Heavy Loads, Strong Floors: A HGV Transformation by TPS360

Exciting project recently completed by TPS360! As part of a full refurbishment, TPS360 removed old floor coatings and installed polished concrete in high traffic areas, along with Type 3 Epoxy resin walkways, hatching, and demarcations.

Challenges like coating removal and meeting aesthetic requirements were expertly addressed by the TPS360 team.

Using top-quality products, including, RESDEV LTD Pumatect V for line markings, Vuba High Build Coating for walkways, and Watco UK sealer, TPS360 team ensured a durable and aesthetically pleasing result. The polished concrete floors were refined to a 200-grit scratch-free matt finish, achieving a sleek and modern look.

The project was completed in just one week, covering a workshop area of 847m² and a parts store of 130m². The results were impressive, with the transformed floors meeting the client’s needs for a modern and functional space, delivered on time and within budget.

Proud to showcase TPS360’s expertise.