Muvi Cinemas Head Office

In 2020, the company head office of Muvi Cinemas at Riyadh were expanded with a key requirement of the project being a heavy-duty, hygienic and decorative protective flooring system for specific zones.

Nitoflor SL2000 was introduced as a seamless, decorative, durable, hygienic and easy to clean flooring that combines both aesthetics and durability with the highest standards. The resin-based technology provides attractive high gloss coloured floors for a modern flooring environment. Nitoflor SL2000 is extremely durable providing a lasting solution to floor maintenance problems. As a high standard floor topping, Nitoflor SL2000 has key features including good abrasion resistance, ease of application that minimises downtime, good resistance to a wide range of chemicals and ease of cleaning. It complies with the requirements of hygienic flooring systems by providing dense, impervious and seamless floor surface that will not support bacterial growth.

The flooring solution exceeded the customer’s expectations and met the targeted performance Muvi Cinemas were looking for, providing a durable and modern aesthetic flooring system for their expansion project.

Muvi Cinema offices