No trips or hazards for oriental food suppliers

Oriental food specialists, See-Woo’s 900m2 wholesale and retail facility in Greenwich comprised very old vinyl tiles, many of which had been patched over or replaced over the years with mis-matching colours. The store has long opening times and very high footfall so it was imperative that the detailed programme of works and resin system specification ensured no trading time was lost.

John Lord has provided an aesthetic and durable resin floor for oriental food supplier, See-Woo’s retail and wholesale supermarket in Greenwich. Many of the original tiles had lifted and de-bonded from the substrate giving the floor an unsightly appearance and creating a possible trip hazard. The installation of a new resin floor was to be part of a general upgrade to the store including a new roof, freezer cabinets and racking. The John Lord installation team worked through the night and undertook several precautions to preserve the hygienic conditions of the store. The existing vinyl floor tiles and underlayments were removed using mechanical floor strippers and enclosed shot blasting; this kept dust and debris to an absolute minimum. Over consecutive nights, the installation team completed the phased programme of works using Acrigard FK, existing expansion joints in the floor were used as termination points each night to minimise seams in the finished resin floor. Acrylic (MMA) resin flooring Acrigard FK is a highly attractive, decorative flooring system that is an extremely fast curing MMA acrylic resin binder, encapsulating an infinite variety of coloured ‘flakes’. It is a FeRFA Type 5 medium to heavy duty, self-levelling, flow applied resin flooring, ideally suited to high traffic retail locations.