Installing Comfort Flooring at Whitley Engineering Centre

Zenith offered Jaguar Land Rover a seamless self-smoothing comfort floor as an alternative to traditional vinyl, which provided an attractive yet resilient, hard-wearing, scratch resilient finish.

Zenith Pola Flooring’s team was already working on a project at the centre, installing the standard Remmer’s specification, when they heard about the adjacent laboratory requiring vinyl flooring. Zenith consulted with the client informing them of the benefits of comfort floor, a premium, elastic self-smoothing floor, with a high-end reputation, low life-cycle costs and 10-year guarantee. The client was very impressed with the properties and the life cycle of the product, so the contract was awarded to ZPFS. The laboratory floor was initially primed with Remmers MT100 (1 roller coat and one scratch coat), before the Remmers PUR D40 2mm self-smoothing comfort floor was installed. Two seal coats were then applied: a UVstable pigmented polyurethane sealer and a clear seal coat, providing a scratch-resistant matt finish. While demonstrating a level of comfort more commonly associated with cushion flooring, the new floor is highly scratch-resistant, reducing long-term maintenance costs and offering an ideal solution for laboratory use where hygiene is paramount.