Pektron Showcases its Facility with Flowcrete Floors

One of the largest privately owned electronics manufacturers in the world has installed several high performance resin flooring systems from Flowcrete in its new factory to create an attractive surface that will facilitate a clean, effective working environment.

Pektron wanted a showroom finish in its facility that would impress potential customers as well as withstand the complex and intensive electronics production activity onsite. It was imperative that the floor would be able to provide an unblemished finish in the face of heavy equipment, frequent foot traffic, regular cleaning and exposure to industrial chemicals. If the floor failed to maintain this standard, then Pektron knew that its new facility would not only present an unappealing image to clients, but that it would impair the production of its products – which have to meet the high standards of some of the world’s most recognisable brands across a variety of market sectors. To achieve this, 500m2 of the epoxy resin coating Flowcoat SF41 was applied with 500m2 of Flowseal PU Satin applied on top to create a glossy, appealing finish. Prior to the application of the floor coating, the solvent and water free, epoxy resin damp proof membrane Hydraseal DPM was laid onto the underlying substrate to protect the floor finish against the damaging effects of rising moisture vapour. This was necessary due to the young age of the concrete slab. It took only two days for Flowcrete UK’s approved contractor to complete the floor area.