Introducing New Dust and Slurry Management Systems by Husqvarna – a better way of working

This range covers all needs and applications for the construction industry from three-phase HEPA dust extractors and pre-separators for heavy jobs, wet/slurry vacuums, single-phase HEPA dust extractors and portable HEPA air cleaners.

“With these new products, we will be able to offer our customers even more efficient system solutions and a wider, more complete range of products and services,” explains Magnus Lindeberg, Global Product Manager Dust & Slurry.

Managing concrete dust and slurry in a safe, efficient and hassle-free way means taking care of operators, your business and the surrounding environment. Husqvarna Construction Products is proud to launch a new range of equipment for efficient dust and slurry management. Husqvarna has always been committed to developing products that meet customers’ needs and are efficient, ergonomic and user-friendly. That is why Husqvarna recently acquired Pullman Ermator, a world-leading manufacturer of dust and slurry management systems for the construction industry. “By integrating Pullman Ermator’s market leading dust and slurry management technologies into Husqvarna’s concrete cutting, drilling and grinding systems, we can provide even more efficient, total solutions,” says Henric Andersson, President of Husqvarna Construction Products. 5 new dust and slurry management product lines will be introduced into the UK market in October.