Restaurant is the Cat’s Pyjamas with new Sikafloor

Sikafloor provided the urgent solution when a popular city centre restaurant required a smart, durable surface installed in a matter of hours to ensure the business opened on time.

The Cat’s Pyjamas, an Indian street food eatery based in Leeds’ Eastgate district, required a fully-refurbished floor that was capable of withstanding heavy footfall and offered optimum safety for customers and staff alike. With only a 12-hour window in the fit out schedule to apply the new surface, the system had to be fast-curing without compromise to its quality. To satisfy each vital requirement, a Sikafloor®-300 Rapid was specified, which is a low-emission, cementitious floor-levelling compound which takes just two hours to fully-cure and be capable of withstanding traffic. Once the floor system had been decided upon, so began the challenge to ensure it was installed and fit for purpose within the client’s 12-hour timeframe. Work involved applying Sikafloor®-01, a high-performance dispersion primer to the existing slab, covering an area of 150m2. Sikafloor®-300 Rapid Level was then installed to an average 10mm thickness. As well as its incredibly quick curing time, the system is free of residues which reduce adhesion of dust, dirt, oil, fat and loose particles to create a superbly-smooth, blemish-free surface. Following the Sikafloor®-300 Rapid Level layer, Sikafloor®-ProSeal®, a solvent-based, clear acrylic resin polymer solution, was applied to give the surface a tough, watertight seal whilst satisfying the client’s preference to retain the cementitious-looking finish. The new floor was installed, as required, in a matter of hours – well within the strict deadline. With the surface laid, the client was able to introduce the necessary furniture and kitchen equipment and welcome customers to the rapidly-refurbished restaurant. The fast-curing qualities of Sikafloor®-300 Rapid Level provided the Cat’s Pyjamas with a floor that will remain the cat’s whiskers in terms of look and performance for many years to come.