Paradise Wildlife Park Hertfordshire

Project details

Paradise Wildlife Park, situated in Hertfordshire originally contacted Watco for advice on a floor paint suitable for their lion enclosure.

“The product needs to be ultra hard-wearing to withstand the wear and tear of the area, whilst also having the ability to tolerate lion urine.”

The solution 

Watco’s expert advisor’s recommended Chemi-Coat Acid Strength as it is extremely tolerant to chemicals and strong enough to withstand 95% sulphuric acid. An ordinary floor paint would fail, but the chemical resistant properties of Chemi-Coat make it ideal for this type of environment. Chemi-Coat Acid Strength is a virtually solvent free, 100% solids epoxy formula, which means it’s extremely heavy duty and will last for years.

Due to the porosity of the surface the Advisors also recommended they prime the surface using the 4 Hour Epoxy Primer.

Click here to see a short timelapse video of Paradise Wildlife Park applying the products.