New Resin System at Two Locations for Sheffield Manufacturers Gripple

Gripple is a world-leading manufacturer of wire joining, wire tensioning and wire suspension systems located here in Sheffield at the Old West Gun Works and Riverside. Gripple are an employee owned company and do a lot for charity and their community – you can find out more about them here.

Having previously completed the floor to the new extension at Gripple Riverside in Sheffield, Gripple requested Monarch to refurbish the Old Gunworks factory. Below is the completed epoxy resin floor for the Riverside premises.

Gripple: The Old Gun Works

At the Old Gun Works premises, Monargrip was installed over several weekends to the work areas to provide a heavy-duty slip resistant floor. The work was done in phases to ensure that the production for the factory could continue.

Monarcoat 720, a high build epoxy coating, was also installed to create a clear pedestrian route. Monarcoat 720 is a heavy duty resin coating system available in a wide range of colours. This product creates a durable resin floor and anti slip properties can be added by request. You can see our colour charts here.

The demarcation lines seen are Monarcoat 700, an epoxy resin used extensively for forming line markings in factories. In addition it is a fast cure, high opacity coating with minimal creep. You can see our page dedicated to demarcation, hatched markings etc here.

As this was a working factory, with separate parts to be completed, we divided the work into seven sections. This meant the work could be completed over weekends when the factory was closed.

We started by using Monargrip for the gangways of the factory to separate the machine space from the pedestrian traffic. Together with Monarcoat 720, we formed blue lines at the edges of the gangways to create borders as can be seen in the images below.









These images show the previous outlay of the factory (first image) compared to the fresh resin finish of the gangways (second and third image). You can see how the new flooring system compliments production and aids health and safety of the factory. Not only does this create a bold, seamless outline but it clearly shows the points of pedestrian access.

In machine areas we installed a Monargrip resin flooring system. Monargrip is an epoxy resin which exhibits heavy wear resistance and anti-slip properties. We were able to apply the epoxy resin around the majority of machines and leave them undisturbed. Gripple at the time were replacing some of their machines which made the application of epoxy resin easier.  

Below are images of the finished epoxy resin system where the machines stand in the factory. You can see how transformed the floor is with a seamless epoxy resin finish.

Gripple: Riverside

As an added feature at the Gripple Riverside flooring installation we installed circle designs using Monarcoat 720. This was installed as a fast-cure system as the circles were required to be utilised by pedestrians the next day. The client wanted to use a unique circle design to notify pedestrian routes rather than the traditional gangway formation. We had the circle templates specially produced for this project. If you are wanting a unique look for your factories gangways, or even a reception area feature, we can custom make those templates to fit your bespoke ideas. 

It was a pleasure working with Gripple on their resin flooring project and we loved to see how great the finished floor looked on TV! Gripple’s epoxy resin floor appeared in the BBC show The Truth About Fitness which you can see through their article here.

If you would like to get in touch with us about your next project, please see our contact page. If you are interested in a resin flooring system for your factory or industrial unit, you can learn more about our industrial and factory flooring here.