Thomas’s Day School in Clapham

An installation at Thomas’s School Clapham epitomises the use of resin flooring in new applications affording limitless possibilities to the designer.

The refurbishment of the library at Thomas’s Day School in Clapham provided an excellent opportunity to showcase Senso Freeze, whereby an image was embedded into a resin flooring build-up – rather like the filling in a sandwich. The inclusion of the image of the Map of Narnia (from the famous CS Lewis novel) was a central part of the design concept, giving a sense of space to a relatively small area with low build height. A curved and stepped reading area was created in one corner from joinery (carefully fabricated strictly in accordance with Senso’s requirements) and encased in a deep blue resin for additional visual interest. An added difficulty was that the was that the overlay to the existing subfloor had to be fully reversible to meet with Heritage Requirements, so that the original flooring could be revealed if subsequently required. A stunning aesthetic result has been achieved with exceptional attention to detail, allowing the designer to achieve their vision.