No time for snacking

To accommodate the popular mini-cheddars brand, United Biscuits was required to convert an existing warehouse in Harlesdon, Middlesex into a packaging facility

Requiring a new, hygienic and easy-to-clean floor, Ryebrook Resins, having previously successfully carried out a small trial project, was awarded the contract based partly on their ability to resurface the entire 3,500m in just six days. The resulting FOODSAFE seamless, tile red coloured floor delivers the impact and load resistance required for a packaging facility, as well as being low maintenance and having anti-slip properties. Preparation first required breaking-out the previous resin floor using bobcat planers, before shot-blasting the area and hand-diamond grinding the edges. Disused bolt holes and localised damage to the existing concrete slab were made good with Ryebrook epoxy resin mortars and grouts. Ryebrook’s Ryeflor HF, a heavy duty and impervious polyurethane floor screed, was laid throughout at a nominal 6mm. To facilitate hygiene and cleaning a radius coved skirting detail was formed at perimeter walls using a vertical grade polyurethane resin mortar, Ryeflor WR. Expansion joints were brought through from the sub-floor and filled with Ryexpand V, flexible epoxy jointing compound.