Ronafix Screed Exhibited at Sadie Coles HQ

A Ronacrete Approved Contractor used Ronafix Pre-packed Screed 6-50mm to create a hard wearing floor at a London modern art gallery.

The Project
A building which had previously housed a seventies nightclub underwent a major refurbishment to create a spacious art gallery with scope for ambitious and diverse exhibitions. The Sadie Coles HQ gallery houses art from established and emerging international artists.

The Kingly Street gallery in London’s West End extends across the first floor of the listed nineteenth-century building. It was designed to emphasize space by using double ceiling height and a minimalist design. Natural light was maximized to show the exhibits to the best advantage.

A new floor was needed to meet the needs of the gallery and comply with current regulations; it needed to be strong enough to support the heavy exhibits and resistant to wear. Ronafix Pre-packed 6-50mm was specified as it could be laid as a floating screed and was strong enough to bear the heavy works of art. It is also a wear resistant screed so it was possible to leave it uncovered, providing a stark contrast to the colourful and intricate artwork on and surrounding it.

Product and Application
Ronafix Pre-packed Screed 6-50mm was specified because of its durability, it’s high flexural and tensile strengths and the fact it can be laid as a wear resistant floating screed. Available as a pre-packed system, it provided both the specifier and the client with assurance of consistent high quality.

Ronafix Pre-packed Screed 6-50mm is supplied as a two component product comprising powder and polymer gauging liquid; when used as a bonded screed the concrete is primed with Ronacrete Standard Primer. Minimum thickness is 6mm for bonded screeds or 35mm for unbonded or floating screeds (as in the gallery). Used as a floating screed with under floor heating systems the minimum thickness is 45mm.

Ronafix Pre-Packed Screed 6-50mm was laid as a heated floating screed to 1,000 square metres of gallery floor, providing a strong hard wearing surface on which to display the exhibits.