Sika & Zircon provide the Cure for Online Pharmacy

For its new warehouse facility in Leeds, online pharmacy Pharmacy2U required a hard-wearing and versatile flooring system that would offer outstanding durability. Utilising extensive technical and practical expertise, Sika and Zircon provided a series of solutions that worked together to create a uniform and seamless aesthetic.

Founded in 1999, Pharmacy2U is the UK’s leading NHS-approved online pharmacy, dispensing NHS prescriptions to tens of thousands of patients. Following an early expansion in which the company moved four times in its first six years, Pharmacy2U recently moved to its new steel-framed production facility to accommodate and assist its continued growth. Although the floor was in good condition, it was uneven in places and required a uniform surface for foot traffic and the use of forklift trucks. Working with resin floor installers Zircon Flooring Ltd, Sika utilised a series of high-performance systems that blended seamlessly to create a consistent surface and appearance across three floors totaling 2,500m², as well as a separate system for the mezzanine first floor deck. “A number of different systems were required and it was vital that they worked seamlessly together to meet the client’s needs for cleanability,” said Cameron Vauvelle-Don, Sika. “The project comprised a series of specifications, including anti-slip properties for the entrance, additional resistance for a forklift truck area and the remainder of the floor for foot traffic.” First, Zircon Flooring Ltd installed Sikafloor 161 – a two-part low viscosity epoxy resin primer for the concrete substrate that offers easy application and short waiting times. Sikafloor 161 offers excellent bond strength and can be used up to a moisture content level of 6%. Utilising Sikafloor 263SL for the forklift truck area, the screed offers excellent resistance to wear when subjected to medium heavy loading. To provide additional slip resistance in the entrance area, Sika and Zircon incorporated aggregate into the flooring system. For the majority of the floor which would only be subjected to foot traffic – Sikafloor 264 proved the perfect solution. Combining long term performance with a stunning and sleek finish, the Sika specification delivered a hard-wearing flooring system for online pharmacy Pharmacy2U that will guarantee outstanding durability and longevity that will stand the test of time.