Galaxy SOHO’s Workers and Shoppers Marvel at Mondeco

One of Beijing’s latest luxury shopping centres has used a decorative solution from Flowcrete to create floors that match the development’s highly stylised image.

Galaxy SOHO is a high-end commercial development in Beijing that exemplifies how terrazzo flooring can be utilised to create a striking, modern and eye catching aesthetic. The prominent office and retail complex is situated next to Beijing’s East 2nd Ring Road and covers a 50,000 square metre site with graceful and fluid architectural lines. The facility not only boasts incredible visual appeal but also champions environmental and green building goals. World renowned architect Zaha Hadid chose Flowcrete’s seamless epoxy terrazzo system Mondeco Crystal for Galaxy SOHO to create a dynamic and luxurious interior environment. 9,000 square metres of the solution was applied within the development in a bespoke design of contrasting light and dark bands. From the outside the flowing bands of white aluminium and glass encasing the interior give the complex an incredible, eye-catching presence. Within the building this image is continued with a block of white floor that matches the walls and ceilings. A complimentary grey area borders the bright white centre with a visually striking black stripe separating the two colours. Clear crystal and glass aggregates are incorporated within the resin make up of Mondeco Crystal so that the finish shimmers and sparkles. The hard-wearing nature of the system means that it can retain this attractive appearance in the face of continuous and heavy foot traffic. The fact that the visual appeal of a Mondeco Crystal finish wouldn’t be diminished when faced with Galaxy SOHO’s everyday working conditions was a significant advantage. Its seamless, impervious surface makes it easy to wash dirt and contaminants from the area and its robustness will avoid unsightly floor failures spoiling the building’s image. The entire floor installation had to be completed within a six-month window so that it would be ready for the official opening date. During the application process the continual construction and maintenance work going on around the floor area had to be taken into consideration. Green building practices were an important aspect of this development, as the architects designed and planned the project to meet LEED certification. Mondeco Crystal added to the site’s green credentials, as many of the decorative aggregates are reclaimed from waste streams to minimise the amount of material taken to landfills and its long life span avoids the environmental harm incurred during a flooring refurbishment.