UltraFloor used to complete Vodafone store floor refurb in under 8 hours!

UltraFloor Level IT Super30 was chosen to ensure project completion of a Vodafone store floor instalment. The client gave the contractor a timescale of under 1 day to finish the work, so time was of the essence and product performance was the key to success.

The existing floor was uplifted and the remaining residues were removed from the concrete substrate, which was then primed ready to be levelled with Level IT Super30. Level IT Super30 is the original ‘level and lay in a day’ formulation which sets to walk on in just 30 minutes and allowing bonded coverings after only 90 minutes was perfect for this project’s extremely tight time constraints! The product from UltraFloor can be used over most common subfloors and also with underfloor heating systems. The store floor was levelled to 3mm throughout, however the product can be laid up to 15mm depths if required. Sold as a bag and bottle unit, each will achieve 6m² at a 2mm thickness. What’s more, its low odour and protein free formulation means that it can be used in biologically sensitive areas. Rapid drying finishing compound, Feather IT was then used to patch repair any blemishes and to improve the levels of the electrical powered floor boxes. Finally the contractor bonded vinyl planks and finished the edges with trims. For further information please visit ultra-floor.co.uk or to place an order call 01827 254402. You can also keep up-to-date with the latest news, competitions and much more from UltraFloor on Twitter, follow: @Ultra_Floor.