Safe durable flooring for food major manufacturer

Central Flooring Services has recently completed a total floor refurbishment project for a major food manufacture based in Slough.

The existing tile floor was failing with grout degradation and tiles were becoming loose resulting in breakdown of underlay screed giving hygiene concerns. The client chose resin flooring after Central flooring Services arranged a specification that would provide a food safe, durable, sustainable floor to meet the needs of the client. The project being 150m2, involved removal of the existing floor tiles and underlay screed at 80mm thick. The floor was then prepared by planning and a new Altropol polymer underlay screed was installed to levels. Once cured the underlay screed was prepared and primed to receive Altrocrete polyurethane food grade FeRFA type 8 resin flooring. The perimeter was then coved with Altrocove polyurethane mortar and expansion joints reinstated. The refurbishment was carried out to comply with strict hygiene regulations and a 24/7 production room, keeping to a very tight schedule, as this is the main pot washroom within the company. Over 95% of the waste created from the project was recycled. including the old removed flooring and packaging waste from the new installation. The client is extremely pleased with the installation and plans to carry the system throughout the rest of the factory.