Shop Floor Installation for Venari Group, a Specialist, Innovative Vehicle Manufacturer

Abacus Flooring Solutions has completed a shop floor installation for Venari Group, a specialist, innovative vehicle manufacturer based in Brighouse, West Yorkshire.

Venari Group is a premium quality builder of emergency vehicles and an equipment supplier for the emergency services.

The company prides itself on its unrivalled levels of quality, passion and obsession for customer satisfaction, delivered whilst driving British manufacturing to its fullest.

Abacus’s work for Venari was in the firm’s shop floor area, where many of its vehicles are showcased to visitors.

Venari Marketing Manager Aaron Francis explained: “The shop floor was already in reasonably good condition, but we were preparing to host a conference for AFOA, the Airport Fire Officers Association, which is a major event in our marketplace.

The event would see many of the industry’s key decision-makers and influential people visit us, so we wanted to ensure that our shop floor was extra pristine, delivering the best possible impression and reflecting the quality of our vehicles.

We enlisted the services of Abacus Flooring Solutions to deliver the shop floor installation and they spent some time at the start of the process levelling things off, getting rid of dints, holes and other small surface issues.

They then completed the installation and we were delighted with the finished product. The surface is a rich shade of grey, which has a brilliant sheen, and a shine that almost acts like a mirror.

This means it works great with our lighting and is the perfect solution for an area where we produce a lot of photography and promotional videos to market our products.

We believe that the quality of the flooring is the final piece of the puzzle for us, matching the quality of our vehicles and perfectly matching the branded walls and other features of the shop floor.”