RSL comes top of the class for St Anne’s Academy

State of the art St Anne’s Academy chose RSL’s Pychedelia resin flooring solution for their demanding food & technology areas not just for durability but to stand out from the ordinary.

When the state of the art learning facility St Annes Academy was being built in Middleton, Manchester a decorative yet hard wearing and safe flooring system was needed for the workshop and food technology area. RSL Psychedelia was chosen because its stands out from standard flooring solutions. The brief was for a heavy duty, hard wearing flooring, in addition the floors had to be easy to keep clean within the food & technology departments. Furthermore the client wanted an attractive finish that stood out from the rest of the building so the user senses a change in environment when they step into these sections of the building. The main contractor specified RSL’s Psychedelia; which combines the epoxy coating Resucoat with coloured PVA flakes, providing a decorative vibrant floor with all the benefits associated with a resin system such as hard wearing and hygienic / easy to clean. Firstly the concrete had to be prepared with 2 coats of R.S. Dampshield; a moisture tolerant epoxy resin primer. This ensured the resin would take to the floor eliminating residual moisture in the substrate so that the concrete can hold the resin. PVA flakes were then broadcast on to RSL’s Resucoat HB, a high build solvent free epoxy resin coating system which is used for applications at a thickness of 200 to 500 microns. The surface was then sealed using 2 coats ofRSL’s Resutop clear, this high build epoxy coating encapsulates the PVA flakes underneath and provides a durable top coat, capable of taking high levels of foot traffic, which is essential in a busy education environment. Using a resin system such as this also provides an easy cleaning surface particularly important for Food & Technology rooms. The system was then finished using RSL’s Resupen WB Matt Clear, a clear polyurethane coating which gives a contemporary matt finish, it also has high levels of scratch and abrasion resistance along with a level of slip resistance.