Sika’s proven screed fits the bill for world food company

A new production area at Tropic Foods, Leeds, gets a hard-wearing and fast-applied flooring system to provide long term performance durability.

FeRFA Contractor Ultrasyntec was able to deliver the perfect solution for the large production area with a proven high strength screed from Sika that would be able to withstand the constant traffic and heavy pallet loads. Following removal of the existing latex flooring, over 600m2 of the Sikafloor 20N Purcem was applied at a 6mm depth. Highly resistant to chemicals, fatty acids and temperature, Sikafloor 20N Purcem is a polyurethane modified cement screed offering excellent strength and because it normally requires no primer, its installation is considerably less complex than many other systems. Designed to fulfil an almost endless combination of functional and aesthetic requirements, Sikafloor systems meet all industry requirements for mechanical and chemical resistance, impermeability and fire resistance. Developed to offer exceptional protection to floors subjected to heavy loading, abrasion and high chemical exposure – Sikafloor 20N Purcem proved ideal for the highly trafficked production facility.