SureSet fulfils the sustainability brief for Northumbria University

Based in the heart of Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumbria University originates from three colleges: Rutherford College of Technology, the College of Art & Industrial Design and the Municipal College of Commerce. In 1969, they were combined to form Newcastle Polytechnic.


In 1992, when polytechnics became universities, Newcastle Polytechnic became the University of Northumbria at Newcastle with the name being simplified to Northumbria University in 2002.


The main contractor was contracted to demolish Rutherford Hall and deliver a new state of the art building to accommodate a Computer and Information Sciences (CIS) department.


CIS encompasses computer science, games, animation and digital effects, computer forensics and security, network technology, website development, library management and information sciences.


SureSet were originally contacted in 2016 about the resin bound aspect of this prestigious project.


The brief for the new CIS building was based around sustainability and designed to maximise energy efficiency:


  • Solar glazing provides a low U-value which minimises heat loss and increases the amount of daylight, reducing the need of artificial lighting.


  • External columns, fitted with thermal breakers, prevent the cold being transferred into the building.


  • High efficiency lighting reduces electricity usage while maintaining the desired lighting levels.


  • LED fittings and lighting controls allow dimming, switching and presence detection.


  • Photovoltaic roof tiles were installed to maximise energy generation.


  • The building also has a regenerative lift which uses electricity to go up but generates electricity when going down which is reused elsewhere in the building.


  • Recycled sub base consisting of inert materials from local suppliers was used during construction; utilising waste that would have otherwise gone to landfill and reducing vehicle.


  • SureSet resin bound paving was specified for the external pedestrian area as it complied with the sustainability brief of the project.


In January 2018, SureSet’s Installation Team were onsite completing the resin bound aspect of the project; which also included concrete block paving, tactile paving and kerbs in silver grey granite.

The SureSet Natural Aggregate colours of Forest Green, Sterling and Winter Frost perfectly complement the existing surroundings and new soft landscaped area.

The resin bound installation includes stripes which reflect the vertical, floor to ceiling vertical solar glazed windows, while the wider pedestrian area we installed includes a cycle rack.

Key Features:

  • Application: pedestrian, creative paving
  • Area: 437m²
  • Base: recycled materials
  • Colour: Forest Green, Sterling, Winter Frost
  • Depth: 18mm
  • Edges: aluminium
  • Installed: January 2018