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Oil Tolerant Floor for Chesterfield Manufacturing

Floor requirements

Industrial flooring for the manufacturing sector is one of the main types of resin floors Monarch install. Ordinarily, the resin floor would need to be heavy-duty so it can withstand the day to day life of a busy factory. Epoxy resin together with aggregate can also be used to create a floor which is not only durable but has added grip to increase slip resistance.

Monarch has worked with many different manufacturing companies over the last thirty years and understand that each factory is different. They all have a unique structure, design terms and floor requirements.  Most of the factories which need a new resin floor will also have the need for proper floor preparation.  This is due to the many years of wear and tear which can happen when you have a very busy working environment.

In this instance Monarch installed epoxy resin floor to a stainless steel parts manufacturing facility in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. Previously, the floor had been painted with a thin resin coating which had not been prepared/primed properly. Because of this the floor had become worn down and uneven. As well as this, the old resin coating was repeatedly failing because of the oil from the machinery contaminating the surface.  The floor needed to be properly prepared first with oil tolerant primer and the contamination removed.

In summary, the old resin floor needed removing, proper floor preparation/priming and a new durable resin coating throughout the factory. They also required resin line marking to create gangways within the building showing clear pedestrian access/routes.

Installation and final floor

Firstly, the old resin floor paint was removed using a diamond grinding and shot blasting technique. Next oil tolerant Monarch primer was installed to the floor to prevent the oil from contaminating the surface as it has before.  Monarcoat 720 was then installed to the areas specified. The factory had several rooms and different colours were used in each room. Once the epoxy floor was cured, resin line marking was then added using Monarcoat 700. This is an epoxy floor paint which is widely used for demarcation and resin line marking, usually, this product is used as gangway outlines, bay lines and hatched boxes for ‘keep clear’ areas.

This particular manufacturing floor was a durable and oil tolerant floor as specified by the client. The gangways which were formed created a safe space for walkways and the aggregate within the system allowed for added slip resistance. This resin floor will be a lot more long lasting due to its oil tolerant primer and the resin coating applied. The different colours used in the rooms and on gangways make the areas clearly separate from each other which adds to health and safety. The added grip in the floor will make for a safer surface to walk on and give vehicles more tread to move on.

Demarcation and Resin Line Marking chesterfield manufacturing

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Monarch installs resin flooring throughout Derbyshire, Yorkshire and England, with over thirty years of experience and working hard to maintain a high standard of work. As well as installing floors for the industrial sector, as specialist flooring contractors, Monarch also install to the commercial sector. Similarly to industrial floors, a commercial setting needs a durable surface for everyday use. However, in commercial settings, Monarch create stunning floors using decorative screeds and coating systems.

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