Super Flat Anti-Static Flooring Required At TV Studio

For this TV studio project, ITV required a flooring system with proven, anti-static qualities as static charges can have a disastrous effect on sensitive electrical components such as HD cameras in technical areas with high footfall.

The skill required to achieve a super flat floor is very difficult, it comes with years of experience and training. Zircon Flooring Ltd first worked with ITV more than 15 years ago and has been on their approved installer list since then. With the expansion and development of ITV over the years Zircon have installed all of their studio floors – six in total – at Media City Salford Manchester. Taking time out of flooring and working closely with the camera operator to understand how a TV pedestal / camera works and feels whilst moving over a studio floor helped the team understand the importance of providing a super flat Anti-Static flooring system. British Standard floor tolerance SR1 is +/- 3mm over a two-metre straight edge. Zircon Flooring achieved on all studio floors +/- 1mm over a two-metre straight edge. To overcome the potentially, problematic issue of static charges, Sikafloor® 262AS was selected. The system offers excellent chemical and mechanical resistance as well as superb non-slip performance. Sikafloor® 262AS is designed to deliver the ultimate in static control and has an excellent reputation in industries where there is sensitive electronic equipment. There were also a number of logistical problems to overcome. With ITV Leeds being a live set, they were restricted on movement, storage and access. This meant they had to: • Stop work when filming was taking place • Erect a tent outdoors for mixing and storage of materials • Arrange phased deliveries for materials • Arrange phased collections for waste removal • Ensure all timescales were strictly adhered to