Reception earns its stripes

Euro Resins created a dramatic reception area for Altro Floors using stripes across the floor and continuing up the walls.

Continuing their programme of expansion and investment, Altro Resins acquired additional buildings at their production facility in Maiden Newton, Dorset, during the autumn of 2012. This presented an opportunity to move the sales department, administration and research laboratories to new and improved facilities. Access to the new facilities was to be via a reception area, in which the existing decor was rather uninspiring, but this area would provide visitors with the vital first impressions. Altro felt that it was important to show-case the company’s products with impact and all resin products are dependent on the skill of the installer, and chose Euro Resins to carry out the works. The design for the installation consisted of a series of stripes diagonally across the floor and continuing up the rear wall, to demonstrate both the use of Altro resin products on floors and walls. The installation also showed two sections of the Altro Whiterock Chameleon wall cladding system, which is often used in conjunction with Altro’s resin flooring in health, education, retail and other environments. The main body of the floor was to be laid in Altro Multiscreed Naturals in colour Ivory Soapstone to create an understated feel of natural stone. Aluminium trims were laid across the floor to define the stripes, whilst a section of plasterboard was carefully cut from the stud-partition wall, so that it could be replaced by 12mm ply-wood to receive the vertical resin element. Special consideration had to be given to the relative angles so that the stripes on the wall appear to be a continuation of those on the floor. The resulting installation is to a very high standard with no trowel-marks or blemishes.