Project Dove for Nestle UK in Tutbury, Derbyshire

Together with Sika Ltd, IRL Group successfully completed a huge project for Nestle UK in Tutbury, Derbyshire comprising nearly 90,000 sq metres of floor, wall and ceiling coatings in total.

This project was IRLs largest to date and at times involved 40 employees working on the site. Because of scale of the project and the poor mobile signal IRL invested in a radio frequency walkie talkie system so the Project Manager could stay in contact and liaise with the team at all times. On such a large site the use of MyZone transmitter devises were also introduced, which were worn by all employees and installed to all plant so everyone was aware of any potential risk from moving plant. For the project Sikafloor 264 Thixo was used in the general floor areas, Sikafloor 20 PurCem PU Screed in the chiller floor areas and Sikafloor 360 Chemical Resistant Resin Flooring in the CIP areas. The walls were finished with Sikagard 205W System and the ceiling with Sikagard 205W System. At the end of the project 97% of the waste created was recycled – which so impressed Nestle that IRL’s waste management plans was used as an example for all contractors on site to follow. Unexpectedly and to the delight of the IRL team, Nestle presented them with a glass award for recognition of the excellence of the works on site. The project really showcases IRL’s expertise in floor and wall coatings and project management.