Ultrasyntec Cooks Up the Right Floor for Regal Food Products

Regal is a highly regarded bakery business in the North of England. The company produces savoury and confectionery products which are supplied to the UK’s leading high street retailers.

The production area is the sole baking facility for a new product, and the room was designed to house three state of the art ovens complete with a cooling off area to the front. From here, the product would then be processed and packed. With the product moved from stage to stage on baking trolleys, the wheel of these trolleys presented a number of issues for the flooring as they would be extremely hot when first removed from the ovens. Taking all the individual operational requirements into consideration, Ultrasyntec decided that following appropriate preparation work, the correct flooring choice was Resdev’s Pumadur HF at a thickness of 9mm, back rolled to bring more resin to the surface. This would give the client a surface capable of withstanding extreme temperatures yet also providing a smooth surface for the trolleys to move from A to B with a degree of slip resistance underfoot. Ultrasyntec also incorporated a stainless steel drainage system into the floor to facilitate washdown processes, together with stainless steel kerbing to all walls and pillars to give a seamless hygienic system.