Resin floor for new Freestyle Coca-Cola machines at Showcase Cinemas

Monarch recently completed work updating the flooring at Showcase Cinemas in Bristol and Leicester, which have recently introduced their new Coca-Cola Freestyle machines. As you may already know, these machines produce a number of variations of drink flavours, which are part of the much loved Coca-Cola brand.

When the project was first introduced Monarch were given the task to match the colours within a tile which the client had picked out. The colouring closely matched that of the machines branding, which they wanted to compliment. Originally a tiled floor was seen as the best option, however, due to the thickness of the floor tile and the level of the current flooring, installing the tiles would have created a trip hazard.

Monarflake was selected so that the floor could be toed into the existing floors finish to create a safe transition from the existing floor to new. This was a more cost-effective option than replacing the existing floor which surrounded the machines.

A resin floor can be installed in a number of thicknesses depending on what the client is wanting to achieve. They are also a hygienic option, especially when surrounding a drinks machine where spillages may happen. This is due to the resin floor having a seamless finish meaning no dirt, dust or bacteria from the drinks, will be able to to get caught up into divisions of a floor.

As the tile was made up of different colour variations in a blend, it was clear that a flake finish system would be best suited for this project. A resin flake system such as the epoxy floor system Monarflake, is a method of application made up of a coloured resin base, a clear resin coating on top and a scattered flake blend in the middle. These blends of flakes can be made up of multiple colours rather than a solid colour throughout, creating an aesthetically pleasing result much loved in retail flooring.

Flake Finish - Monarch resin flooring

The tile was sent off to be tested underneath a specialised microscope which picks out the different RAL or British Standard colours within an object (there are over 200 colours). Monarch used the colours which closely matched the ones within the tile to create a finished blend. A holographic element was then added using rainbow glitter flakes so that the floor would be more three dimensional and glimmer under the bright cinema lights.

The flake blend chosen was then sent through to the client for approval. This process can take up to seven working days to complete because of its complexity, but the finish blends are well worth the wait. After a blend is made it can either be sent for approval in its original form, sealed through lamination or as hard sample, with a resin base and clear resin coat. Obviously, a hard sample will take more time to create so usually clients choose to see the flakes for themselves in their raw form to get an idea of the finished product.

The flake blend which was created was approved by the client and then installed in the two cinema flooring locations where the new machines were placed.

This type of resin flooring is highly customisable due to the number of colours available and the blend possibilities. The blend which matched the tile had three different red tones to create a feature of the floor.

The pictures demonstrates the red really has an impact on the floors appearance, it matches the branding perfectly and stands out against the black surrounding floor. This cinema flooring installation was not the biggest project Monarch have completed, but as you have read here there is a lot behind the scenes which goes into a perfect resin floor for each client.

If you are interested in speaking about a flake finish system please get in touch with the Monarch team. Why not take a look at Monarhc’s decorative flooring page to see more example of flake finish flooring, or see our colour charts page for inspiration.