Swift Plant – Site Survey and Transformation of Space

Swift Plant made contact with Abacus Flooring Solutions after reading about their project for Walker Movements. Abacus arranged a full survey at Swift Plant premises in Leicestershire.

Their Workshop had recently undergone a major refurbishment programme to include a new roof, offices and toilets all redecorated and the only thing missing was a new resin floor.

Abacus agreed the specification and submitted a quotation and a drawing of the ideas they proposed i.e. layouts and colours.

The existing concrete floors were in a poor state of repair with flaking paint and a lot of oil staining.

All the concrete floors were mechanically prepared using Abacus’s state-of-the-art, remote control, diamond grinders. These are virtually a dust-free system due to the latest in dust extraction whereby all the dust is collected at source and directed into plastic bags which are fully sealed. Not only does this method protect the customer, it also protects the operator.

Once the floor was fully prepared, Abacus carried out localised repairs to the existing concrete. They then applied the first coat and let it cure overnight. Prior to applying the second coat, they inspected the finish and used a fine filler to further increase the final finish.

Abacus then sanded the floor prior to applying the final coat of epoxy coating and allowed to cure. They then marked out and applied the safety demarcation around the inspection pits and the walkway., and included a safety yellow walking person logo to show the nearest fire points. The floor was treated with a slip resistant finish as the floor is a Workshop and will experience a lot of vehicle and foot traffic.

The project was completed over a 3-day period.

The floors are specified after consulting with the client to ensure we answer all their requirements, as per BS8204-6.