Perseid School Swimming Pool Surround

The National Flooring Company was involved in the contract to refurbish the swimming pool and changing areas at Perseid School in Surrey. The school offers an educational provision for children with learning difficulties and/or physical/sensory difficulties, and therefore, safety was paramount. As part of the refurbishment a hardwearing, slip-resistant flooring system that offered excellent longevity was required.

The floor had been previously tiled, but due to water ingress, kept failing and required frequent repair. Rising maintenance costs and risk of slips prompted the school to look for alternative solutions and resin became an obvious choice. An MMA resin floor provides a seamless, hardwearing and impermeable finish that will offer years of service. Moy Construction Co Ltd removed the existing floor tiles and installed a new screed prior to the installation of the resin system.

From the offset, achieving a floor finish with a suitable slip rating was non-negotiable. The National Flooring Company installed Degafloor QTA system, a quartz trowelled system which can be laid to falls. Broadcast with a quartz aggregate, the system provides excellent slip resistance, even in wet conditions, ensuring high levels of safety are maintained at all times.

The project, which included the swimming pool surround and adjoining changing rooms, totalled 145m2 of floor and 135lm of cove. The installation was completed over 5 days and to the satisfaction of Moy Construction Co Ltd, who were happy to have the project completed to a high standard, on time and within budget.

Warren Mann, Contracts Director, The National Flooring Company, comments, “When we were approached by Moy Construction Ltd, we were made aware that longevity and safety were essential for this project and, as a result, could only specify and install the Degafloor QTA System. The installation required meticulous detailing, particularly around the edges and drains and due to the environment, obtaining a consistent finish was critical. The installation included eight rooms as well as the swimming pool surround and demonstrates our ability to achieve a high standard, consistent finish within a set timeframe.”

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