PPC prepares floor ready to receive resin

The Preparation Group’s contracting division PPC, was contracted to prepare concrete in a packaging warehouse, ready for the application of a new resin system.

The 300m2 area was ground smooth using the Terrco® 2000 grinding and polishing machine fitted with metal bonded shoes. Terrco® machines are easy to control and manoeuvre and effortlessly glide across the surface due to their contra-rotating heads and direct drive, no belts, means that there is no downtime associated with repairs. The metal bonded shoes are easy to change with no tools needed and are interchangeable across all Terrco® models. Available in standard, soft or hard bond, they grind, smooth, level or reduce scratches. For a safe and clean operation, the grinder was connected to the company’s filtration unit which benefits from hydrovane technology for maximum suction and high dust particle containment. No site power was available, so PPC’s on-board generator was used to power the machines. The preparation by PPC’s team took one day and delivered a clean ‘profiled’ surface suitable for the application of the new resin system. www.thepreparationgroup.com