Louis Vuitton Series 3 Exhibition

Sphere8 were approached by DCE Group – a company responsible for creating exceptional exhibitions and installations throughout the UK and the world.

A high-profile pop up exhibition for a global luxury fashion brand. The logistical challenges with this installation included extreme time pressures, working in an overcrowded site and a design brief that was constantly evolving. The Sphere8 floor throughout this exhibition served to unite completely different spaces, with diverse installations and different coloured floors. The seamless installation created some consistency through this. The opening of the installation attracted international media attention – an excellent opportunity to raise the profile of resin flooring and similar installations in the industry. One of the obvious benefits of a Shere8 floor is the seamless finish between these area – even with different colours and finishes we would be able to create a sense of unity throughout the exhibition. Due to a challenging environment matched with meticulous attention to detail and design requirements, Sphere8 had to get creative in meeting all demands – a challenge we took to and rose to!