Mapefloor i302 Installed at Morrisons Gadbrook

Respol has installed Mapei’s Mapefloor i302 at the Morrison’s Supermarket food processing plant in Northwich, Cheshire to provide a a safe and durable solution on time for its scheduled opening date.

An area of over 1,220m2 needed to be renovated to prepare for the installation of a new food processing production line. Dates had already been set to install new machinery at the factory, so the project had to complete within a short time frame so as not to delay further works, whilst simultaneously not compromising on quality of finish. The floor was installed within one week, enabling the machinery to be installed on time and to specification. Mapei’s technical specialists were heavily involved throughout the project, visiting the site with the contractors, Respol, prior to specification and installation to agree on the installation process. Consideration had to be given to the processing plant remaining operational during the preparation and installation of the flooring, therefore all operations had to be strictly controlled, particularly concerning the creation of dust and odours. Stuart Turley from Installers Respol commented: “The systems itself was easy to install and has proven to give a good finish. As the flooring was installed in a food processing plant, the products used for the new floor had to be ‘taint-free’, hence the specification of the Mapefloor i302 resin flooring which is safe and compliant for use in areas of food preparation and storage. The versatility of the Mapefloor i302 SL product allowed it to be used as two systems; first as a high-build coating for foot traffic areas and secondly, as a self-levelling system for areas where fork-lift trucks would be operating.’