Refurbishment to meet food industry standards

The oil contaminated floors of a food package manufacturing facility receives a complete refurbishment with a durable heavy duty resin screed to meet food industry standards.

East Coast Flooring were contacted by a leading packaging company for the food industry to survey their variable flooring issues. After establishing their requirements, ECF carried out a test area for evaluation and the specification was accepted. The works required vigorous preparation via removal of existing asphalt by mechanical breakers and planning, followed by captive shot blasting to prepare the surface fully for application of the flooring. Two coats of RSL’s Dampshield or Oil Tolerant Primer were applied followed by the application of 6mm Resuscreed 43 Epoxy screed (FeRFA type 6). The screed was then sealed using two coats of Resucoat HB High Build Epoxy Resin coating (FeRFA Type 3). Finally all existing joints were saw cut and re-filled. The products chosen gave protection against any residual moisture in the substrate and to cope with oil contamination from the machines and production of materials. The heavy duty screed system would provide the client with a tough and long term flooring solution which the client would find easy to clean and above all offer a hygienice surface. The work was completed in five days whilst the factory was still in operation. As can be seen from the before and after pictures below floor is barely recognisable from its pre-refurbished state.