Perfect environment for major food manufacturer

John Lord laid 35,000 sqm of polyurethane for an international food manufacturer in difficult winter conditions to an exacting specification.

John Lord installed resin floors in a new build project for a major international food manufacturer. During the installation various products from its standard range were utilised to meet the criteria of varying in house conditions and processing environments. In one section of the facility automated guided vehicles were being used to distribute products and floor finishes had to meet SR1 tolerences. These vehicles followed a designated route which raised questions about the longevity of the floor finishes within a defined area which is subject to constant heavy trafficking. John Lord provided the ultimate solution to these concerns by specifying our Uragard HTIF. The system itself uses the same resin technology as our standard polyurethane range of products however its performance is enhanced by the use of iron filings encapsulated within the resin bound aggregate. This increases wear and abrasion characteristics but still maintains the same aesthetic appearance as our Uragard HT range. This large polyurethane installation had to be completed in three months much of it in sub zero temperatures during the harsh winter. Artificial heating was used to maintain the correct atmospheric conditions and a total workforce of up to 40 John Lord employees were involved. The client was impressed with the installation and proceeded to request the same specification for other suitable environments within the facility.