Twickenham Studios

For the refurbishment of the main reception area at the famous Twickenham Studios, Sphere8 provided a dramatic hand-poured floors which is both impressive and durable.

The initial specification called for polished plaster or concrete – but Sphere8 was approached to recommend a more durable and creative alternative. The design brief was already very clear. The aesthetic brief focused on polished concrete on floors and walls – a modern style for a new era in the studios’ history. Sphere8 FUSION flooring is carefully formulated to imitate the colour and finish of polished concrete, with the added benefit of being derived from natural biopolymers. The introduction of red down the staircase provided a dynamic focus point for the room. The colour was obviously intended to echo the studios’ logo and branding – and the client required it to match their brand pantone reference exactly. At the same time it was intended to imitate a pool of blood, spilling down the stairs from the studios’ boardroom – where metaphorical heads might roll! The creativity of this specification naturally caught our interest, and we were thrilled to be involved. This project perfectly showcases the artistic potential of hand-poured floors and was a very rewarding project for Sphere8.


Remmers (UK) Ltd