Self-Levelling Resin Floors for New Printing Facility

Communications Company, Image Data Group, expanded into new facilities in Howden, Yorkshire. The state of the art site of 67,000sqft, houses high-level digital printing technology, warehousing, ‘pick and pack’ fulfilment and office facilities.

For their digital printing area, which is maintained to specific ambient conditions of temperature and humidity, John Lord formulated, manufactured and installed their Epigard SL (epoxy self-levelling resin system). This system was chosen to offer a seamless, easy clean finish with good chemical resistance and load resistance to enable it to support equipment including a 12 tonne digital printing press. Other areas included the pick and pack fulfilment and warehousing facilities, in which John Lord’s Epigard SF heavy-duty floor coating system was used to guard the floor against general wear and tear, as well as to create different zones by utilising coloured walkways. In the restrooms and cloakroom John Lord installed Acrigard QS coloured quartz system in an emerald finish. This offered an eye-catching yet practical resin flooring solution for the area. To achieve optimum curing characteristics and gain the best possible finish, all the epoxy-based resin systems require moderate temperatures during installation. This project took place in January when temperatures are often below freezing here in the UK meaning it was necessary to improvise. Giant inflatable tents became an invaluable piece of equipment, creating artificial climate controlled zones.