Seamless & Food Safe From Central Flooring Services

This project was to take place on the First Floor Amenities Building in a very busy Food Manufacturing Facility.

The client required a seamless, resin screed installing that would be easy to clean and installed without any joints throughout the whole of the first floor. Only one product could answer the client’s exact requirements. Flexible, Polyurethane screeds are really proving popular in all industries, especially where movement may be experienced in the subfloor. Altro Flexiflow is manufactured in the UK using up to 50% recycled materials making it unique in the responsible world we live in. The client required one colour throughout, with coloured demarcation to show High & Low Risk Areas. The whole project was carried out within the timescale allowing the Customer to work the production around the flooring installation. The rooms were complimented with new food safe panelling ensuring the project will provide easy to clean, food safe areas of the factory.