Pumadur chemical resistant bund lining

KDS Construction

Resdev’s Pumadur HF, DP10 & WR were applied to this bunded area forming the washer foundation of a large aluminium packaging manufacturer. These heavy-duty polyurethane systems were specified in their respective areas based on slip resistance and chemical resistance.

Lasercroft recently completed over 1,200m2 of Resdev’s polyurethane resin floor finishes at one of the largest manufacturers of innovative, sustainable aluminium packaging solutions for beverage, personal care and household products.

Works were primarily carried out to the newly formed chemical bunded areas. Lasercroft first applied polymer-modified screeds to falls to allow any overflow of liquid to be distributed to the sump areas required.

Products from Resdev’s range of industrial polyurethane resin finishes were used – Pumadur DP10 and Pumadur HF were laid at 6mm thick to create safe, chemical resistant & hard-wearing floor surfaces. Pumadur WR was then applied to the bund walls to create a fully resin-sealed unit.