Kelray complete another excellent resin flooring project

A dairy manufacturer in Haverfordwest, Wales required colour coded hygienic flooring for a number of their production areas.

Kelray was asked to provide colour coded flooring to indicate specific dairy products. The flooring had to meet health and safety standards within the production areas and meet specific requirements such as slip resistance, easy clean and heavy duty. The client also required a linear stainless steel drainage system that would help to dispose of any spilled products. Due to the long working hours in the factory all work had to be completed within a restricted time period and causing minimal disruption to the working areas. Kelray Ltd’s solution was to firstly install the new stainless steel drainage system and use Pumabulk epoxy mortar to infill the new drain. The team then prepared the existing flooring with diamond grinders and dust control units and applied one coat of AltroProof Solo Universal Primer. A 6mm saw cut was created around the perimeter of the rooms, all machines and new drains. 6mm of colour coded AltroCrete Excel PU Polyurethane screed was laid to both rooms. The product is ideal for heavy duty industrial applications in the food and drink industry. AltroCove Polyurethane coving was installed to the perimeter and AltroExpand expansion fluid to all joints and drainage. The multi-combination flooring used in this project was the perfect match for a dairy production area as the products provided a hygienic, non-slip, heavy duty solution which is crucial when working with chemicals including organic acids found in food and drink products. The client is delighted with the new flooring.