Perfectly smooth floor for ITV’s Coronation Street Studios

Behind the scenes of the famous cobbles of Coronation Street, ITV’s studio has a perfectly smooth, anti-static resin flooring to help keep the programme in sharp focus.

The construction of ITV’s new Coronation Street studios at MediaCityUK, Trafford, called for perfectly smooth anti-static floors to facilitate the fluid and safe movement of HD camera equipment. Architectural Consultants, Jenkins Design Services worked alongside Stewart Draper of Zircon Flooring Ltd to devise an innovative solution utilising Sika’s high performance, self-smoothing, epoxy resin floors. With this particular project, practical requirements took precedence over aesthetics, with ITV calling for perfectly smooth anti-static floors to facilitate the movement of cameras and equipment. The finished floor was flat to within 1mm over a 3m straightedge, which exceeds British Standards. Zircon were able to deliver the perfectly smooth specification using Sikafloor Level 30 and solvent-free, anti-static Sikafloor 262 AS across for studios totalling 3,800m2. As a testament to Zircon’s skills and ability, the company has now installed resin floors in all 9 studios at MediaCity – one of which is the biggest HD studio in Europe.