Resin flooring London Warehouse Monarch

Resin floor at a warehouse facility in London

When looking at a resin floor for a warehouse or storage facility, it is important to know what properties you need from that floor. Resin comes in many different forms and systems including epoxy resin, polyurethane resin and polyaspartic resin systems which are fast-curing. This facility was within the commercial sector, so it needed to have a durable surface for both customers and workers to walk on. As well as this the surface also needed to withstand the use of forklift trucks. It was clear that durability was a big factor in this project, so we needed to make sure that the floor could withstand the constant footfall of a busy commercial environment.

The project was at Europes largest furniture and prop hire company which was based in Wembley, London. The company has recently installed a new mezzanine floor to their facility and needed a durable resin coating installed. The mezzanine itself was a new, uncoated wooden particle board. Before the resin coating was installed, we first prepared the boards by machine sanding and vacuuming. This provided a keyed surface for the resin to be installed on. In some instances, further industrial floor preparation may have been needed to prepare the floor for installation which we would have also provided.

For this project, we installed an epoxy resin coating to the wooden mezzanine in a light grey, silk finish. Epoxy resin is a very durable surface and would be able to withstand the specified use of the floor. We applied two coats of Resuseal WB Stirling to the facility which was over 10,000sqm. The end result provided a sealed, cleanable, bright coloured surface for the client. We had a four-week timescale which was set by the client to complete this 10,000sqm project which was met.

Resin flooring London Warehouse Monarch

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