National Flooring ranks highly with the Police Federation

The Police Federation’s HQ in Leatherhead Surrey, built nearly five years ago, has a large catering facility which was fitted with a safety vinyl floor finish, which was starting to crack and lift and therefore posed a Health and Safety risk. With new slip resistant flooring from National Flooring the Federation’s catering team are safe underfoot whilst at work.

The Police Federation of England and Wales is a staff association that represents 131,000 police officers. Its headquarters in Leatherhead is a five year old state of the art complex which is also used as a training and conference centre as well as providing high standard hotel accommodation. Through recommendations, The National Flooring Company were contacted by the Federation to provide a more durable and slip resistant finish to replace the safety vinyl finish which was starting to crack and lift thereby posing a H&S risk. The company has extensive experience within the commercial catering industry and is well aware of the critical time implications that are imposed on these types of installation. Federation House is a particularly active environment which had little time for refurbishment. A quick curing MMA resin with a broadcast of aggregate, for enhanced slip resistance, was specified. The company’s experience and expertise ensured that a systematic approach leading up to and throughout the installation was maintained. The contract included the removal of the existing vinyl and associated latex, a process that can become time consuming if the correct preparation equipment is not used. Investigations prior to commencement ensured that the project could be completed within the agreed timescales. The entire installation, which totalled 119m2 was completed within one weekend and the catering team were ready to resume business as usual on the Monday. The association now have a slip resistant, durable floor that can complement their high standard facilities.