up a good and durable surfacing.

We want all of our contractor customers to know the ins and outs of resin bound surfacing installation; what is best practice and what to avoid. We don’t just show you how a mixer works and how to apply the mixed material. Every step of the process is covered, from surface preparation, to setting up your tools on the day, to getting the best finish possible. Every part of the process is covered in detail and we explain why we suggest installation should be carried out that way. Many of the people we have trained have attended training courses elsewhere, but have left them confused and questioning suggested methods which then causes problems on site.

Our training session begins with a presentation, not just about resin bound surfacing, but about SuDS compliance and the importance of the base and sub-base build up that will support the resin bound surface. We discuss the importance of using the correct aggregates and how lack of awareness about essentials can cost you a lot of money. Following the presentation we sit and discuss all the different aspects of resin bound surfacing and where things can go wrong on site, suitable installation conditions and maintenance after completion, which we hope you will share with your clients. Once the discussion is complete, we move to the demonstration area. This is where we demonstrate the different methods we have discussed and show how effective they are on site. Every person in attendance then has the opportunity to try our methods and carry out a small installation. After everyone has had a go, we head back for lunch and a Q&A session. At the end of the course, each company is provided with product literature and a sample case which covers our full range of resin bound surfacing blends, which have been tested for permeability, strength and slip resistance.

The process doesn’t end when session finishes, we believe that ongoing support is vital. Ronacrete provides free on-site support to all our customers and approved contractors whenever it is needed. It is important to us that whoever is installing our products is comfortable doing so, as this makes sure the best results are achieved and if the contractor wants us on site to answer any questions, then that is where we will be.

If you want to learn about resin bound surfacing and fully understand the essentials, please get in touch with the industry experts on 01279 638 700 or visit

Instarmac recognised as a Great Place to Work!

Instarmac Group plc, home to market-leading brands UltraCrete, UltraScape, UltraTileFix, UltraFloor and Wondertex, has officially been named a ‘Great Place to Work®!’

Instarmac were just one of 66 organisations in the UK to be recognised by Great Place to Work® out of hundreds of entrants. Companies were categorised into large, medium and small according to the number of employees in their workforce. Instarmac are delighted to have been placed in 18th position for medium sized companies, alongside other well-known manufacturers such as Lindt and Danone. Great Place to Work®, in partnership with the Guardian and Sunday Telegraph, is recognised worldwide and celebrates trust and engagement within an organisation. Great Place to Work® believe a successful company is built through day-to-day relationships with employees who trust the people they work with, have pride in what they do and enjoy the company of people they work alongside – values Instarmac have always prided themselves on. Every Instarmac employee was given the opportunity to complete the Great Place to Work Trust Index® survey, which consists of 58 core statements and assesses an employees’ experience of the workplace covering 120 areas including Strategy, Direction, Values, Career Development, Recognition, Reward and Wellbeing. These responses are then analysed to determine whether or not a company really is a great place to work! Instarmac’s Managing Director, John Holcroft, commented: “This is only our second year entering these prestigious awards and we are delighted to have been ranked in 18th place. This is a huge achievement for every member of the Instarmac team and we will continue to work hard to ensure that Instarmac remains a successful, happy and great place to work.” This achievement is the latest in a long line of awards for Instarmac. In the last 12 months they have been placed in the ‘Sunday Times Best Small Companies to Work’ for the 9th year, were placed in 20th position in the 75 Best Companies to Work For in the Midlands, been ranked number one in the Mid Market 300, were named as a Low-Risk Operator by the DVSA, were presented with the coveted RoSPA Gold Medal Award and completed the transition to the new ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 accreditations, one of the first companies to do so. For further information about Instarmac and their range of proven, trusted and certified materials, please visit or call 01827 254402. Stay up-to-date with the all the latest news from Instarmac by following them on Twitter @InstarmacGroup and connecting with them on LinkedIn. Would you like join a Great Place to Work? Instarmac are hiring! To view their latest vacancies, please visit

TPS360 To Hold Resin Flooring Apprentice Open Day

TPS360 are to hold an open day for prospective resin flooring apprentices on Wednesday 9th May.

TPS360 are recruiting to strengthen their teams of installers. We are offering the right candidates the opportunity to train to NVQ2 level in insitu resin flooring gaining industry recognised qualifications, with opportunities for supervisor and management positions in the future as part of their growing team. Training will include attending a national NVQ program which takes place across the country and honing skills in a training facility at Caerphilly, whilst gaining site experience alongside our existing teams. The open day will be held at TPS360, Unit E, 26 Sir Alfred Owen Way, Pontygwindy Industrial Estate, Caerphilly, CF83 3HU on 9th May.

View case study

HTC expands DURATIQ™ line with entirely new grinder

Power and versatility in a compact format – introducing the DURATIQ™ 5

HTC – innovator in floor grinding – is now adding the entirely new DURATIQ 5 to its award-winning DURATIQ line of grinders. The DURATIQ 5 has a grinding width of 515 millimeters (20.3 in) and is available in two models – one with a motor rated at 2.2 kW (3 HP) and the other at 4.0 kW (5.4 HP). Both models have an entirely new design with the focus on ease of handling and power, which are key factors in this popular machine segment. At the same time, the DURATIQ 5 boasts features that are unique for its size. The DURATIQ 5 models will replace the ever-reliable HTC 420 and HTC 500. Below are just some of the 75 new features on the DURATIQ 5: • Digital control panel that provides full control of the DURATIQ 5’s capacity and functions, unmatched by any other grinder of this size • New grinding head, hermetically sealed and dustproof for maximum reliability • Effective and energy-efficient motors for higher grinding performance • Modular chassis and grinding head with quick couplers for easy transport and optimal handling • Mist Cooler System increases productivity 78% • Easy-to-handle weights enable three different grinding pressures • 20 different handle settings for optimal ergonomics With its compact dimensions, the machine is suitable for both small and medium-sized surfaces. HTC’s assortment includes more than 120 compatible tools, making the DURATIQ 5 a very versatile machine. It can handle everything from grinding concrete and other rough surfaces to polishing natural stone and sanding wooden floors. The DURATIQ 5 has been developed from the ground up by HTC’s own R&D department based on the same technology as its big brothers, the DURATIQ 6 and 8. Because of the precise yet extremely robust design of every component, the service interval is an impressive 1,000 hours. Cathérine Königk, HTC’s head of marketing, summarizes her thoughts on the launch: “We’re happy to be able to continue the traditions from the popular HTC 420 and 500, and offer our customers a more powerful yet ergonomic machine. Operators gain a complete overview of the machine’s capacity and functions in an entirely new way with the digital control panel. We believe this is something that will be much appreciated. We’re tremendously proud of how our R&D department has succeeded in utilizing the technology from the larger models and adapting it and the associated benefits to this compact format.” The DURATIQ 5 will be launched worldwide on 11 April 2018. Discover the advantages of DURATIQ grinders at

Multi-Hire Power Tools Ltd To Hold Two Training Days in April

Multi-Hire Power Tools Ltd, the specialist surface prep tool hire company are putting on two one day training events on shot blasting and floor stripping.

The areas covered will include​:​ – Machine selection, – Applications, – Health & safety, – Tips, benefits and pitfalls. These will cover both theory and practical issues, run by seasoned trainers and experts. The training days are free to attend and include a BBQ lunch. Dates – 10th April Shot blasting, 11th April Floor stripping. Venue – Multi-Hire Power Tools Ltd. Warrington. Places are limited and running out so do book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.​ Please email andy@multi-​h​​.​

Instarmac Celebrates Top Honour For The 9th Year

Staffordshire based manufacturer, Instarmac Group plc, are delighted to have been placed in the prestigious ‘Sunday Times Best Small Companies to Work For’ for the 9th year in recognition of their commitment to more than 175 employees.

The top 100 places are awarded following research conducted by Best Companies – research which involves completing an anonymous survey on topics such as Leadership, Wellbeing, Giving Something Back, Personal Growth, My Manager, My Company, My Team and Deal. Instarmac are delighted to have achieved a 3 star status, the highest level possible and only given to extraordinary companies. Such a successful result secured their position within the list at number 78 and promotes them as a leading employer. John Holcroft, Managing Director at Instarmac commented: “It’s always been my aim to work alongside a team of people who are happy to come to work, who are enthusiastic about what we do and share my passion for giving something back to the local community. This respected award is testament to the dedication of our entire workforce and I feel enormous pride having been awarded this top honour for the 9th year.” This achievement is the latest in a long line of awards for Instarmac. In the last 12 months they have been ranked number one in the Mid Market 300, were named as a Low-Risk Operator by the DVSA, received a FORS Silver Award, were presented with the coveted RoSPA Gold Medal Award and completed the transition to the new ISO accreditations, one of the first companies to do so. For further information about Instarmac and their range of proven, trusted and certified materials, please visit or call 01827 254402. Stay up-to-date with all the latest news from Instarmac by following them on Twitter @InstarmacGroup and connecting with them on LinkedIn. Would you like to work for a Sunday Times Top 100 Company? Instarmac are hiring! To view their latest vacancies, please visit

VI Distribution becomes a Tramex Distributor

Tramex, manufacturer of high-quality moisture and humidity measurement equipment, are delighted to announce that VI Distribution, supplier of specialised products for the resin flooring and coatings industry, are now distributors of Tramex moisture meters.

VI Distribution will be offering a range of Tramex moisture metres in both analogue and digital, also available as a complete inspection kit. For more information visit or

Sika Has Added An Experienced Flooring Expert To Its Network Of Area Technical Managers Through The Appointment Of Martin Oakes

The 45-year-old brings 15 years of Polyurethane experience from the Sports flooring sector to his new position in the Sika Flooring team.

This role will see him liaise closely with customers across the East to West
 Midlands, part of North East and North West England and North Wales, helping to
address any technical issues they may have.   Speaking about his new position, Martin said: “Part of what appealed to me about joining Sika, recognised as industry leaders, was how the company’s ethos differs from its competitors. I’ve found out very quickly, for example, that we not only
supply products and systems but provide solutions.   “Every project is different and has its own particular challenges that require a
unique combination of Sika products to overcome. It’s my job to work closely
with specifiers and contractors across my area to help them find the right
solutions for these challenges.”

Kemtile Moves To New Warrington Headquarters

Leading hygienic flooring and drainage specialists Kemtile has just moved to new premises on Taylor Business Park in Warrington – taking 16,000 sq. ft. of office and warehouse space.

Kemtile is relocating its 18-person head office team from a smaller space on the same park on a 5-year-lease. Its move to this fully renovated, newly refurbished unit sees the company increase its working space by a third. Stephen Westley, director of Kemtile, said: “Our decision to move to significantly larger premises reaffirms our strategic growth plans for the future, whilst acknowledging and celebrating our commercial achievements over the last two decades. “We have traded very successfully from Taylor Business Park since 1979 but since 1998, when my co-director Jamie Cook and I took over, our turnover has increased year on year – even during the recessions of 2008 and 2009 – and we’ve grown considerably in terms of size, capabilities and customer base. “Our move into new premises – which provides us with an additional 5,000 sq. ft. of office and warehouse space – marks a very exciting time for us as a company. “We chose the new unit because it offers us clean, modern office and warehouse space, excellent motorway links and, most importantly, a really pleasant work space with room for the team to grow in the future. In fact, we’ve already expanded the team with the appointment of a dedicated Health and Safety Manager. The provision of a dedicated training room is another exciting addition to our facilities and we very much look forward to increasing our team in terms of numbers as well as skills and expertise, which in turn we’ll pass on to our customers.” Kemtile has been supplying hygienic floors to the food & drink and pharmaceutical industries for almost 40 years and has become a leading player, working on projects across the UK for major producers and employing 50+ skilled flooring contractors. A clear understanding of the food and drink sector’s operational and legislative demands means Kemtile can provide total flooring solutions to suit including sub-structures and drainage. Customers in recent years include Princes, Kellogg’s, Heineken, Unilever,Heinz, 2 Sisters Food Group, Cargill and Moy Park with repeat business driven by quality of workmanship, attention to detail and excellent customer service. For further information visit

Mapei Supports Macmillan At The Dragon Ride L’Etape In Wales

On Saturday 11th June Mapei UK and 123floors took part in the annual L’Etape Wales Dragon Ride from Margam Park in aid of Macmillian Cancer Support raising over £125 whilst racing the 95 mile ‘Medio Route’.

Battling a mix of 30mph gusts, torrential rain and sunshine, Martin Hallam from Mapei UK and Jason Brook from 123floors completed the course in a fantastic 7 hours. Climbing around 8000ft and having an average speed of 13mph. Martin commented: “The major climbs of the day were the Bwlch, Rhigos – the highest road climbs in wales, Glynneath and Cimla hill as well as the undulating Brecon Beacons and Neath Valley. Not to mention the Devils Staircase – I now know why they give it this name!” Jason said “It was a tough day in the saddle but we both really enjoyed it and looking for the next cycling challenge!!” For more information about Mapei’s fundraising for Macmillian and to donate, visit

Integrated Flooring Technologies Retain ISO Standards

IFT have successfully retained certification to the ISO 9001 (quality) and 14001 (environmental) 2015 standards.

This further ensures that Quality and Environmental systems are of the highest standards for all clients. ISO 9001 is the internationally recognized standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS). It is the most widely used QMS standard in the world, with over 1.1 million certificates issued to organizations in 178 countries. The ISO 14000 family of standards addresses various aspects of environmental management. It provides practical tools for companies and organizations looking to identify and control their environmental impact and constantly improve their environmental performance. More information can be found at

Flowcrete Achieves Demanding Environmental Standards

Flowcrete UK has attained the ISO 14001:2015 environmental management system certification thanks to its dedication to sustainable, environmentally friendly working practises.

ISO 14001 is an internationally agreed standard that helps organisations identify, manage, monitor and control environmental issues in a holistic manner. The Managing Director of Flowcrete UK, Kevin Potter, said: “I am very pleased to announce that Flowcrete UK has successfully met the demanding requirements of the ISO 14001:2015 environmental management system. “This achievement represents a lot of hard work and commitment from the team here at Flowcrete UK and puts us in a great position to move forward, knowing that our daily operations are more sustainable, more efficient and more fit for the future than ever before.” The ISO 14001:2015 policy sets the best practise benchmark for a long list of sustainable processes, including reducing a company’s carbon footprint, improving recycling, reducing packaging, minimising waste and improving efficiencies on finite natural resources. Committing to these principles has required Flowcrete UK to analyse all of its daily practises through a green lens and making environmental commitments an integral part of each employees’ day-to-day activities. Flowcrete UK’s EHS & Compliance Manager, Stuart Hutton, said: “This accreditation will not only drive a positive change in our activities and processes but will also mark a step change in the culture of Flowcrete UK which will help support our growth in the future.” The demanding standard requires Flowcrete UK to ensure the environmental integrity of its operations at all times by adhering to the four principles of: • Prevention: Protecting the environment through the prevention of pollution and reduction of waste. • Compliance: Guaranteeing compliance with environmental laws, regulations and emissions monitoring. • Communication and Training: A commitment that employees will be educated and environmental objectives communicated to all members of staff. • Continuous Improvement: Regularly reviewing daily activity and always being on the look out for new opportunities to evolve adherence to these four principles. Stuart Hutton added: “For Flowcrete UK, complying with these four key principles meant thinking about ways to innovate and do things differently to the norm. In effect this has meant implementing a range of initiatives, from exploring eco-friendly office stationery and making carbon footprint a key consideration in product development to cleaning up water sent to the treatment plant and pursuing a zero waste to landfill policy. “However, we can never rest on our laurels, as ISO 14001:2015 compliance means always looking for new ways to improve.” By conforming to this environmental management system, Flowcrete UK will not only be able to take advantage of efficiency cost savings but it will also demonstrate its ability to meet current and future statutory and regulatory requirements, emphasise its commitment to the environment and improve morale among staff.

IFT Employees Earn CITB SMSTS Certificate

Congratulations to the IFT employees who have gained their CITB SMSTS (Site Managers Safety Training Scheme) Certificate.

This adds to their pool of already qualified supervisors and helps to further ensure compliance of site responsibilities with regards to health, safety, welfare and the environment.

The SMSTS covers all relevant legislation affecting safe working in the building, construction and civil engineering industries. It highlights the need for risk assessment in the workplace, the implementation of the necessary control measures and adequate communication to sustain a health and safety culture within the workforce.

It is endorsed by Build UK as the standard training for all supervisors working on Build UK sites and provides an understanding of health, safety, welfare and environmental issues. It highlights legal responsibilities and the need to promote health and safety to supervise effectively.

More information can be found here:

The Preparation Group’s New Website Goes Live

The Preparation Group, specialists in environmentally friendly solutions for preparing, cleaning and finishing, has launched a new website with the aim of providing a one stop shop for professionals in the industry to learn more about the often ‘unseen’, but crucial, area of surface preparation.

The new website provides easy access to the company’s full range of equipment, tools and accessories, assists with what to select and when, explains how machines work and offers guidance on the most cost-effective solutions for removing, preparing, polishing and cleaning any horizontal surface. Designed to be user-friendly, visitors can see equipment specifications and videos and find out information about contracting services, equipment hire, technical support and training.

Says Tracey Glew, Managing Director; ‘Our new website aligns our digital presence with the high quality of our products and brand. Designed to be reactive on all devices with an easy-to-navigate interface, it is the foundation on which to build something bigger with interaction from our social media sites. The site will evolve to provide technical guidance and information on the equipment and services that will work for specific projects. Our aim is to ensure that site visitors continue to be engaged and have reasons to re-visit frequently,’

Visit to find out more.

Enquiries to – The Preparation Group Tel – 01522 561 460


Instarmac are proud to announce the acquisition of Aztec Aerosols

Instarmac Group plc announce that they have acquired Aztec Aerosols Ltd based in Crewe.

Instarmac Group plc is a privately owned company established in 1977 whose primary activity is manufacturing. It has developed an excellent reputation for innovation, exceptional levels of customer support, manufacturing skills and people development.

Operating within the construction and building market place the company produces products for the highway maintenance, tiling, commercial flooring, urban regeneration and internal finishing markets. Materials are manufactured at the company’s industry leading facility based near to Tamworth in the Midlands.

Winners of several awards including being a Times Top 100 company to work for since 2009, Instarmac is excited about its latest acquisition. Aztec Aerosols was originally founded in 1964 and has over 50 years of specialist knowledge. During this time it has combined technical knowledge with innovation to deliver great products and service to its customers.

Manufacturing will remain at the Crewe production facility under the leadership of Brady Collins, Managing Director who commented: ‘Instarmac and Aztec Aerosols Ltd share many common goals. The team here at Aztec have a vast amount of experience. We look forward to working together on product development and driving improvement to our customers.’

John Holcroft, Instarmac Group’s Managing Director stated: ‘The acquisition of Aztec Aerosols Ltd further strengthens the group’s offer and diversifies its market activities. Commercial opportunities exist within the current groups customer base and I welcome the additional technical skills that will enhance both companies.’

Instarmac Achieves Prestigious RoSPA Gold Medal Award

Instarmac Group plc are delighted to have been awarded the coveted Gold Medal, an honour only given to those who achieve 5 consecutive Gold Awards in the annual RoSPA Health and Safety Awards.

In its 61st year, these respected awards are open to businesses and organisations of all sizes, across a wide spectrum of industries and celebrate those who are committed to raising health and safety management standards. The judging panel of 24 leading industry experts, measure the performance of each organisation on areas such as identification, assessment, prevention and control of health risks, wellness at work, communication of information, and active monitoring and reviewing of health performance. They also consider any specific activities which distinguish an organisations approach to health and work. RoSPA’s Chairman, Michael D Parker CBE presented Instarmac’s Quality and Operations Manager, Darren Gough, with the respected award during a ceremony held at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel. “The health and safety of all those who work, visit and deliver to our premises in Tamworth has always been of the highest importance. The QHSE team at Instarmac have worked intensively to achieve this prestigious accolade and we are thrilled to receive this award for the 5th year in succession, as it continues to signify our commitment towards health and safety.” Darren Gough This achievement is the latest in a long line of awards of Instarmac. In 2017 they were placed in The Sunday Times Top 100 Best Companies for the eighth year, were ranked number one in the Mid Market 300, were named as a Low-Risk Operator by the DVSA, received a FORS Silver Award and completed the transition to the new ISO accreditations, one of the first companies to do so. For more information on Instarmac, their product offering and career opportunities please visit or call +44 (0) 1827 254402. You can keep up-to-date with all the latest news from Instarmac by following them on Twitter @InstarmacGroup.

Instarmac Ranks Number One in Mid Market 300

Every year Insider magazine lists the Midlands top performing 300 businesses with a turnover of £20 – £50million and Instarmac Group plc are delighted to have been ranked number one in this respected list.

Sponsored by HSBC, Coventry University and the Institute for Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering, Insider magazine uses Experian IQ to measure each company’s turnover and pre-tax profit. Using these two numbers, an average is taken and the top 300 are drawn in order from that list. As well as turnover and pre-tax profit, Insider also looked at profit margin, the amount of businesses exporting and number of employees. Their research showed that, not only have average profits and exports increased but Midlands businesses have also created 10,306 jobs over the past year – great news for local businesses and residents. Instarmac Group plc are a market-leading manufacturer of cement and bitumen based products to the world markets. Established in 1977, Instarmac have built a solid reputation based on the research, development and production of innovative materials used in the highway maintenance, urban regeneration, tiling, commercial flooring and internal finishing sectors. Instarmac are committed to providing high specification products that are durable and independently tested, backed up by first-class customer, technical and sales support. This achievement is the latest in a long line of awards of Instarmac. In 2017 they were placed in The Sunday Times Top 100 Best Companies for the eighth year, achieved a RoSPA Gold Award for the fifth year, were ranked as a Low-Risk Operator by the DVSA, received a FORS Silver Award and completed the transition to the new ISO accreditations, one of the first companies to do so. For more information on Instarmac, their product offering and career opportunities please visit or call +44 (0) 1827 254402. You can keep up-to-date with all the latest news from Instarmac by following them on Twitter @InstarmacGroup.

Integrated Flooring Technologies Shortlisted For Prestigious Business Award

Integrated Flooring Technologies have been shortlisted in the Family Business of the Year Category at the Glasgow Business Awards 2017.

Their nomination will go to round two judging before the winners are announced on Thursday 5th October at a glamorous ceremony at the Hilton Glasgow.

The Preparation Group Achieves SafeHire and re-joins HAE board

The Preparation Group, specialists in environmentally friendly solutions for preparing, cleaning & finishing, has achieved the HAE (Hire Association Europe) SafeHire accreditation. It is the only surface preparation company to comply with the scheme criteria.

Kate Walshaw, The Preparation Group’s Hire Group Manager has also been appointed as an HAE Supply Chain board member. After being co-opted onto the Board over 8 months ago, Kate’s re-election shows that she has clearly made a positive impact. Says Kate; ‘I am delighted to have been voted onto the HAE board again and in gaining SafeHire, we have demonstrated our commitment to a high standard of hire operations. Customers hiring our grinders, planers, shotblasters, STG’s, hand tools and vacuums can be assured that we run a professional service, with health & safety at the forefront of everything we do and with an emphasis on delivering full customer satisfaction. Many government offices and councils are already insisting on the SafeHire accreditation when engaging with a hire company for contract work so it will become increasingly important to our business.’ Paul Robertson, SafeHire Certification Scheme assessor commented: ‘The Preparation Group were a pleasure to deal with and worked hard to achieve their accreditation within the time frame. They are a perfect example of what SafeHire is all about. They made huge efforts towards all aspects of the scheme and grabbed the opportunities to improve, which will result in real commercial benefits.’ With the election of Kate to the Supply Chain Industry Board and achievement of SafeHire, The Preparation Group cements its place as the leading surface preparation tool hire business in the UK.

Central Flooring Services Recognised At Altro Installation Recognition Awards

The Altro Installation Recognition Awards have been designed to celebrate the skills and hard work of installers.

Central Flooring Services Ltd have been recognised by Altro for their installation at MM Flowers in Alconbury, Cambridgeshire. MM Flowers is the UK’s leading, vertically integrated cut flowers specialist, supplying major UK and European retailers. The company required a new build site to be laid with a resins solution that could provide a slip resistant rating of R12. Central Flooring Services laid 5000m² Altro Crete slip-resistant variant at 9mm to the large building and provided a first-class finish. CFS diverted 100% of all the waste from Landfill satisfying the customer that we had installed all his resin floors whilst using water-based products, made in the UK, whilst being installed by responsible contractor.

Arturo win 2017 CFA award for Resin Floors

Arturo was delighted in winning the 2017 CFA Award for Resin Floors.

Sharon Hart from Arturo received the award at the awards luncheon held at the Imperial War Museum in Duxford, Cambridgeshire on 26th April.

The CFA Resin Floors Award is such a prominent accolade to win as it is voted for by flooring contractors. Kenton Penny, Managing Director proudly remarked, “It is an honour to win such a prestigious award. Thanks to everyone who voted for Arturo. The innovative designs made possible by our resins have been recognised and now display an external sign of excellence.” Sharon Hart added “A unique floor can determine the atmosphere of a room or workplace. Arturo specialises in resin design flooring, offering a wide range of possibilities and pushes the boundaries of what a floor can do.”

Break with the confines of convention, Arturo is your place to explore the new found creativity of resin-based flooring systems. For stand out projects that demand performance and beautiful aesthetics, Arturo provides extremely durable resin flooring and in a huge variety of RAL colours to give designers and specifiers the opportunity to create stunning floor designs. Arturo has a wide product range and provides the perfect solution for either epoxy or polyurethane resin flooring subject to either light or heavy duty usage. Arturo can be used across a wide variety of commercial or public locations including schools, healthcare, retail and industrial environments.

Call: 01788 530 080

Fax: 01788 536 508

E-mail: info@


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Arturo gains Environmental Product Declarations

Arturo Unique Flooring gains Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) to help improve the environmental credential of their products.

Arturo Unique Flooring gains Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) to help improve the environmental credential of their products. The following Arturo products now have an EPD:

EP6900 Construction Resin

PU2030 Self-smoothing Floor

PU2060 Self-smoothing Floor

PU3320 Floor Seal

PU7320 Floor Seal

The environment is one of the most significant issues facing the construction industry and clients are increasing looking at sourcing building materials which are sustainable. Environmental building certification such as LEED, BREEAM and SKA also put pressure on companies to develop sustainable and eco-friendly buildings.

An EPD is an independently verified and registered document that provides information about the life-cycle environmental impact of a product. Products with an EPD are suitable for clients which require a SKA rating. SKA rating is an environmental assessment tool for sustainable installations and is designed for companies which want to install resin floors in an environmentally sustainable way.

Arturo provides unrivalled possibilities for design with infinite colour options and bespoke designs. The systems also provide exceptional resistance, sound insulation and easy maintenance. A unique floor can determine the atmosphere of a room or workplace. Arturo offers a wide range of resin floors and pushes the boundaries of what a floor can do.

Central Flooring Services Win Prestigious Award

Central Flooring Services were rewarded for their continuing efforts in sustainable resin flooring, being awarded a Green Apple Award at The Houses of Parliament on Friday 9th June.

The judges said that Central Flooring Services were setting the standards in their industry by not only recycling up to 100% of all the waste generated on Customers sites, they install sustainable systems where possible.

Central Flooring Services install all types of factory flooring, from floor coatings and screeds, to safety demarcation and anti-slip.

Resin Surfaces Speak Of Global Opportunities After Joining Sherwin-Williams

Ivy Wroe, Sales Director of Resin Surfaces (RSL), has today spoken for the first time about the impact of becoming part of Sherwin-Williams.

RSL, which celebrates 35 years in business this year, joined the world-leading coatings giant in May last year.

The company will now lead the Sherwin-Williams commercial flooring business in the EMEAI (Europe, Middle East, Africa and India), working alongside a sister business in the US.

The aim is to build a significant global presence in the sector.

Next month (July 2017) RSL will relocate its administrative and manufacturing headquarters from Hazel Grove to Sherwin-Williams’ Bolton operation as the final stage of a merging of people and skills.

Ivy, who has joined the board of Sherwin-Williams EMEAI, commented: “The last 12 months has been an extraordinary journey for us all. “Becoming part of Sherwin-Williams is testament to everyone’s hard work in helping us build a business over three decades which has led the way in resin wall and flooring solutions both in the UK and internationally.

“We now have the opportunity to take our product knowledge and technical expertise to a worldwide audience and lead Sherwin-Williams’ offer, certainly in the EMEAI region, but also wider, in close collaboration with our US counterparts.”

Ian Walker, General Manager for Sherwin-Williams EMEAI, said the deal with RSL reflected its dominance in the resin wall and flooring sector. “We wanted a partner with an established reputation for technical knowhow and new product development to help us build a global presence in what is a new sector for us.”

He continued: “Ivy’s team showed all the drive and ambition we needed to see to know that a relationship with them would be mutually beneficial. We are already making great progress in introducing their specific skills and experience into our worldwide network of existing contacts and opening up new ones together.”

Sherwin-Williams is a US Fortune 500 company serving the construction, retail, industrial, automotive and marine sectors. It reported $11.8 billion sales revenues to end of 2016 and the company employs over 37,600 people worldwide from its Cleveland HQ.

In an upbeat message to the firm’s wide range of customers Ivy concluded: “We are grateful for all the best wishes we have received in recent months from customers and the UK resin flooring industry as a whole. It’s good news for everyone.

“Being part of a bigger business means better career opportunities for our people, better investment in products and an extended global reach. The future is indeed very bright for resin flooring.”

Apollo Construction Solutions Launches Drive Restore (A1398)

Apollo Construction Solutions (APCS) is excited to launch Drive Restore (A1398), a unique and cost effective solution for rejuvenating resin bound surfaces.

As the UK’s largest privately-owned liquid adhesive, sealant, primer and resin manufacturer, we have worked with decorative surfacing companies for over twenty years and developed a strong reputation for supplying high performance polyurethane resins.

From our time in the industry, we understand the real issue facing our customers is addressing dull and matted drives and other large decorative surfaces. In the past, restoring resin surfaces was a lengthy and costly process. This was until we developed Drive Restore (A1398); it is a hardwearing UV-resistant polyurethane sealer that:

• Restores tired resin bound surfaces to their natural beauty.

• Minimises projects costs through spray application.

• Assists with anti-slip and may help with remedial work*.

With a patent pending, Drive Restore (A1398) is easily spray-applied via a pressurised canister system and provides a tough layer to restore and extend the life of the surface, whilst maintaining SUDs compliance.

Drive Restore (A1398) enables our customers, home owners, local authorities and facilities managers to enjoy the fresh and glossy appearance of their decorative surfaces for longer*.

In addition, Drive Restore (A1398) ensures economical even coverage, unlike a roller-coat product. It can re-life UV and non- UV surfaces, including driveways, paths and other large decorative areas. Drive Restore is sold throughout our carefully selected partners throughout the UK.

For further product information, including data sheet, Aspen and Floor Slip Resistance reports, please visit or contact us at 01827 542 81.

*Drive Restore (A1398) should only be used for such projects with Apollo Construction Solutions’ approval or our partners’ approval.

* QUV Testing indicates that Drive Restore (A1398) can last up to 2 years.

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Husqvarna revs up to develop the global floor grinding industry

The future looks bright for concrete floor grinding. With the global development of the industry still in its early years, Husqvarna has acquired two other leading players in the field – HTC Floor Grinding Solutions and Pullman Ermator. By combining the strengths and expertise of the three brands, it aims to expand the floor grinding market worldwide.

Floor grinding equipment and tools can be used for many applications: from levelling and preparing a concrete floor before adding a new surface layer, to polishing concrete into a beautifully shining floor with a premium look.

What’s more, polished concrete floors are durable and easyto clean and maintain, making them ideal for industrial and commercial sites. This is the message that Husqvarna wants to convey to forward-thinking architects, property owners, builders and flooring contractors all over the world.

Henric Andersson, President of Husqvarna Construction Products, explains: “The combination of HTC and Husqvarna will create a strong platform to educate floor owners and architects about the benefits of polished concrete floors. By combining our efforts, we can position floor grinding as the preferred method for surface preparation as well as making polished floors an even more popular flooring solution”.

More clients entering the market will lead to a growth in demand. Furthermore, flooring contractors can expect accelerated development of equipment and tools, as well as increased access to support from the business and application experts within Husqvarna.

“We aim to develop the market, improving productivity and costs for both contractors and floor owners. This gives us a stronger position to help our customers achieve beautiful and easily-maintained floors – and lower their environmental impact” says Henric Andersson.

“With Husqvarna, HTC and Pullman Ermator working side by side we will be able to develop even better solutions for our customers. By integrating Pullman Ermator’s market-leading dust and slurry management solutions into the concept, we will become an even stronger actor with the capability to innovate more effective solutions – increasing our customers’ productivity, and reinforcing our market-leading position.”

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Tackling Hazardous Waste Changes – How Will They Impact Construction?

It can be a real challenge keeping up with the ever-changing rules and regulations around waste legislation. Failure to comply can result in significant fines or even criminal prosecution. Reconomy takes two aspects of hazardous waste regulations that have changed in recent months.

You’ve got to be on the ball when complying with waste legislation. Unlike a football match, it’s not a game of two halves. It’s one where you have to be on your toes for the whole match. Drop the ball and the penalties are punitive. It can be a real challenge keeping up with the ever-growing rules and regulations.

But there is some good news from the sidelines. Two aspects of the Hazardous Waste Regulations have changed in the last quarter. The first is less paperwork (I can hear you cheering from the stands). The second is the format of the unique consignment note code. You may not think these are major changes and you would be right. Nevertheless they are changes you have to keep up with if you don’t want to receive a red card.

So now:

* If you produce or store 500kg or more of hazardous waste per year you will no longer need to register your premises with the Environment Agency provided you are in England. If you are in Wales you should continue to register with Natural Resources Wales.

* You still have to complete a consignment note code (if the waste is produced in England) but instead of the premises registration number you should put the first six letters or numbers (not symbols) of the business name.

Read the full blog here

Tackling Hazardous Waste Changes – How Will They Impact Construction?

You’ve got to be on the ball when complying with waste legislation. Unlike a football match, it’s not a game of two halves. It’s one where you have to be on your toes for the whole match. Drop the ball and the penalties are punitive.

It can be a real challenge keeping up with the ever-growing rules and regulations.

But there is some good news from the sidelines. Two aspects of the Hazardous Waste Regulations have changed in the last quarter. The first is less paperwork (I can hear you cheering from the stands). The second is the format of the unique consignment note code. You may not think these are major changes and you would be right. Nevertheless they are changes you have to keep up with if you don’t want to receive a red card.

So now: * If you produce or store 500kg or more of hazardous waste per year you will no longer need to register your premises with the Environment Agency provided you are in England. If you are in Wales you should continue to register with Natural Resources Wales.

* You still have to complete a consignment note code (if the waste is produced in England) but instead of the premises registration number you should put the first six letters or numbers (not symbols) of the business name.

For more information visit: here

How Can PAS 402 Help Reduce Waste in Your Building Project

Through the creation of PAS 402, everyone in the industry can now have confidence that the construction and demolition material that goes into a skip and leaves a site will be handled according to a strict standard.

Developed in conjunction with the British Standards Institution (BSI), the specification requires waste management firms to demonstrate performance in a number of key areas of waste management, including landfill diversion and materials recovery.

It means that as a construction firm you have verifiable and authoritative information to hand when you undertake a waste management audit for a new building project. This will make it easier to assess the right contractor for the job and give you a greater chance of achieving the best and most cost-effective levels of recycling and reuse.

To read more click on the link here

Dorfner at the European Coatings Show

Between 4th and 6th April 2017 the newest trends and technologies covering all aspects of the production of paints, varnishes, sealants, building chemicals and adhesives will be showcased at the ECS in Nuremberg. For Dorfner this is a welcome opportunity to show the company’s latest highlights.

The Focus will be on GRANUCOL® CONDUCT 2.0, the highly conductive filler in attractive new colors. Dorfner also presents DORSICOAT®, the award winning dust free filler system for flooring and DORVALIT® SHO, a new type of hydrophobic filler for coatings and paints.

The competent consultation of the sales personnel and a pleasant environment at the booth round off the trade fair appearance – Just come over and take a look! Find Dorfner in Hall 7A, Booth 309.

For further information please contact Ms. Emel Jami at Innoveo Limited. Tel: 0750 669 6242 or emel.jami [@]

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Husqvarna Group to acquire HTC

Husqvarna Construction Products has announced an agreement to acquire the HTC Floor Grinding Solutions division.

The combined ambition and strength of HTC, Pullman Ermator, and Husqvarna will enable the company to educate contractors, floor owners and architects about the benefits of polished concrete as a flooring solution or using grinding as a preparation method. Increasing the preference for these solutions will ultimately enable the growth of this market sector overall.

Husqvarna Construction plans to apply a multi-brand strategy to utilise the full strength of each brand. Customers will benefit from even greater resources and bigger opportunities to develop even better products. For the HTC business this would very much mean “business as usual” with its sales organisation continuing to offer and support their products as before. The acquisition is expected to complete in June/July this year.

PPC’s 180 Grinder and 202DSLP Vacuum – a formidable team

The Preparation Group has launched the PPC 180 Grinder, designed for use in confined floor areas and for edgework along with the 202DSLP Longopac® Vacuum. Together they are a revolution in removing problematic materials from concrete whilst at the same time controlling and minimising exposure to dust.

Critically, the 180 Grinder avoids the operator having to work on their hands and knees. Anti-vibration features also remove the risk of hand/arm vibration meaning that there is no restriction on length of usage.

The powerful 2.5kw motor and interchangeable accessories, including turbo grinding discs for hard and soft floors and polycrystalline diamonds for adhesive removal, render the tool ideal for; cleaning and keying all types of surfaces, removing concrete laitance, smoothing and levelling, de-scaling and removing sticky compounds and paint. It is also quickly assembled and disassembled with a fold down handle for easy transportation.

The unique steel dust shroud design allows airflow, preventing restriction of movement and ensuring uniform results. This shroud connects the 180 Grinder to a dust extraction unit and The Preparation Group recommends the compact, portable 202DSLP Longopac® Vacuum. The advantage of the 202DSLP is that it can used with all types of surface preparation equipment, from large machines down to small hand tools and also in isolation with an optional wand. It features a revolutionary airflow system for high suction levels and a Longopac® Safe Bagging System to ensure a dust free operation where all airborne particles are safely contained. Instead of a dust bin, dust and solid material is collected into a continuous anti-static feeding bag which is twisted and sealed by the operator into smaller bags for disposal. The 202DSLP vacuum delivers exceptional filtration levels, supplied with an ‘M’ class filter as standard or can be made ‘H’ type. It is available as a ATEX rated for use in food and petrochemical environments.

Energy saving, the 202DSLP’s twin motors, with a combined power of 2.3kw, allow the operator to increase/decrease power and suction, optimising dust containment or saving energy when the selected operation does not require full operating capacity. Additional socket to plug tools eliminate the need for extra cables and transformers.

The 180 Grinder and the 202DSLP are robust for daily use, easily stored, transported and manoeuvred and require minimal maintenance.

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Instarmac Celebrates Top Honour for the 8th year

Instarmac Group plc were delighted to secure a position in the prestigious ‘Sunday Times Best Small Companies to Work For’ for the 8th year at the recent awards ceremony held in London earlier this year.

Instarmac Group plc were delighted to secure a position in the prestigious ‘Sunday Times Best Small Companies to Work For’ for the 8th year at the recent awards ceremony held in London earlier this year.

The Sunday Times Top 100 Companies was introduced in 2001 and has since become one of the most anticipated awards ceremonies of the year. The Times Top 100 awards are split in to 4 categories – ‘Best Companies’, ’25 Best Big Companies’, ‘Best Small Companies’, and ‘Best Not-for-Profit Organisations’ – and each celebrate happy and motivated workforces across the country.

Each year sees thousands of companies register to take part in the surveys – which cover topics such as Leadership, Wellbeing, Giving Something Back, Personal Growth, My Manager, My Company, My Team and Deal – with only the top 325 being rewarded with this prestigious accolade.

The top 100 places are awarded following research conducted by Best Companies and Instarmac were delighted to be included in this esteemed list for the 8th year.

John Holcroft, Managing Director at Instarmac, commented: “At Instarmac we live by a simple philosophy which is to Work Hard, Have Fun and Make a Difference and our dedicated and engaging workforce do just that. I am delighted that Instarmac has been recognised as a ‘Best Company to Work For’ and feel tremendous pride having been awarded this top honour for the 8th time’.

For further information about Instarmac and their range of proven, trusted and certified materials, please visit or call +44 (0) 1827 871871. Stay up-to-date with all the latest news from Instarmac by following them on Twitter @InstarmacGroup and Liking them on Facebook.

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New ACO literature puts Hygiene First

ACO Building Drainage has launched a new brochure for its HygieneFirst range of hygienically engineered drainage systems and accessories.

Reflecting the company’s commitment to raising awareness for the importance of using hygienically designed drainage in food processing environments, the HygieneFirst brochure includes information about the principles of best practice hygienic design as well a comprehensive specification guide and product information.

Andy Buchan, Divisional Managing Director of ACO Building Drainage, comments: “Food safety, hygiene and cost control are critical factors in the successful operation of a commercial food business and drainage has a vital role to play. Our HygieneFirst philosophy embodies our commitment to raising standards across every part of the hygienic drainage process and to designing products that incorporate hygienic design based on leading academic research and global best practice.

“The inclusion of best practice guidance from the European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG) means our new HygieneFirst brochure will enable specifiers and end users to make informed choices about the drainage systems they use, to mitigate the risk of bacterial contamination and ultimately to optimise the hygienic performance of their food processing facilities.”

To obtain a copy of the new HygieneFirst brochure, call 01462 810400 or email abdinfo @

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New Uzin Loyalty Scheme

Stick with Uzin – you can now exchange loyalty points for Wolff Tools and Machines – starting from just 25 points.

To reward loyal customers Uzin is offering you the chance to collect points to exchange for Wolff Tools and Machines.

First you need become a member of the UZIN loyalty scheme. Register online now to receive news and special offers across the year.

Click here to register.

Once you have registered, simply order UZIN products to obtain points. Once you have collected enough points, depending on how many points you have collected, a variety of Wolff Tools and Machines can be claimed.


NEW UltraFloor Level IT Super Flex 30

Lay after an hour onto movement prone substrates with the NEW UltraFloor Level IT Super Flex 30

UltraFloor supply premium solutions for subfloor preparation. Their popular range has been expanded with a flexible smoothing finishing compound, Level IT Super Flex 30.

A two component system, Level IT Super Flex 30 is rapid setting and drying and boasts a fibre reinforced formulation. Due to a high polymer content it also offers excellent flexible properties. It has been specifically designed for use over a wide variety of subfloors including steel mezzanine decks, flooring grade plywood and can also be applied over damp proof membranes. In addition, Level IT Super Flex 30 can be used as a finished wear surface.

In as little as 30 minutes the product can be walked on and decorative floor coverings can be applied after 1 hour, and resin finishes after 24 hours, saving you time and money on site.

Level IT Super Flex 30 is suitable for depths between 2-10mm and can be used with underfloor heating systems and in biologically sensitive areas due to a protein free and low odour formulation. Single units, a 20kg bag and 4l bottle, will cover 6.5m² when applied at a 2mm thickness.

For further product information including the datasheet please visit or to place an order call 01827 871871. UltraFloor Level IT Super Flex 30 is available now nationwide, call us for your local stockist. You can also keep up-to-date with the latest news, competitions and much more from UltraFloor on Twitter, follow: @Ultra_Floor.

Contractors Invited for CONICA Event

CONICA LTD is offering flooring contractors the chance join it for a visit to the company’s head office in Schaffhausen, Switzerland.

The two-day visit, on 8 and 9 March 2017, will give contractors an opportunity to learn from the experts on how to install the full range of CONICA resin flooring products, including car park deck coatings.

The practical demonstrations and workshops are being held at CONICA’s main Swiss production plant, where flooring products have been developed and manufactured for 40 years.

James Berry of CONICA LTD will be leading the UK delegation: “This is the first time we’ve taken UK-based flooring contractors to Switzerland so that they can see first-hand how to install seamless resin flooring perfectly. It really is an ideal opportunity for any installation company looking to improve its skills and its offering.”

Anyone interested in joining the delegation should contact James Berry on 07960 939670 or by emailing james.berry [@]

CONICA’s expertise and continuous research and development enable it to offer the perfect solutions for flooring and waterproof systems for industrial, public and private buildings, car parks and civil engineering projects in addition to permeable paving solutions. British innovation, Swiss quality and 40 years of experience make CONICA what it is today. Combine this with being able to provide its customers with everything they need from a single source and you can understand why CONICA is seen as the number one supplier of seamless resin flooring in its respective markets.

For more information about CONICA’s range of sports and functional flooring ranges, visit

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How to Segregate Your Waste to Cut the Cost of Construction

Advice from Reconomy on how to incorporate segregation into your waste management plan in order to cut disposal costs.

The correct and proper segregation of construction waste remains a crucial part of any waste management strategy. Reconomy has created a simple step-by-step guide to show you exactly why you need to segregate waste, and how to incorporate segregation into your waste management strategy and sustainability practices.

Demonstrating a commitment to waste segregation and sustainable practices can be the difference between landing a project, meeting a deadline, coming in under budget or losing a major project entirely. Our simple guide will show you exactly why you need to segregate waste, and how to incorporate segregation into your waste management strategy and sustainability practices.

To find out more click on this link: here

A Construction Manager’s Guide to Selecting Right Skip Hire Firm

Hiring the right skip hire firm can help construction companies improve their bottom line, but price should not be the only consideration.

What are you looking for from a skip hire firm? The obvious answer for many construction managers will be competitive pricing – but a focus on value, rather than simply how much you pay to hire a skip, will ultimately produce a better result for your project’s bottom line.

Clearly, there are some basic principles your skip hire firm should meet. You’ll need a provider that operates in your area, though using a single national provider with local coverage can have advantages over the hiring of individual firms for each project. You should also check firms are compliant with construction-related waste management legislation – that they have the appropriate waste carriage licences and environmental permits, for example.

Read the full Reconomy blog on this for more information at: here

NVQ6 Success for Reprotec’s Elliott Lindsay

Elliott Lindsay has been awarded the NVQ6, having been one of the first candidates on the pilot scheme which launched in 2014.

Having left school with few qualifications, Elliott joined Reprotec 15 years ago as a general labourer. He was able to benefit from the time and money the company put into its workforce; with regular personal development meetings, training plans, in-house supervised and other training. Elliott was amongst the first 19 nationally to achieve the newly established NVQ2 in resin flooring qualification in 2008. This gave him the encouragement to retake his Maths and English exams as well as completing the SMSTS and a business outward bound management training course, which then enabled Elliott to take the next step and achieve his NVQ3 Supervisory Management qualification.

The high point for him has been to gain his NVQ6 in specialist contracting operations which is a degree level course. Elliot said: “This is the best achievement of my career to date, and my challenge now is to put all that I have learnt into practice. It is thanks to John Holmes, our MD and the Reprotec team that I have got where I am today. They see the value of investing in training to help their staff achieve and develop as well as for the good of the company.”

John Holmes, Reprotec’s MD, added: “Elliott’s endeavour to achieve NVQ Level 6, even though it was hard work and quite testing at times, is a testament to his attitude and dedication to his profession. We are so proud of Elliott and no doubt he can achieve even more in the future.”

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Star Uretech celebrates living wage commitment

The Living Wage Foundation is pleased to announce that Star Uretech has been accredited as a Living Wage employer.

The Living Wage commitment will see everyone working at Star Uretech, regardless of whether they are permanent employees or third-party contractors; receive a minimum hourly wage of £8.45 – significantly higher than the national minimum wage of £6.95 and the new minimum wage premium for over 25s of £7.20 per hour introduced this April.

The Living Wage is an hourly rate set independently and updated annually. The Living Wage is calculated according to the basic cost of living using the ‘Minimum Income Standard’ for the UK.Decisions about what to include in this standard are set by the public; it is a social consensus about what people need to make ends meet.

Mark Almond, General Manager at Star Uretech says “As a company our ethos differs from what has become standard practice and paying our staff a decent wage for a hard day’s work is just one of the changes we have made to how Star Uretech operates. We place great importance on the well-being of our staff, our honesty regarding our products and a general desire to do the right thing. Morals and profit are not mutually exclusive and our ethical approach to business not only helps us to retain our customers but is playing a large role in securing new customers and helping our business grow. We have always been a market leader in our industry and hopefully other companies will continue to follow our lead and make the living wage commitment.”

Employers choose to pay the Living Wage on a voluntary basis. The Living Wage enjoys cross party support, with public backing from the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition.

Living Wage Foundation Director, Katherine Chapman said: “We are delighted to welcome Star Uretech to the Living Wage movement as an accredited employer. “The best employers are voluntarily signing up to pay the Living Wage now. The Living Wage is a robust calculation that reflects the real cost of living, rewarding a hard day’s work with a fair day’s pay.

“We have accredited nearly 3,000 leading employers, including Star Uretech, ranging from independent printers, bookshops and breweries, to well-known companies such as Nationwide, Aviva and SSE. These businesses recognise that clinging to the National Living Wage is not good for business. Customers expect better than that.”

Rebranding for Altro

Exciting new developments ahead for Altro!

Designed for Possibilities – Made for People.

Over the past few months Altro has been working on developing its brand; talking to customers about what their current and future expectations are. Based on this, it is presenting a new brand and identity which represent the expanded possibilities it sees now and in the future.

The new website, logo and strapline reflects the new brand and product focus. It might look different, but there will be no change to the same high levels of customer care, technical knowledge and product innovation you’ve come to expect from Altro.

Over the coming months we will provide you with our extended portfolio of solutions, as well as new products that will give you even greater choice in colour, design and performance.

We are Altro.

Cost, Time and Compliance – 6 Ways to Control Waste

From planning to tracking progress on your construction project, don’t let waste add to your construction cost problems. Reconomy offers top tips on how to manage the cost of construction waste.

51% of construction companies claim they could increase profitability and simplify their supply chain by modernising the way they do things, according to a survey by the University of the West of England.

The cost of construction waste management is a major factor in the profitability of a construction project, as construction firms come under mounting pressure to minimise resource use across the supply chain, comply with legislation and satisfy competing demands from clients.

Collectively, construction, demolition and refurbishment accounts for around half of the UK’s waste, creating an estimated 100 million tonnes annually. This puts the industry firmly in the spotlight – and organisations such as Defra and the BREW (Business Resource Efficiency and Waste) are pushing for action across the industry.

But real change requires considerable effort along the entire length of the supply chain. The cost of construction waste must be controlled from the top through good communication, monitoring and collaboration.

Read the full blog here

Introducing the Euclid Group: A World Leader in Construction Chemicals

The Euclid Group has announced its formation by joining several RPM International Inc. subsidiaries in business together, with the predominant operating companies being Euclid Chemical, Eucomex, Toxement, Cave, Viapol, Flowcrete, RPM Belgium and Vandex.

The formation of the new Group creates an advanced manufacturer of smart building solutions with strategically located infrastructure and offices around the world.

The Group’s combined product portfolio positions it as a leading supplier to the global construction and engineering industry. Brands without a foothold in particular regions will be able to leverage the Group’s global infrastructure to rapidly introduce product lines into new markets.

The Euclid Group unites several of the world’s leading construction chemicals brands, principally: Euclid Chemical, Eucomex, Toxement, Cave, Viapol, Flowcrete and RPM Belgium Vandex.

The Euclid Group will be comprised of 34 plants, over 2,100 worldwide employees and a sales presence in 55 countries.

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Mapei to exhibit at Architect @ Work 2017

Mapei will be exhibiting at Architect @ Work, in Olympia, London on 25-26 January 2017. Visit Mapei specification managers and product specialists on Stand 21, who will be on hand to offer advice.

Mo Aljan, National Specification Manager at Mapei commented “We anticipate another excellent event and look forward to exhibiting at Architect @ Work again this year. We will be showcasing Mapei’s new comfortable seamless flooring solution, Mapefloor Comfort AR/X system, discussing project requirements, and providing technical advice.”

Mapefloor Comfort System AR/X is an attractive and self-smoothing resin-based flooring system, which provides a seamless comfortable level of flooring in commercial environments.

Due to its elastic properties Mapei’s comfort flooring system proves advantageous when a good level of comfort is required underfoot. This is provided from the matting at the base of the system which also has excellent soundproofing capabilities, reducing the impact of noise transmission into areas below. Recently installed at BDP Architects practice in Bristol, the flooring system has a high resistance to wear and abrasion from constant foot traffic and moveable office furniture such as castor chairs.

Schlüter-Systems gives feature staircase the edge with illuminated profiles

Schlüter®-LIPROTEC illuminated profile technology in conjunction with Schlüter®-TREP stair nosing profile gives a feature staircase a unique lighting design with a modern, slip resistant finish, within the entrance to Longvale’s brand new facility.

Industrial Sensor Specialist, Longvale, was founded in the mid-1980s and supply products such as Mechanical Switches and Special Sensors from manufacturers around the world to industries ranging from Oil and Gas to Rail and Automotive and many more; however, their new facility, located at Lancaster Park in Burton Upon Trent, now allows them to design and produce bespoke solutions for customers themselves.

Schlüter-Systems has been a market leader in essential flooring accessories since it was founded in 1966 and it provides complete system-solutions and technical support for residential and commercial projects, large or small.

Schlüter introduced the new range of illuminated profiles to add a fourth dimension to architecture, with lighting playing an essential role when it comes to inspired design. Schlüter®-LIPROTEC is an intelligent lighting concept that combines lighting and profiles within the tile and stone covering. A choice of indirect or direct light is available, with Schlüter profile technology, allowing you to emphasise curtain walls and illuminate stairways, foyers, bathrooms and more, all with an innovative, unique appearance.

Intelligent receivers control the LED strips with power supply units that convert the mains voltage to the 24 V required. Pre-programmed colour changes can be selected using the control system, where you decide the mood with the touch of a button. If the client is looking for a particular ambiance or to bring brand colours into the design, then the system can be programmed from 16 million colours.

Suitable for moisture-rich rooms, the LED strips are completely encapsulated and conform to IP65, allowing subtle detail to be incorporated into the smallest rooms in the house, office, hotel, or wherever your imagination takes you.

For this particular project Schlüter®-LIPROTEC-PB with indirect and direct light was combined with the high quality Schlüter®-TREP-E stair nosing profile in a brushed stainless steel finish, turning the staircase into a stunning focal point with an illuminated subtle accent. The Schlüter®-TREP range also improves safety on staircases, maintaining and protecting installations to keep the edges of the floor coating intact.

How to Get the Most Volume in your Skip

By addressing volume issues associated with skip hire, disposing of waste can actually boost your business.

A skip may seem like the most unlikely of allies for protecting your bottom line, but construction site managers are increasingly embracing innovative techniques to maximise the volume potential of their on-site skips and other waste containers.

Waste management is at a premium on construction sites, as the sector struggles to deal with the 109m tonnes of construction waste it generates every year – that’s 33% of total waste in the UK and 45% of the country’s overall CO2 emissions. While handling waste responsibly is crucial for environmental reasons, there is also a very real business case to be made for introducing an efficient waste management policy. Once you’ve chosen the right skip hire company, you need to think about how you deploy and fill those skips.

Such a common piece of equipment on site may seem like the most unlikely of allies for protecting your bottom line, but construction site managers are increasingly embracing innovative techniques to maximise the volume potential of their on-site skips, and generating significant savings in the process. From the efficient disposal of light mixed waste (LMW) and wood to plasterboard, more efficient skip utilisation can produce cost savings of up to 30% if skip volumes and waste streams are fully optimised.

Read the full blog here

The Resin Mill Win at The Business Awards

The Resin Mill reign victorious at the prestigious Examiner Business Awards fighting off stiff competition to take home the award.

The Resin Mill are crowned winners of the prestigious New Business Award at the Examiner Business Awards of the Year 2016.

The Resin Mill team were thrilled with being awarded the Examiner Business Award, ‘New Business of the Year 2016’, at a fantastically glittery ceremony at the John Smith Stadium hosted by BBC presenter Harry Gration, MBE. It was a strong category with some stiff competition so it made the win feel highly credible.

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Low-dust DORSICOAT® quartz products recognised at awards

The dust-free DORSICOAT® product family was commended within the scope of the eleventh German Hazardous Material Protection Award by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS).

The prize has been awarded for more than 20 years for exemplary and pioneering activities which offer protection against hazardous substances. This year, among other things, practical solutions, innovative concepts and good ideas, which offer protection from dusts, were awarded. An independent jury comprised of people from science and research, ministries and the industry conducted the assessment of the received ap-plications. The award ceremony was held on October 25, 2016 at the Federal Minis-try of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS) in Berlin.

With the DORSICOAT® product family, Dorfner has enhanced crystal quartzes and their mixtures in such a way that processing is now possible virtually dust-free thanks to a special coating. The products, which are included in the Refinerals® product class at Dorfner, enable a much more pleasurable work performance. They are particularly used in resin-bound floor coverings.

The DORSICOAT® product family is characterised by an almost completely dust-free processing capability. A special coating is applied to the crystal quartzes which almost completely prevents the formation of particulate dust. Thereby the coated quartz crystals are compatible with the binders of all commonly used organically-bound floor systems. DORSICOAT® significantly increases the safety and protects the health of employees at the workplace, the international regulations as well as the legal requirements. The low dust development of the products was confirmed by tests conducted by the Institute for Hazardous Materials Research of the BG Raw Materials and the Chemical Industry (IGF). Additionally the product is in accordance with the recommendations, campaigns and initiatives of the Professional Association of the Construction Industry.

But DORSICOAT® also increases the quality of the coating, because the surface deficiencies which are caused by dust do not occur anymore. By coincidence it was also discovered that the productivity of employees clearly increases at dust-free workplaces (and with it the productivity rate per square meter).

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IFT offers Integrated Flooring Solutions

Leading specialist flooring company, Industrial Floor Treatments Ltd, has undergone significant changes within the business and has recently rebranded as IFT-Integrated Flooring Technologies.

The company, which now provides integrated flooring solutions, was established in 1985 and employs 45 staff from offices in East Kilbride and Bishop Auckland. 2016 has been another successful year for the business, with turnover increasing 20% over the past two years. In order to remain competitive within the marketplace, IFT has evolved considerably from just industrial flooring and now provides clients with a variety of services including floor screeds and leveling, resin flooring, food safe flooring, car park decking systems, raised access flooring, underfloor heating and hygienic wall cladding.

Managing Director Greg Love comments: “The marketplace is still competitive, however despite Brexit, confidence across Scotland’s construction industry appears to be on the increase and IFT has evolved to provide additional services to clients so that contractors no longer need to look outside Scotland to service their requirements. We are looking to develop our local workforce over the next 12 months, from apprentices to experienced floor installers, in order to keep up with demand.

There are a number of high profile projects across Scotland in development and the key focus of main contractors appears to be on quality of supply. There is a clear need in the market for large office space as outdated office accommodation in the major commercial centres is refurbished or replaced. We are also seeing a spike in enquiries from the end-user market, in particular for those businesses involved in exporting.”

IFT is recognised throughout the industry for its Quality of Service and rigorous Health & Safety and Environmental systems. The company works with a number of industrial and commercial clients throughout Scotland and the North of England including Balfour Beatty, Laing O’Rourke, Sir Robert McAlpine and Diageo, and has recently worked on high profile projects such the Woods Groups new head offices at City Park Aberdeen where they installed the car park decking system and raised access flooring, and the Kelvin Hall refurbishment project where IFT were the flooring contractor appointed to install both the screeding and resin flooring on this historic and much loved Glasgow venue transformed into an exciting new centre of cultural excellence.

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Central Flooring Services Ltd continue to expand

The Directors at Central Flooring Services Ltd are proud to announce they have secured the services of Nick Megson as Sales and Marketing Director.

Nick has been involved in the Resin Flooring Industry for some 25 years, during this time has gained invaluable experience in both manufacturing and contracting with the resin flooring market.

He was an early enthusiast for the FeRFA recycling scheme and has been instrumental in the success of creating zero to landfill and researching materials that are manufactured using up to 50% recycled products.

Central Flooring is undergoing an exciting expansion programme and Nick will be heading up both the Sales and Marketing departments.

Nick said “I have known Central Flooring for many years and have always admired the way they have grown the business.”

Directors Richard Jinks and Kyle Stokes added “We have some great plans for taking Central Flooring to the next level and with Nick on board, we can continue to grow and seek new markets.”

Accreditations for John Lord

John L Lord & Son Ltd, widely renowned as a leading specialist industrial and commercial flooring company, is proud to announce its recent accreditations, demonstrating its commitment to achieving the highest standards and provide Total Responsibility for all flooring projects from start to finish.

As well as being an approved SafeContractor, it is also BS EN ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems) and BS EN ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems) approved. John Lord is also an assured vendor under the Altius scheme.

Both BS EN ISO 14001 and 9001 cover the manufacture and supply of resin and ceramic flooring systems, aggregate and resin blending, warehousing and distribution of industrial flooring products.

The Safe Contractor Scheme reassures clients that health and safety is being handled correctly and sufficiently on its sites and the company health and safety processes have been assessed to make sure they are suitable for the work being undertaken.

Altuis uses its experience, resources and systems in the most effective way to make the supply chain safer, more reliable and more competitive.

Established in 1901, the business is family owned and has over 110 years’ experience within the Resin Flooring, Industrial Flooring and Commercial Flooring sectors, and over this period has grown to become one of the largest flooring contractors in Europe.

What Does the 2015 Update to ISO 14001 Mean for Construction Companies

Can you reduce the cost of compliance and ensure responsble waste management. Read Reconomy’s latest blog that takes a closer look at the latest update to ISO 14001 and examines what it means for construction companies.

The recently released update to the ISO 14001 EMS standard, ISO 14001:15 has been designed to help businesses reduce the cost of compliance as well as identify and capitalise on opportunities. Construction businesses, whether they are adopting the standard for the first time or updating from an existing standard, will find in ISO 14001:15 a suite of useful measures aimed at enhancing their ability to address their environmental impact. At the same time, it should help them take into account the increasingly complex challenges which construction businesses frequently encounter, such as responsible waste management.

For more information visit here.

Read the full blog here

What Does Brexit Mean for Waste Management in the UK Construction Industry

As the waste management industry comes to terms with Brexit, the implications of life without EU directives and funding are being fully explored.

Fears of prolonged chaos – as EU directives are unpicked and new regulations envisaged – are being balanced by acknowledgement that referendum hype heightened anxieties on both sides.

A recent report ‘Brexit: Assessing the ESG Implications’ by Sustainalytics argues that the probability of policy changes in most areas affecting waste management remains ‘low or moderate’ because UK foundational law underpins EU directives.

Report co-author Doug Morrow said: “On both sides of the debate, the Leave and the Stay, there was an exaggeration of what it will mean for UK companies.”

But there are fears that air quality and waste reduction commitments could be abandoned as Britain frees itself from EU directives. Reconomy’s blog takes a closer look at how the UK’s waste management and construction sectors are assessing their industry prospects post-Brexit.

Read the full blog here

Coatech wins at the North Wales Young Business Awards

Coatech was delighted to win a prestigious accolade at the recent ‘North Wales Young Business Awards’ at a glittering ceremony held at Venue Cymru in Llandudno.

Coatech beat off strong competition to win the ‘Best Partnership’ Award for brother/sister management team Mathew and Emma Shufflebotham. The Company was also a finalist in the ‘People’s Choice Award Category’

The awards night was a fantastic celebration of the hard work, achievements and dedication of business owners and managers all under the age of 35, from a wide range of industries across North Wales.

The Best Partnership Award category recognises the team that possesses strong business acumen, and works together to strive for excellence across all aspects of the business. Factors such as fantastic business ethics, customer service and working in partnership with their employees to achieve success were all key to standing out in this category

Contracts Director, Mathew Shufflebotham, said: “Winning this award at the NWYBA is a fantastic achievement for Coatech and a great opportunity to put the Resin Flooring industry on the map. We hope that it will help us with our plans to develop and grow our business further”

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The Resin Mill shortlisted for Business Award

Resin Bound Supplier in the final three for prestigious business award, “New Business of the Year”.

The Resin Mill, leading suppliers of resin bound and bonded materials, is delighted to announce it has been shortlisted as one of the final three in the category of “Business Hub Kirklees – New Business of the Year”, delivered by the largest and longest standing business awards event, the Examiner Business Awards.

The Examiner Business Awards recognise the unsung heroes of the local business community – the organisations and individuals who contribute in great measure to the regional economy by their efforts in areas such as innovation, creativity, community involvement and overseas trade.

The awards will be presented on 3rd November at John Smith’s Stadium in Huddersfield.

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Sika create superb new Training and Showroom Area

Global building product manufacturer, Sika, has transformed the basement of its Preston centre into a stunning training conference room. The five-figure refurbishment at Sika House includes an interactive showroom area where visitors can discover a range of top-quality Sika products.

The renovation project was a collaborative, in-house venture which called upon the experience and expertise of Sika staff from across the UK and Europe. Sika solutions were used to build and fit-out the entire facility.

The conference training room has capacity to host up to 40 people. A breakout showroom area features products from Sika’s entire range of construction-based solutions, while augmenting the exhibition space are a series of interactive TV screens. These provide a useful information tool for visitors on the scope and availability of high-quality Sika products.

Staff across all levels of the Sika business played their part in the refurbishment. Architect interns took the opportunity to learn about the company’s products on a “live” project by proposing design concepts which included remodelling the floor plan, as changes were made throughout the build.

The project was also an opportunity to showcase the newly-launched Sikagard® Hygienic coating 400 Series, a solution specifically for hygiene-critical environments and applied to the converted basement’s walls. In preparation for the installation of the Sika Flooring systems, the main floor substrate was levelled using the new Sikafloor®-300 Rapid Level, an extremely low emission cement-based, self-levelling compound which was used in conjunction with the seamless Sika ComfortFloor®, a smooth, low VOC, coloured elastic resin floor offering superb comfort, high levels of wear and noise resistance, and excellent crack-bridging properties.

The aesthetics of the facility is further enhanced by the design freedom of specifying ComfortFloor, allowing for a creative design finish to be applied using bespoke colour patterns throughout the space. The result of this Europe-wide team effort is a modern, attractive conference training room and showroom facility; a vital development hub for current and future Sika staff, and the ultimate public showcase for Sika’s unrivalled product range.

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Landfill Tax Update – What Will It Cost You and Your Supply Chain

Reconomy’s latest blog posting takes a closer look at what these ongoing landfill tax rises could potentially mean for you and your supply chain.

As of April 2016, landfill tax rates have risen across the UK. The standard rate is now £84.40 per tonne, and that rate is set to increase even more over the coming years. While the devolved governments are yet to announce their prices, English companies already know that they’ll be charged £88.95 per tonne to use landfills by 2018.

These charges represent a significant outlay for the construction industry, so it’s no wonder that more and more companies are looking to adopt waste management best practices to keep these costs down. So just what will the landfill tax rises cost you and your supply chain, and how can you mitigate the rising prices of waste disposal?

For more information visit here.

Instarmac Products at the Touch of a Button

Instarmac is proud to announce the launch of its new product planner App. The App has been developed using the latest mobile app development technology and has been designed with customers’ needs in mind.

Have you ever been stuck on site with no internet connection and need to find out how quickly your tile adhesive will set? When your pothole repair can be trafficked? Which smoothing underlayment you should use? The new Instarmac Product Planner App completely solves this problem!

Each of Instarmac’s 6 brands – UltraCrete, UltraScape, UltraTile, UltraFloor, Wondertex and Granfix – have dedicated product pages allowing the user to find information easily and quickly. What’s more, each product has its own enhanced product calculator and technical and safety datasheets which can be accessed and downloaded without the need for an internet connection.

The App boasts many features including tutorial videos, an easy to use search function and a ‘Favourites’ list where the user can keep a list of their most favoured products and brands, allowing them to access information even more quickly when on-site.

Users can also be kept up-to-date with all the latest product developments at Instarmac via the App notifications.

The Instarmac Product Planner is FREE to download on Google Play and in the App Store now.

DCP acquires Everlac GB

Don Construction Products (DCP) is pleased to announce its newest acquisition in Haverhill, United Kingdom, Everlac GB Ltd.

Everlac has an excellent track record in developing and producing coating and finishing products for more than 35 years. It produces products for many industries but specialises in sports coatings. Everlac offers coating solutions for tennis courts, multisport surfaces, netball courts, gym floors, and playgrounds. Everlac uses the best in modern coatings technology to satisfy the needs of the contractor and player using the sports facility.

Everlac prides itself in using the latest of resin and coating technologies to give brighter pigmentation, longer lasting and harder wearing coats without the environmental issues associated with solvent based coatings. Its dedication to high quality and bespoke products that cater to all customer needs has made is it so successful in the last 10 years that their products are now supplied through their wholly owned subsidiary ‘Sports Coatings Ltd.’

DCP has been looking for some time to expand its manufacturing base, particularly on the resin side and since early this year has been working towards this acquisition, which has recently been completed. Lesley Clarke, Business Development Manager at DCP, comments, “Everyone at DCP is delighted to be working with the team at Everlac, this has given us the opportunity to offer an improved range of quality products to our customers at very competitive prices within the market. Over the next few months we will be working hard with everyone there to bring more products on board and look forward to releasing more information as it becomes available.

RSL gets the best from Polyaspartic technology to develop new range

The UK’s leading specialist manufacturer of resin floor and wall finishes, RSL, will launch Elladur™ this month taking the very best of polyaspartic technology to the next level.

An experienced team of chemists and product developers at Resin Surfaces Ltd has devised a new generation of polyaspartic materials with game-changing benefits for the marketplace. Martin Wroe, Commercial Director at RSL said: “We have been road-testing Elladur™ in key markets with specialist contractors for the last 12 months and are very excited to be bringing the Elladur™ range to market this Autumn. It meets the need for efficient, greener flooring solutions – and thanks to the skills of our chemists – is a truly innovative take on a proven material which used to be challenging to handle – not anymore.” The most common barriers to effective flooring solutions using polyaspartics have been length of pot life and odours present during application and impact on the environment. Elladur™ is the first resin solution to combat all of these issues. At the same time, it delivers the durability, performance, and quality that you come to expect from an RSL floor. The range is fast-curing, even at low temperatures, solvent free, UV stable, low odour, and can be applied to a wide range of substrates in a variety of applications. By reducing installation time from days to just a few hours Elladur™ has already helped RSL make serious inroads into the custodial and retail sectors, both of whom need a super swift return to service and minimal disruption. But this key benefit is of interest to companies in many industrial and commercial environments. Pharma and manufacturing are key targets going forward. Being low odour, Elladur™ also helps contractors speed up completion times. An Elladur™ surface can be back in full working order long before competitor products.

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Coatech nominated for prestigious award

Coatech is delighted to announce that they have recently been shortlisted as finalists in the forthcoming ‘North Wales Young Business Awards’.

The awards recognise and celebrate the dedication and achievements of business owners under the age of 35.

Coatech has been nominated in two categories, the first being best ‘Best Partnership’ for brother/sister team Mathew and Emma Shufflebotham, and also for the ‘People’s Choice Award’ category which recognises ‘excellence, performance and commitment to customer service’.

The ‘People’s Choice Award’ category, is a public vote and you can vote for Coatech at

The winners will be announced in a prestigious black-tie event being held at Venue Cymru, North Wales on September 17th.

Its a fast F1 finish with Husqvarna PG 820 RC

Husqvarna PG 820 RC gives a facelift to Formula One circuit in Germany.

At the end of July a somewhat unusual surface preparation mission was completed. 5.000 square meters of a thick lacquer layer was removed from the Hockenheimring Formula One circuit in Germany. The Hockenheimring maintenance team had a challenging task ahead. They needed to remove old advertising spaces from the ground at the Hockenheimring Formula One circuit in Baden-Württemburg, Germany.

The difficult part was removing the thick lacquer layer that was piled over decades without damaging the pavement. And all that on an area of 5.000 square meters. The Hockenheimring team had been looking for a fast and effective solution for a long time, when they finally found and decided to invest in the PG 820 RC floor grinder.

The team had a very distinct deadline, they needed to finish the work by the end of July, in time for the big annual Formula One event “Der große Preis von Deutschland”.

The German Husqvarna surface preparation specialist, Karl-Heinz Butz, trained the Hockenheimring team in how to operate the machine. He also gave overall support to the whole project. “The team was very eager to learn and the remote-control was really a big advantage when preparing an area as big as this one”, says Karl-Heinz.

He continues: “The time window in which we had access to work on the pavement was limited. Actually, due to regular practise on the circuit, we could only use the machines between 6 and 9am. Therefore the machine had to be very effective and fast. PG 820 RC is both.

The job was completed in time and the customer was very pleased with the result. They will continue to use their PG 820 RC on the same areas over and over again in order to remove and replace different promotions that are painted on the ground. They will also use the machine for preparing the tracks. That way they can adjust the track to fit different needs and create the suitable conditions for instance dragster racing as well as Formula One.

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Kemtile appoints estimator / surveyor Paul Doyle

Kemtile – the hygienic flooring, wall systems and drainage specialists based in Warrington – has further strengthen its capabilities with the appointment of Paul Doyle as Estimator / Surveyor.

Paul brings with him to Kemtile a decade’s experience in surveying and estimating for specialist resin flooring projects.

Prior to that, Paul had undertaken similar roles within the construction sector – working on a wide variety of projects including general building, refurbishments and facades.

His experience and understanding of such a breadth of construction projects is set to greatly enhance Kemtile’s already excellent service offering. He is now one of the company’s first points of contact with food and drink manufacturing clients – providing expert pricing and surveying advice for both BASF Ucrete polyurethane resin floors and Kagetec ceramic tiling systems.

Paul said: “It goes without saying that I’m delighted to have joined the team here at Kemtile. The company’s outstanding reputation is founded on its high standards of delivery on projects and excellent management from start to finish – and I wanted to be a part of it.

“I believe that my previous experience stands me in good stead to continue to provide our clients with the levels of knowledge, expertise and service for which Kemtile is renowned. I’m very much looking forward to developing my role and experience here.

Stephen Westley, Joint Managing Director at Kemtile, says: “Paul brings with him proven experience of the specialist flooring sector, which makes us even better equipped to meet needs of our growing client base within the food and drink processing sectors.

“As our client base grows we need to ensure that we increase our team. Paul’s appointment enables us to continue to grow our capabilities and we are delight to welcome him to the Kemtile team.”

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New Husqvarna DC 6000 – greater performance and efficiency

The new Husqvarna DC 6000 comes with a self-opening gate valve, new filter and an improved raise and lower function. With all the updates, the new DC 6000 is more user-friendly and contributes to higher efficiency and greater performance.

The new DC 6000 is more automated, thus enabling the operator to grind non-stop and keep a better focus on the result.

”With the functions of the new gate valve, the cyclone with dust is auto-dumped every three minutes. This prevents overfilling and saves time for the user”, says Joakim Leff-Hallstein, Global Product Manager Floor Grinding, Husqvarna Construction Products. “In addition, DC 6000 comes with an improved filter which enhances cleaning and keeps a continuous air flow over time.”

Another update on the dust collector are the cones on the cyclone and filter units. The cones ensure that the dust remains in the bag after being dumped. It is also easy to see how full the dust collector is while operating. Also, DC 6000 has an improved raise and lower functionality. It is now a one man operation to lower and raise the unit, with a rail attached to the lower frame and bearings attached to the upper frame.

“All the updates combined mean higher efficiency and significantly less dust on the floor and in the air, which saves time but also contributes to a more healthy environment for the users. I am sure that the new version of our DC 6000 will receive a warm welcome on the market”,concludes Joakim Leff-Hallstein.

Main benefits

Self-opening gate valve

• New HEPA 13 filter

• Cones on the cyclone and filter

• Improved transport position

For full benefits and technical specifications refer to the Case Study link below.

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RonaDeck Low VOC Tool Cleaner/Trowel Finishing Aid

Ronacrete introduces a new low VOC trowel cleaner to its RonaDeck range of resin bound and bonded surfacing products.

RonaDeck Low VOC Tool Cleaner/Trowel Finishing Aid is an eco friendly solvent which is readily biodegradable with low volatile organic compound emissions. It is used for removing uncured polyurethane and epoxy resins from equipment used in the resin bound surfacing and resin bonded surfacing application process. Regular cleaning with RonaDeck Low VOC Tool Cleaner/Trowel Finishing Aid will ensure that equipment is sufficiently clean and prolong usable life.

RonaDeck Low VOC Tool Cleaner/Trowel Finishing Aid is an effective alternative to white spirit, Xylene and other volatile solvents. The product cleans more efficiently, because the solvent is slow to evaporate, providing more working time, when compared with acetone, cellulose thinners and other highly volatile solvents.

Features and benefits

• Low VOC content

• Low odour

• Biodegradable

• Non Chlorinated

• Not dangerous for transportation

• High flash point > 800C

For more information about RonaDeck Low VOC Tool Cleaner/Trowel Finishing Aid and other products in the RonaDeck range visit, email tech @ or phone 01279 638700.

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Kemtile Bids a Fond Farewell to ‘Mr Ucrete’

This month, Ian Scriven – one of the country’s leading commercial and industrial flooring specialists – will retire from a sector that he has helped drive and develop for over four decades in the UK and Ireland.

At the age of 71, Ian will leave his role as Business Development Manager for Cheshire-based Kemtile following a most successful four year career swansong with the leading installer of hygienic food grade floors and drainage.

Ian joined Kemtile in 2012 after working in close partnership with the company for many years in his previous role at BASF Construction Chemicals, where he was Sales Manager for its flooring division.

Prior to that, Ian was a member of the original ICI Chemicals team that designed and developed UCRETE heavy duty polyurethane screeds more than 35 years ago – initially to be installed within its chemical and pharmaceutical facilities to protect concrete floors from their inert weaknesses.

Holding the position of Sales and Marketing Manager for its Building Products and Flooring Division beginning in 1988, Ian counts one of his highlights in his long career was helping to introduce UCRETE to the food and drink production sector from its original pharmaceutical and chemical roots.

Needless to say, Ian played a pivotal role in positioning the UCRETE system as the number one UK brand and product of choice for clients and specifiers in all of these industries.

As part of an ever-rich career history, immediately before joining Kemtile, Ian undertook a 12month consultancy and project sales development role for his previous employer BASF, this time for its Wind Energy Division. Appointed due to, in part, his previous experience of cement and grout from an even earlier appointment at Blue Circle Cement in 1973, the BASF team successfully procured two offshore wind power projects in the Baltic Sea and in Gwynt y Môr, off the North Wales coast.

Amongst career highlights of his time at Kemtile, Ian cites the many seminars to large consultancy engineers and architects working within the food and drink manufacturing industry. Using his many years of experience and expertise, Ian has helped develop the Kemtile brand – and not only UCRETE but its entire product offering – to key players within the food and drink processing and manufacturing sectors.

Kemtile’s Stephen Westley says: “We are obviously very sad to say goodbye to Ian but we wish him a fond farewell as he embarks upon what is a most well-deserved retirement.

“He’s been a colleague and friend for many years and has added such value to Kemtile. We’re the longest established UCRETE licensed applicator in the world and, for the last five years, we’ve been named by BASF Construction Chemicals as its number one purchaser of UCRETE in the UK and Ireland.

“Our success in this area – and indeed in the development of Kemtile’s reputation and product offering across all areas of our business – is due to, in no small part, the loyalty and commitment Ian has shown to us over many years. That is as both a partner and employee. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ian for this and, on behalf of everyone at Kemtile, we wish him every happiness and success for the future.”

Reconomy Triumphs at National Recycling Awards

Reconomy, the UK’s leading provider of outsourced waste management services, enjoyed a night to remember at this year’s National Recycling Awards, scooping the award for 2016 Resource Management Business of the Year.

The company fought off stiff competition from other businesses, including Totus Environmental and CAMS Fire & Security, to claim the prize at the gala event held in Central London.

The National Recycling Awards recognise excellence and innovation across the entire recycling and resource management sector, with hundreds of companies submitting entries every year. As Resource Management Business of the Year, Reconomy was required to demonstrate exceptional customer service levels, market innovations, growth and high performance throughout the last 12 months.

Commenting on the win, Reconomy Managing Director, Paul Cox, said: “We were thrilled to have been nominated, so to have won this award is a fantastic acknowledgement of the hard work that everyone at Reconomy puts in each and every day. It’s been an incredible 12 months for everyone associated with the company and this award is a wonderful way to cap it off.”

UltraFloor add to moisture protection range

UltraFloor is delighted to announce the launch of Suppress IT, a single component, two-coat moisture vapour suppressant.

UltraFloor Suppress IT is ideal for use over a variety of substrates including concrete floors, sand/cement screeds and most absorbent construction materials. It is a water based product which is designed to suppress residual construction moisture, providing a protective primer membrane prior to further floor preparation.

Using a two-coat application method without the need to prime, Suppress IT is easy to use and available in a resealable bottle for reuse eliminating waste. It is possible to overlay the product in as little as 60 minutes and once cured the product will achieve up to 95% relative humidity. Suppress IT allows earlier installations of floor coverings and successful completion of time sensitive projects in an ever demanding construction industry.

Suppress IT is packaged in a 5ltr bottle and available nationwide today. This latest addition to the UltraFloor range of professional flooring solutions provides a popular alternative to the damp proof membrane.

For further product information including the datasheet please visit or to place an order call 01827 871871. Keep up-to-date with the latest news, competitions and much more from UltraFloor on Twitter, follow: @Ultra_Floor.

Schlüter’s Second Touchdown at the Home of England Rugby

The Schlüter-Systems’ Innovation Event returned this year to the home of England rugby, Twickenham Stadium.

Following on from the success of last year’s innovation event, architects, specifiers and contractors gathered once again to ‘try’ their hand with underfloor heating and wetroom systems with the event host and market-leading solutions provider, Schlüter-Systems Ltd, hoping for a conversion!

The event kicked off with a drinks reception in the exclusive Council Room, followed by an evening meal in the pitch-view ‘Members’ Lounge’ at Twickenham Stadium including an overnight stay in the Marriott Twickenham Hotel. The following day, delegates had a full line up of presentations and demonstrations, with the opportunity to network with like-minded professionals; this also gave attendees a comprehensive understanding of the benefits of specifying solutions that give more secure, lasting installations which are quick and easy to install.

Schlüter recognises the need for thorough training and have worked in partnership with architects and specifiers for over 20 years, providing RIBA approved CPD seminars and trusted advice for projects both large and small. Their tailored specification service offers advice and flexibility from start to finish, providing bespoke drawings and designs for clients to ensure lasting installations for complete peace of mind.

Innovation Events like this offer a perfect opportunity for architects, specifiers and contractors to increase their knowledge and understanding through interactive and practical training alongside the all-important theory.

This second successful event concluded with a tour of the impressive stadium including the England rugby team dressing room, for all of the rugby fans amongst the group.

For further information on RIBA approved CPDs and training events call: 01530 813396 or visit: