Royal Salute from John Lord

When the RAF needed to upgrade two air bases they looked towards John Lord and Son Ltd to provide the high-performance resin flooring systems.

John Lord has been involved in two resin floor projects for the Royal Air Force. The first was an exciting project with the MOD to create a new state of the art Typhoon Maintenance Facility at RAF Coningsby, in Lincolnshire. The project, costing a total of £18million, was the result of seven years planning, with the proposed site stretching 36 metres along the tarmac. The ten-bay Maintenance Facility, which now houses the Eurofighter Typhoon, covers 10,700m2 and needs 207 people to operate it at full capacity. The resin flooring requirements within this facility included the installation of a heavy-duty and long lasting floor finish that would provide a safe, non-slip working surface in wet and dry conditions. John Lord installed Uragard HT110W polyurethane resin throughout the hangar to fulfil these specifications. A customised military blue-grey colour was specially formulated for the hangar floor and John Lord also fitted Aspen Stainless bespoke inspection hatches and service ducts.

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