No slip ups in delivery of smart, durable surface to high-tech food plant

Sika provided a hygienic, resilient floor built to withstand the long-term rigours of an industrial, state-of-the-art food production plant.

Contractors Ultrasyntec, in conjunction with Sikafloor, were tasked with installing a new surface at the Cardium Products food processing facility in Halifax. For the clients, a smooth, hard-wearing floor, capable of resisting heavy loading, abrasion and chemical exposure was of the highest-priority. Sikafloor 20 PurCem more than met the requirements. Sikafloor 20 PurCem, a polyurethane modified-screed, was required to cover a 1,562m2 floor space. The three-part, resin-rich material was applied to a 9mm thickness across the entire area. Sikafloor 20 PurCem features a textured, aggregate, non-slip surface, making it ideal for an environment such as a food production plant where the presence of heavy machinery, high-footfall and hot substances present a substantial health and safety risk. William Hoyle, Director at Ultrasyntec, said: “Sikafloor 20 PurCem does what it says on the tin. It creates a hygiene-yet-resilient floor which stands-up to daily wear-and-tear, and everything a heavy-industrialised area has to offer. It’s also quick-and-easy to apply, which is why we were able to supply, a smooth, hard-wearing, smart-looking floor for Cardium Products in just three weeks.” Stainless steel drainage was installed at intervals throughout the plant to collect excess water used during its daily ‘clean-down’; a simple and time-effective operation due to Sikafloor 20 PurCem’s easy-to-wipe surface. The addition of polyurethane coved skirting provided an aesthetically-pleasing detail to the floor system. To ensure the floor was completed prior to other trades commencing, Ultrasyntec’s installation teams were presented with a strict, three-week timeframe. Much to the client’s delight, Sikafloor 20 PurCem provided Cardium Products with a tough, smart, slip-resistant surface floor well within the agreed deadline.