Slippery Decking Solution for Godalming College

Project Details

Godalming College in Surrey had a problem with slippery decking on their campus. It is a highly trafficked area in the middle of the campus and is used as a seating area at lunchtime for staff and students. In dry weather the area does not cause any concerns but in wet or frosty weather the potential for slip hazards was huge. The college had used Watco products on internal floors so they called for advice.

The Solution

“Slippery decking is a major safety issue throughout the year, but more so during winter months.”

An alternative solution was needed as the college had tried applying anti slip coatings (recommended by another supplier) but these had been applied to slightly damp wood and had flaked off. The potential slip issue was increased by the fact that the decking did not have any grooves in the top surface to offer traction underfoot. To solve these issues, Watco recommended and supplied 50mm wide GRP chamfered edge decking strips.

The stone coloured strips were chosen to allow the strips to blend in with the decking but still provide the all important slip resistance underfoot, yellow strips are used to highlight the edges and steps to help meet DDA regulations. The strips are supplied already pre-drilled so the installation was completed in just two days over the Easter break allowing the area to be put back into service in plenty of time for the start of the new term.