Inspirational roadway design for Envisage

Zenith Pola Flooring Services provided an inspirational roadway design for Coventry based design and engineering company, Envisage.

The Envisage Group is a leading Coventry based design and engineering business providing inspirational commercial and bespoke product development. The company wanted an equally inspirational flooring for their facility where clients could view high-end prototype cars within a street scene. Working with Ibex Interiors, Zenith Pola Flooring, provided a new floor which included a contrast coloured ‘roadway’ within the design. For this 1,000 sqm refurbishment, once the concrete slab had been shot blasted to provide a mechanical key, Maxit Floor 4655 cementitious self-leveller was installed to ensure a flat even surface. The screed was then primed with Resuseal WB before being topped with Resucoat HB high build epoxy coating. Resucoat HB is a two-pack solvent free, high build epoxy resin coating for heavy duty applications which is low-odour during application. The coloured high gloss finish is extremely hard wearing providing a tough, resilient, corrosion and abrasion resistant finish with good general chemical resistance.