Ucrete DP20 Slip Resistant Dairy Flooring

Client: Lindum Group

A heavy-duty system with reliable slip resistance was required to cope with the processes involved at this well-known cheese-making facility in Derbyshire.

Lasercroft supplied a heavy-duty floor with guaranteed slip resistance needed for the new extension at the well-established Long Clawson Dairy. The client had traditionally used Ucrete UD200 floors and needed more grip underfoot to maintain health and safety standards in this busy production facility.

Ucrete DP offers an entirely uniform slip resistance that is hard to guarantee with other resin systems. Available in 3 grit sizes, the heavy-duty polyurethane system can be tailored to cope with varying degrees of grease and soiling, keeping areas safely open to foot traffic even before cleaning down.

The DP systems maintain the same chemical resistance of Ucrete UD200 thanks to their polyurethane base and top coats, giving the floor 100% resistance to the fats, acids and caustic cleaning products present in these areas.